Intel World Open is An Esports Tourney To Be Held Ahead of 2020 Olympics

There’s going to be an eSports tournament ahead of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan next year. It’s called the Intel World Open, and the company is offering a prize pool of US$500000 (~RM2.08 million) split evenly between two games. The two games in question are Capcom’s Street Fighter V, and Psyonix’s Rocket League.


The main event itself will be held from 22 to 24 June. Before that though, there will be qualifiers for both games, with a number of differences in structure.

For Street Fighter V, contestants from 12 pre-selected countries will have to first go through their own respective national qualifiers. Those who are from countries outside of the 12 will have to fight for spots in the regional qualifiers instead. Participants who make it through those stages will then head to Katowice, Poland for the final qualifier event. Only after making it through this stage will the contestants get to the final event in Tokyo.

Rocket League’s qualifiers are a lot more straightforward. Qualifiers before the the Katowice live event are all held online, with only 16 teams making it to Poland.

Overall, the tourney itself is pretty interesting. For one, it’s hosted by Intel, and it only features two games. It’s massive prize pool is also split evenly between the two games, you’d imagine that one will normally have a bigger cut than the other.

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