NVIDIA Drive Pegasus Set To Power Bosch And Daimler Driverless Cars

Earlier yesterday, NVIDIA officially announced its partnership with Bosch and Daimler. Specifically, both the automotive and engineering companies will be using the GPU maker’s Drive Pegasus AI supercomputer to further drive their ambition of creating fully automated and driverless cars.

The partnership between Bosch and Daimler actually dates back to April 2017. Back then, both companies entered into an alliance to create vehicles that would be able to navigate through city traffic, all without the need of a person in the driver’s seat.

With the help of NVIDIA and its driverless AI technology, Bosch and Daimler is expecting their factories to ramp up its mass productions of driverless technology for vehicle within the next decade.

It is no secret that NVIDIA has been an ardent investor in the realm of self-learning artificial intelligence, as well as the applications of Deep Learning and machine learning technology. Another example aside from Drive Pegasus is the company’s DGX-2 which has been dubbed as the “world’s biggest GPU“.

The announcement shows that its effort in this space is likely to be quite fruitful in the long run.

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