Omni: Bringing Professional Telephone Systems To The Masses

Having a landline, without a doubt, makes any business look more legitimate. After all, nobody would go through all the trouble without a good reason. Digi X wants to bring that sort of legitimacy to smaller entrepreneurs; without the burden of investing in infrastructure.

Omni is a sort of app virtual based private automatic branch exchange (PABX). Which is a fancy way of saying it’s a office telephone network that works through the internet.

This method of virtualisation allows it to do all the things that an office network does – like calling extensions, group dialing, virtual receptionists, and call forwarding – without the need for expensive infrastructure. In fact, the goal is to appeal to those who don’t want to invest in installing cables. Giving small entrepreneurs and businesses the option to operate in a more professional manner.

“We are trying to address a couple of pain points in the society right now. Especially among those who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs. Communication is one thing that people want to have because they don’t want to lose a sale,” says Praveen Rajan, Head of Digi X.

What Omni is does is completely automate the entire office phone network. It is capable of answering calls and recording messages, or simply redirecting those calls to the appropriate person. All with the same ease as signing up for a Netflix account.

The system also comes with its own virtual landline. Allowing the owners to mask their personal mobile numbers from clients. This has the benefit of making the entrepreneur look more professional, while also allowing them to easily differentiate between work and private phone calls.

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“The idea is that we don’t want people to miss a call. At the same time, we don’t want it to disrupt their personal lives,” said Rajan.

In this, the team behind Omni is targeting not only SMEs and startups, but also individuals looking to run a little side business. The subscription service is structured to allow as few as two extensions to be connected to the account, and can accommodate up to 20 extensions. Digi X is also saying that it can be contacted for businesses that want bigger networks.

As a sign of confidence in the product, Omni is also offering a 30-day free trial for the subscription. Additionally, there is a launch promo that offers a lifetime 50-percent discount on subscriptions. This promo will run until the end of July, although the reduced price will last for the entire duration of the account.








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