NZXT Enters The Audio Market With The AER Series Headphones

NZXT, the case, cooling, and motherboard maker, officially stepped into the realm of audio headset with the launch of its new AER series. The AER headphones come in two variants, where NZXT made both closed and open back designs.


Both headphones are very similar to one another in terms of specifications, with the closed-back headphone being slightly more sensitive by 2dB and heavier by 0.3g. In detail, both headphones are fitted with a 40mm hi-res audio driver and a frequency response ranging between 20Hz and 50KHz.

As said, both are a lightweight headphone that weighs about 271g. However, NZXT says the closed-back headphone is meant for stronger bass, while the open-back design aims for environmental awareness while still retaining decent midrange pitches and natural sounds.

The headphones come with a detachable microphone and audio cable in a partial modular design, with two 3.5mm jack on both sides. As with most recent NZXT designs, the AER headphones sport a minimalist concept, something that the brand describes as a “clean aesthetic”.

The AER headphones aren’t the audio accessories that NZXT has to launch. The brand also launched MXER, and audio control station that provides Nahimic 7.1 surround sound through a USB connection. Paired together with a Wolfson DAC.

In addition to the MXER, there’s also the STND which, as the acronym suggests, is a headphone stand can be paired with the MXER for seamless audio switching. When used in tandem, both audio accessory provide a seamless switch between headphones and speakers; When the AER headphone is unmounted from the STND, the audio will be played on the headphones. As you put the headphones on the stand, it automatically switches the audio to your speakers.


The NZXT AER headphones are available in both black and white, with an additional purple colour for the closed-back variant. The headphone will set you back US$129.99 (~RM536), while the STND headphone stand comes at a price of US$49.99 (~RM206). Lastly, the MXER audio controller will retail for US$99.99 (~RM412).

At the time of writing, the products are still being list as “Coming Soon” on NZXT’s official page. On another note, there’s still no word if and when these accessories will be making their way to our shores.

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