Maxis Turns To Artificial Intelligence and Drones To Get Its Network Ready For The 5G Era

Maxis today has announced a rather interesting update to its network which the company dubbed as the Maxis A.I Network. If you think that name is a reference to artificial intelligence, it is indeed the case but of course, there’s more to the story.


In order to cater to the increasing demand of data from consumers as well as the imminent arrival of the 5G technology, Maxis apparently has merged its fibre and mobile network into one giant superhighway with multiple alternative routes. To make sure that the superhighway is able to deliver data without any hiccups, the telco has also implemented a smart network traffic control system into it.

According to Maxis, the system is able to predict potential network spikes based on previous data and automatically reroute the traffic to guarantee enough bandwidth and uninterrupted connectivity in anticipation of such incidents. This smart prediction capability is also implemented on multiple points throughout the telco’s network to ensure low network latency which is one of the key characteristics of 5G technology.

Maxis has also utilized artificial intelligence together with drones to keep its network towers in check with the help of the newest additions to the telco’s network team, Project SkyEye. Essentially, SkyEye involves the usage of industrial-grade DJI Matrice 200 series drone which would capture footages of the telco’s network tower and send them over to its AI-based diagnostic system.

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Over there, the system will not only look for signs of structural damages through these footages but also provides a recommendation on related preventive measures. Since both the drone and AI-based diagnostic system can perform their job much faster than human, it is quite clear that Project SkyEye is designed to improve the efficiency of Maxis’ network team.

Aside from these implementations, another way that Maxis made sure that it is ready for the 5G era is by having the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations in the country. To learn more about Maxis A.I Network, check out the videos above or visit the telco’s official website.

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