Job Seeker, Netflix Has Coins For You

Are you dissatisfied with your current job, or are the local lords not needing your services? Then you’re in luck, traveller! According to their official website, Netflix has a job opening in their security division for an “Associate Witcher.”


The job is based in the quaint and well-defended fortress of Kaer Morhen, and your primary role is pretty simple – you’ll be one of many Witchers that provides protection to Netflix’s 158 million members from monsters, beasts, rogues, demons, and many others. You’ll have the freedom and responsibility to determine the monsters you agree to slay and how you choose to do it. If required, the company will provide training and support, as well as plenty of opportunities for your career growth.

However, landing the job won’t be as easy. You must at least hold a four-year degree from an accredited Witcher school or have equivalent life experience, be able to lift several hundred pounds overhead repeatedly, have excellent communication skills, able to work independently with minor supervision, and have great reflexes, among many others.

Other than that, you’re required to have your own equipment such as a pair of silver and steel swords, as well as a variety of potions for different situations. Armour and other necessary tools will be provided by the company. Importantly, you must love horses and at least own one.

Jokes aside. It’s no surprise that this job listing is a marketing stunt by Netflix as means to promote The Witcher TV series starring Henry Cavill. Nevertheless, it’s a fun bit of publicity that provides plenty of nods to the franchise’s lore and setting that deserves a chuckle from fans of the show, books, and video game series.

Do check out the link provided below for more information on this job listing. If you’re up for it, go ahead and send them an email. Aside from your personal details, remember to include a short video presentation of yourself.

With luck, you might actually get featured on Netflix’s social media. And maybe, just maybe, a bard will write a song about you.


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