Nvidia Will Unveil Consumer-grade Turing GPU In March

It looks like we will soon be hearing from Nvidia regarding its next consumer-grade GPU, which will be used on future GeForce graphics cards. It’s important to note that Turing may possibly be a codename and not an architectural name. Turing GPUs may still be based on Nvidia’s Volta GPU architecture.

Folks at Reuters have apparently summarised Nvidia’s Q4 2017 results and outlook and have found that the company is indeed working on a new GPU for gamers. Knowing how Turing GPUs will be used on GeForce graphics cards, it’ll be unlikely that they’ll be seen on Quadro and Tesla products.

That said, improvements and features that may come with Turing GPUs were not mentioned in the Reuters report. Then again, given the eye opening performance numbers that come with Volta GPUs, consumers can expect Turning chips to be rather impressive in terms of gaming performance.

For those who may not be aware, Volta GPUs are currently only made available on enterprise-grade graphics cards. Despite the fact that Turing GPUs may be launched by Nvidia next month, it remains to be seen whether new graphics cards will be unveiled at the same time as well. We’ll just have to wait and see.

(Source: Reuters)








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