Maxis And Allo Sign Exchange Of Access Agreement To Expand Fibre Coverage

Maxis and Allo signed an access agreement with each other earlier today. The agreement effectively gives Maxis access to the latter’s fibre broadband infrastructure, allowing it to further expand its reach into areas that were initially inaccessible to the telecommunications brand.


By signing the agreement, Maxis is now able to access Allo’s already existing fibre infrastructure in areas such as Cyberjaya, Bangsar South, and Jasin. The latter having initially started as a pilot plan for the National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP) last year and announced as successful at the start of the year.

When asked where both Maxis and Allo intend to expand their coverage, both companies said that the expansion would be nationwide within the Peninsular with states such as Malacca, Kedah, Johor, and Penang currently being surveyed.

To be clear, the agreement doesn’t cover the retail portion of Maxis’ business. Maxis explained that its agreement is akin to a wholesale deal, and not aimed at consumers specifically. To that end, the status quo for Maxis’ Home Fibre broadband packages remains unchanged; since you can check out its plans and packages on the official page, we won’t waste any time explaining it here.

We also asked if there was a timeline over any future rollout, Allo said that its base plan is to provide between 135,000 and 140,000 homes fibre connectivity by the end of 2020. Of course, this all depends on the company getting the necessary approvals from the relevant councils of the area. As mentioned, it’s already gotten approval from the earlier mentioned states.














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