Nvidia To Release New GTX 10 Series Successor In July

Nvidia is rumoured to be preparing its next generation series of graphics cards for a late-July release. These graphics cards are said to be successors of the company’s current lineup of GTX 10 series cards. Normally, the company would debut two high-end gaming graphics cards to showcase the prowess of its new GPU microarchitecture.

Speaking of which, sources believe that the GPU microarchitecture that’ll be equipped onto Nvidia’s next generation graphics cards may be codenamed “Turing.” Unlike other previous GPU architectures from Nvidia, Turing GPUs will be made specifically for gaming; which will probably mean that there’ll be a significant performance improvement over Pascal (hopefully).

Then again, there are also a few who believe that “Turing” will not be a architectural codename, instead it may just be a placeholder SKU codename instead. There’s no indication as to what Nvidia will officially call its upcoming graphics cards, but a good bet would either be “GTX 1180/GTX 1170” or “GTX 2080/GTX 2070”.

Those aside, Nvidia will be having an event during Computex 2018, which will mainly focus on gaming. Perhaps we’ll hear more about the company’s next generation graphics cards during the event. Until then, do take this rumour with a grain of salt, for now.

(Source: Tom’s Hardware, TechPowerUp)









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