Maxis Debuts RE:Collection Mobile App For Dementia Patients

Maxis has launched RE:Collection, a new mobile application developed in-house solely for the purpose of helping dementia patients and their families. To achieve this, the app uses data-driven reminiscence therapy as a method to help trigger a patient’s memories.


Users can upload photos and videos of past moments – especially those featuring the patient – onto the app, which then can be used with its captioned galleries and Augmented Reality (AR) functions. According to Maxis, media is uploaded via the app to its unlimited cloud storage, which also allows other family members to access RE:collection through a shared account.

The app’s Family Mode functions as a gallery that stores photos and videos of the patient’s family members and memories which can be captioned, categorised, and even have respective family members tagged on them as reference.

Users and patients could also access RE:Collection’s AR function that uses a smartphone’s camera to register and scan physical photos as a trigger that activates videos with moments associated with it – such as a family vacation or a graduation ceremony. Maxis notes that the app could only support short video clips of up to 40MB in size at this current time.

During RE:Collection’s debut at Menara Maxis on 16 January, Maxis also showcased a custom-built 5G capable smart table concept – aptly named “Unforgettable” – as another approach using data-driven reminiscence therapy to help dementia patients. Connected to a smart TV and a specialised headband, the table also features a built-in screen that displays videos and photos to the patient which would help produce data for analysis.

Data such as the patient’s recall ability, calmness, and attention are recorded by the headband and is then displayed on the TV. Maxis hopes that this technology could help users to better understand the patient’s condition and to further assist on their treatment. However, the smart table and technology is merely a proof of concept for now, and is not planned for a commercial release yet.


Maxis’ RE:Collection app is now available for download via Apple App Store and Google Play Store, but is currently absent from the Huawei App Gallery at this time. The brand’s Unforgettable smart table concept is also available for the public to try out from 16 January until 2 February 2020 at the Maxis Centre in KLCC.

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