Opensignal: Celcom Delivers The Highest Rate of 4G Availability In Malaysia, Including Rural Areas

Back in October, Opensignal has released a report that discussed the availability of 4G connection to users in Malaysia according to the population density. According to the report, users in less populated areas are only able to connect to 4G connection 44% of the time.


The company earlier today has published a follow-up report which still focused on the same subject but using telcos as its anchor. Interesting enough, the new report pointed out that Celcom is on the top of the chart by delivering 4G availability rate of 90.7% in highly populated area.

Even in thinly populated rural areas, Celcom users apparently still able to connect to 4G around 74% of the time. As you can see from the chart above, U Mobile is ranked last in the list with around 74% in highly populated and down to 40% in rural areas.

Meanwhile, Opensignal has also stated that users in Malaysia are able to connect to their mobile network more than 90% of the time when 3G and 4G statistics are combined, regardless of their telcos. That is with the exception of U Mobile in less populated rural areas though, as its availability level is said to be much lower at 86%.

From the way we looked at it, the new report by Opensignal could be used as an additional reference point to check the progress as well as effectiveness of the on-going National Fiberisation and Connectivity Plan (NFCP). This is because 4G connectivity in underserved areas are the main focus of NFCP 1 and NFCP 2 infrastructure packages that will be deployed next year.

Hence, we expect to see some noticeable improvements in the next round of the 4G availability report by Opensignal next year.

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