Next Google Pixel Smartphone Could Feature Improved Dual SIM Functionality

The Google Pixel 3 series of smartphone may have been out on the market for less than six months, but that isn’t stopping the search engine from marching forward with the development of its successor. To that end, a new piece of information suggests that the Google’s next Pixel smartphone will feature better dual SIM functionality, among other features.


The source of information by way a short post made on the official page of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). According to XDA, Google is reportedly adding property values into its OS framework, which should basically inform a telco service if a device running it has hardware support for multiSIM functionality. Making it possible for future Pixel smartphones to use both a physical SIM and eSim simultaneously.

For context, both the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 smartphones have both a regular SIM card slot and support for an eSIM. While the phone will allow the eSIM to connect to many supported carriers, neither of the phones allow the physical SIM or eSIM to be used at the same time. Just as you would on a phone with Dual SIM card support.

Beyond that, there’s no other word regarding other features. What is likely, however, is that when the improved dual SIM feature is made available, it will be present on the next Android Q OS update, along with the new Google Pixel. Having said that, it’s unlikely that Google will ever officially bring its smartphones into Malaysia.

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(Source: AOSP via XDA, @Aeeeb_Ping via Twitter)








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