New Razer Blade Has A “Base Model”; Comes With LAN Port And Dual Storage

During its event, Razer announced the latest refresh of its Blade notebooks, along with a new variant for the 15-inch notebook. It’s called the Razer Blade Base Model, with the other variants henceforth being known as the Advanced Models.


So what’s different about this slightly more affordable gaming notebook? To start, it’s 3.1mm thicker than the Advanced Models. This allows them to stick a LAN port in. Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer, claims that this 3.1mm is a lot, enough for the Base Model to sport both an SSD and a standard HDD.

But extra features aside, and in keeping with the more economical theme, the Razer Blade Base Model comes with a single-zone Chroma lightning system, compared to the single-key version of the Advanced.

As mentioned earlier, the Razer Blade Base Model is more affordable. And while it’s not usually a name you associate with a Razer Blade, it is still true. The Advanced machines will be priced at US$1899 (~RM7894), while the Base variant is priced at US$1599 (~RM6647). Like the Razer Phone 2, it will be coming to Asia Pacific next month, so it will be then when we find out what the exact local prices are.

Also, a Mercury White Razer Blade Advanced Model made a brief appearance at the end of the Blade’s section of the announcement event. Colour aside, it’s pretty much the same as the standard black Blade Advanced Models. And since it’s a limited edition colour, we seriously doubt it will be available here.












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