Microsoft Fixes Windows 10 October Update Bug; Rolling Out To Windows Insiders First

Microsoft has supposedly fixed the issue that plagued their Windows 10 October Update rollout last week. Reports says that the company has managed to fix all known issues in the update, even going so far as to conduct internal validations.


To recap, Microsoft had to halt the rollout of the Windows 10 October update after its support site began receiving reports from users saying that some of their files had gone missing or were deleted after installing the update.

According to John Cable, director of program management, Windows servicing and delivery, both him and his team traced the bug back to an issue called Known Folder Redirection (KFR). Basically, the update had a string of code that removed empty, duplicate folders. Then, after a series of changes executed by the update, it would then delete the “original” folder location, and their content with it.

The Windows 10 October Update is currently one of the most anticipated updates by PC gamers. This is because the update also carries with it the DirectX Ray-tracing (DXR) API that is needed to harness NVIDIA’s ray-tracing technology on its GeForce RTX series graphics card.

The new Windows 10 October Update is already being re-released, but only to the Windows Insider community for the moment.

(Source: TechSpot)








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