MSI Unveils Its Arsenal Of Custom GT 1030 Graphics Cards

MSI has unveiled its lineup of mighty custom GT 1030 graphics cards. The Taiwanese company has five custom GT 1030 graphics cards and interestingly, two variants come with passive coolers. The rest are, of course, fitted with open-air coolers instead.

With the introduction of its newest range of custom GT 1030 graphics cards, MSI now has addressed almost every possible configuration that a consumer wants. The company’s GT 1030’s range from full-height, half-height, passively-cooled, and air-cooled graphics cards. It makes you wonder whether the company will unveil a water-cooled GT 1030 next.

When it comes to specifications, all five custom GT 1030 graphics cards by MSI comes with the same clock speeds. To be more specific, they will feature a base clock speed of 1265MHz and a memory clock speed of 6000MHz. MSI seems to really like the colour black. This is pretty evident when one considers the fact that all five of its custom GT 1030 graphics cards come in black.

Connectivity options for all five custom GT 1030 graphics card by MSI include one HDMI 2.0b and DVI ports each. Unfortunately, MSI made no mention of the local pricing and date of availability of its custom GT 1030 graphics cards.

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(Source: MSI)

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