Nintendo Files Patent For A Joy-Con With A Hinge

If you’ve played the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, you’ll find that it’s not the best in terms of ergonomics. Recently though, Nintendo was granted a patent for Joy-Cons with a hinge that may solve the issue.


The hinge in question sits between the four buttons and the analogue sticks of each side. This allows the top end of the Joy-Cons to bend into a more ergonomic form. With the bend, your index fingers can reach the shoulder buttons more comfortably, rather than just the triggers. The Joy-Cons can work either detached from or attached to the main body, and it’s designed to allow for the bending even when attached to the Switch itself.

There is a second design that has the entire shell of the Joy-Con being made of a flexible material, allowing the entire Joy-Con to bend like a plastic ruler. That said, it seems unlikely that this is the design that Nintendo will go with. Aslo, Nintendo has other more pressing issues to address with the Joy-Cons. Most importantly, current Joy-Cons are seemingly prone to wearing down a bit too quickly.

Either way, as is the nature of patents, Joy-Cons sporting this design may not necessarily make its way to shelves. And even if it does, chances are Nintendo isn’t going to pack it as the default Joy-Cons that come with the Switch.

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(Source: USPTO via TNW)








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