New Official Motorola Razr Videos Released; Features Showcased

The highly anticipated Motorola Razr, the modern foldable screen reboot of the classic clamshell phone of the same name, will be officially launched in the US on 6 February 2020. To build excitement for its release, the company has released videos highlighting the phone’s features.


The first video, titled “Caring for Razr”, significantly reminds users that the phone is still a fragile device if not properly taken care of. It also points out that its screen is water repellent and features protective coating that eliminates the need of a screen protector.

Amusingly, the video explains that bumps and lumps are to be expected from a foldable display, thus assuring the user that there’s nothing to worry about. Lastly, the video advises against using sharp objects on the Razr’s screen because of obvious reasons. That warning’s probably for you, JerryRigEverything.

We then move on to another video that showcases Moto Experiences on the phone. These are basically gestures that allow users to quickly access certain functions such as taking a screenshot by placing three fingers on its screen, or activating the Razr’s camera by twisting the phone a couple of times. You know, mostly cool gimmicks that might lose its novelty after some time of owning the phone.

The third video demonstrates the Motorola Razr’s main camera by utilising it for selfies and general photography. Its features include a portrait mode with stage lighting effects, night vision mode for low light shots, and the Cinemagraph mode which allows users to create animated images by combining still photos with moving objects. The video also showcased the phone’s exterior display which can be used as a live preview when capturing selfies, among other things.

The Motorola Razr will be the first ever clamshell-based smartphone with a foldable display to be released this year, while Samsung will be following up soon after with the Galaxy Z Flip also in February. The former will be retailing at US$1499 (~RM6530), but there have been no plans for a global or local release just yet.

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