Is This a Teaser for Samsung’s In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is finally official, and while it’s not as exciting as its predecessor, it’s still a plenty capable phone. During the launch event, we noticed that one of the presentation slides shown on stage was particularly intriguing: it seems to show an in-screen fingerprint sensor on a Samsung device.


Before the Galaxy Note 9 was officially introduced on stage, DJ Koh (the President and CEO of Samsung), was talking about Samsung Knox – the Korean company’s mobile security solution. In that particular slide, the device pictured seems to be equipped with an in-screen fingerprint scanner.

Although it’s not shown explicitly, it’s pretty obvious that the phone is asking for a fingerprint authentication. What’s really intriguing is the square box shown on the screen, right where the user’s thumb is positioned. It’s as if the device has a fingerprint sensor underneath the display.

Of course, this could be just a mock-up to show the security aspect of Samsung Knox, but it is certainly an interesting image. After all, Samsung’s next flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S10, is rumoured to feature an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

Nonetheless, we’ll only really know once Samsung is ready to unveil its next flagship device, which (probably) isn’t happening until next year. For the time being, we’ll have to settle for a physical fingerprint sensor. At least, as far as Samsung devices are concerned.








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