Maxis Fibre Is Facing Slowdown As Well; Might Be Resolved By 2AM (UPDATE)

UPDATE (1146pm): While we have yet to receive an official statement from Maxis, this statement from TM might able to provide some light on the issue.



Looks like it is not a good day for ISPs in Malaysia today. As it turns out, TM is not the only one facing connection problem as reports regarding Maxis Fibre slowdown have poured in from all over the country.

While we are not sure when it started, reports from users on Lowyat.NET Forums suggested that the slowdown have might begin since this morning.

As opposed to TM though, Maxis admitted the problem quite early. Based on our quick search on Twitter, the first acknowledgment of the Maxis Fibre issue took place before 2:00 pm but several users on Lowyat.NET Forums have mentoned that they were having a problem reaching out to the company’s customer service.

Given how the service is using the same infrastructure as per TM, the current slowdown of both Maxis Fibre and Unifi, as well as Streamyx, might be related. An unconfirmed message that apparently originated from TM’s Network Operating Center and is now being circulated online might provide some picture of the situation:

According to some of the recent response by Maxis customer service staff on Twitter, the company estimated that the issue might be resolved by 2:00 am:

We are now reaching to Maxis for further clarifications. So, stay tuned.

(Source: Lowyat.NET Forums – 1, 2, 3 // Maxis – 1, 2 // Amanz @ Facebook // Image: Blog Uncle Chai.)










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