Mulan Might Not Be Released in China Due to Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is no laughing matter. The situation in Wuhan has been desolate, and the virus has continued to move to other regions of Europe, America, and Asia. It’s been affecting businesses and disrupting lifestyles globally as the world continues to be on edge.


The film industry, too, is feeling the strain as several promotional events and productions have either been put on hold or cancelled altogether. One such case involved No Time to Die’s premier launch in China getting cancelled. Besides, production on Mission Impossible 7 has also been postponed due to the coronavirus.

But what does this outbreak mean for Disney’s Mulan? With a large portion of its targeted market in the Orient, could the virus affect its release?

In an interview with CNBC last month, former Disney CEO Bob Iger weighed in on the Covid-19 situation. Here’s what he said:

All of the movie companies that are expecting to distribute movies coming up in China, obviously are impacted by this… Again, it is hard to tell. We have a release coming out in March, Mulan, which obviously would have been of great interest to China. It will eventually get into China, at this point, we’re not sure when. Obviously, the big issue on everybody’s mind and everyone’s concern is what’s going on with this virus. And how far will it go in terms of its impact on people.

So, yes, it seems like Hua Mulan has to fight through an avalanche for now. China is its greatest market. If it does not obtain a release in the nation, this could spell trouble for Niki Caro’s war epic. After all, the budget for Mulan has been placed at $290 million (USD). For comparison, Avengers: Infinity War’s budget was estimated to be $316 million (USD). Granted, once the pandemic subsides and a sense of normalcy is restored, Mulan SHOULD get a release in China, but for now, things are looking bleak for the feature.

While Malaysians should be able to enjoy Liu Yifei’s interpretation of the character at the end of the month, the Coronavirus has already affected several releases prior to the Chinese New Year period. This included the postponement of several Chinese films like Vanguard, Detective Chinatown 3, The Rescue, and Jiang Zi Ya: Legend of Deification.

Do remember to take constant care of your hygiene, stay hydrated, and stay safe y’all!


Mulan opens in Malaysian cinemas on the 26th of March 2020.














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