Minecraft Earth Now Available In Malaysia; Free To Play On Apple iOS And Android

Malaysian users could finally play Minecraft Earth’s early access on their mobile phones. The mobile Augmented Reality (AR) game based on Mojang’s popular Minecraft video game is now available on both local Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Mojang first announced the AR-based Minecraft Earth in May, and would later release its early access only to regions such as the US, Europe and Japan in October 2019. Just recently, the game’s official Twitter account announced that the game is now available all across the world for both iOS and Android, and is entirely free to play.

Minecraft Earth shares some similarities with the original, as well as other AR-based games such as Pokemon Go. Like the original Minecraft, players are required to explore, gather resources, build structures, and combat enemies. The need to keep your character fed from starvation is not included, which is understandable due to Minecraft Earth’s casual-friendly approach. Aside from exploration, players could also take on quests and solve puzzles.

Instead of controlling the character in first-person, players are required to literally move around in real life in order to explore the world and find “tappable” resources to collect. Building structures will shift players into AR mode where they can place “Buildplates” on surfaces that’s currently being viewed by their phone’s camera.

Once built, they could also encircle the Buildplate in AR view and even interact with the objects or creatures which resides in that plate. Certain plates also include miniature dungeons that they player can enter and fight enemies. Combat also utilises the game’s AR mode, and if you hate Creepers in the original game, you could imagine the horror of facing one in Minecraft Earth.

Of course, despite being a being a free-to-play game, Minecraft Earth does include obligatory microtransactions if the player wishes to spend real money. The game features an in-game currency, Rubies, which can be earned by playing the game or be purchased with real money. Purchasable in-game items only consist of cosmetic items which does not provide the player with any gameplay advantages.


As mentioned earlier, you can download and play the game on your mobile phone now via Android App Store or Google Play Store. Like any AR-games that require real-life navigation, be mindful of your surroundings and stay safe.

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