New Huawei Power Adapter Charges At 40 Watts

A filing at China’s 3C certification body suggests that Huawei is developing a new fast-charging solution. Tentatively named Huawei Power, it will charge supported smartphones up to 40 watts, twice the current Huawei fast charger on the market.

The filing sees the new charger feature several charging modes, but at its fastest, the charger can charge up to 10 Volts DC 4 Amperes, which when converted to watts will be 40 Watts. As a comparison, the current Huawei P20 Pro charger charges up to 22.5 Watts.

The existence of this new fast charger hints that Huawei is featuring either higher battery capacity on its future smartphones or will be pushing super fast charging as part of the next model’s marketing campaign.

With the upcoming Mate 20 on the horizon, we hope this new fast charger will be included in the new year-end flagship phone. However, we will have to wait until the official announcement before this can be confirmed or denied.

(Source: DealnTech via GSMArena)








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