Leak: First Intel B360 Motherboard Spotted On SiSoftware Database

New reports have emerged regarding what may just be the first “sighting” of an Intel B360 motherboard. Several sources have apparently discovered an Intel B360 mainboard inside SiSoftware’s database. The board in question is the SuperMicro C7B360-CB-M and judging by its name, this mainboard most likely a micro-ATX board.

Currently, the only Intel Coffee Lake-compatible boards that are available in the market are Z370 motherboards. For those who aren’t aware: ”Z” mainboards are Intel’s high-end motherboards that are made to cater for PC enthusiasts and hardcore gamers. Folks who engage in “moderate” computational activities like casual gaming and light workloads have no need for Z-series motherboards.

Image: VideoCardz

Hence, the need for lower-tier motherboards. Intel’s low-end motherboards usually come with the “B” nomenclature. Unfortunately, B360 motherboards aren’t expected to arrive at least until Q1 2018. This means that casual PC users who are interested in building a Coffee Lake-based system will have to wait for a few months before being able to get more affordable, compatible motherboards.

That said, one shouldn’t write off the possibility of Intel launching its B360 motherboard chipset by the end of 2017. This is indeed possible, given how the SuperMicro C7B360-CB-M motherboard is already inside SiSoftware’s database – the SuperMicro C7Z370-CG-L mainboard appeared on SiSoftware’s database 85 days prior to the launch of Intel’s Z370 chipset.

(Source: VideoCardz, TechPowerUp)








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