Maxis Unveils FIFA World Cup 2018 Match Pass For Astro GO: Priced At Only RM 1

It is quite clear that Maxis has caught football fever that is currently spreading throughout the world, thanks for FIFA World Cup 2018 that is going to start later today. Aside from becoming the main sponsor for the tournament’s telecast on RTM, the telco is also offering match passes for its postpaid and prepaid customers to enjoy them via Astro GO.

For those who are not familiar with Astro GO, it is a platform that allows users to view contents from the satellite service providers through its own dedicated website or mobile apps. While Astro has actually introduced FIFA World Cup passes for Astro GO before, the pricing of the match pass that is being offered by Maxis is much lower.

Specifically, the telco’s World Cup pass for Astro GO is priced at RM 1 per match as opposed to Astro’s original pricing of RM 6. At the same time, the pass also comes with free data quota which means that Maxis or Hotlink customers general data quota will not be touched when they are watching World Cup matches through Astro GO.

However, customers need to purchase the pass at least 3 hours before the match begins. This can be done through MyMaxis, Hotlink RED, and Hotlink Flex mobile apps in which customers will then receive a code or link for them to redeem the match pass on Astro GO.

Aside from the World Cup match pass for Astro GO, Maxis has also released a separate Bola Raya app that features augmented reality stickers for users to enjoy. For further information, head on to Maxis’ official website.

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(Source: Maxis)








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