Mozilla Releases Firefox Lite; Lightweight And Lightning Fast Web Browser For Android OS

Mozilla has officially launched Firefox Lite. Its new fast and lightweight web browser for the Android OS that even comes with a multitude of space and resource-saving features.


Chief among these features is its size; the entire Firefox Lite app only takes up 4MB of a phone’s storage. That’s a fraction of the size of Google’s Chrome browser or Opera. It also comes with a Turbo Mode; a feature that gives Firefox Lite its reputation as a lightning-fast browser.

Another feature of Firefox Lite is the option for users to perform multiple downloads on the browser, and then save the downloaded caches directly to the phone’s SDCard. Assuming of course, the phone in question comes with an expandable storage option.

Other features include the ability to enter into a private browsing mode, which as you’d expect, allows users to browse sites without leaving a digital footprint. On another note, Firefox Lite also features a built-in adblocker, though Mozilla is quick to point out that the feature isn’t 100% effective, meaning that some ads will get past the measures.

The web browser was first made available in selected regions including China, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, and Thailand. Now, the app is finally downloadable for Malaysian users via Google’s Play Store.

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(Source: Google Play Store // Image: Amanz)








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