Netflix Price In Malaysia To Go Up Starting From 9 Jan 2020; With The Exception of Mobile Plan

Netflix has revealed that the price for its service in Malaysia will be increased starting this January. This is the first time that the popular video service has revised its price for Malaysia since making its debut here in 2016.


However, not all of the Netflix plan in our market will be affected. Specifically, the mobile-only plan will continue to be offered at RM 17 per month.

The rest of them…well, prepare for the impact, everyone.

The Basic plan which is currently priced at RM 33 per month will go up to RM 35. As for the Standard plan, it will be increased from RM 42 to RM 45 while the Premium tier is going to be RM 55 instead of RM 51.

The original pricing of Netflix for Malaysia when it was launched here in January 2016.

The new pricing will be in effect starting from 9 January 2020. That being said though, Netflix has stated that members will be notified one month before they have to pay the new prices.

In other words, if you current Netflix subscription is expiring on 10 January 2020, this doesn’t mean you have to pay the new price on 10 January itself. You will receive the notification from the company first, which means that you likely have to pay the new rate starting from 10 February instead.


According to Netflix’s rep, the main reason behind the price revision is to allow the service to continue and further improve the quality of contents and experience for users. The company insisted that the timing of the revision and the implementation of digital tax by Malaysian government is purely coincidence.

Speaking of the digital tax, Netflix confirmed that the pricing is already inclusive of the new tax. Well then, as mentioned earlier, time to brace for the impact.















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