Motorola Patent Indicates Possible Modular Clamshell Phone In The Future

The Motorola Razr has have brought back nostalgic memories from the age of clamshell phones, even if it is at a steep price. The company may also be looking to bring back somthing else that’s a lot more recent – mods. These were last seen with the Moto Z2 Play and the Moto Mods.


The phone maker filed for a patent last year, and another relatviely recently, as spotted by Dutch site LetsGoDigital. It depicts a clamshell foldable device which comes with a modular component. The modular component itself protrudes from the device when it’s unfolded. This particular one appears to be a camera mod, with the patent showcasing the bare camera module as well as its shell.

There is also a second set of images, showing a device with a form factor closer to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold or the Huawei Mate X. It’s unclear what this device is, and equally unclear is the purpose of the modular component portrayed with it. But this does suggest that Motorola is also thinking of making a foldable phone using this form factor.

To be clear, the devices in this patent won’t be compatible with the existing Moto Mods. This is simply due to the form factor differences between the existing Moto Mods and the ones depicted here. But this shouldn’t be taken to mean that there will be a modular Motorola Razr in the future either. As with all patents, it’s best to not assume that the products depicted will definitely end up on shelves.

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