OPPO Delays Find X2 Launch To March Following MWC 2020 Cancellation

MWC 2020 has been officially called off, and with that, the scheduled launch of the OPPO Find X2. The company was supposed to launch its latest flagship on 22 February. But after all that’s happened, the company has decided to reschedule the launch to a later date.


OPPO has said that it will be moving the launch of the Find X2 to March. But the company stopped short of giving an exact date, saying instead that “more information will be shared soon”. Here’s the statement that was sent to us, reproduced in full:

OPPO respects and understands GMSA’s decision to cancel the MWC Barcelona 2020 event. After serious consideration, we have also decided to reschedule the OPPO Find X2 Global Launch Event, originally scheduled on 22nd February. As of now, the event will be rescheduled for March and more information will be shared soon. Thank you for your continued support, and we kindly look forward to unveiling our latest flagship 5G smartphone in the near future.

For what it’s worth, this will likely only shorten the window between announcement and availability of the phone. Company vice president Brian Shen previously said that supply line issues were caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. In turn, this would’ve limited the number of available OPPO Find X2 units. The delayed launch may give the company more time to manufacture more devices before announcing them.

Another option would’ve been to have announcement of its Find X2 be done online. This is a strategy that Sony has adopted, after announcing that it, too, will not be present at MWC 2020, which was not yet cancelled when the announcement was made.














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