Oppo Patents An In-Display Finger Print Scanner

An in-display fingerprint sensor is still a rare thing to see on a phone today. While only two devices currently have this feature, Oppo may soon be implementing the tech on its phones.

Oppo has been granted a patent for its own in-display fingerprint sensor technology by the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO). The document reveals a couple of images indicating how the tech will be used. Unlike the ones that are in Vivo V20 Plus UD or Huawei Mate RS Porsche Design that uses the tech developed by Synaptics, Oppo’s approach is a bit different.

Oppo’s in-display fingerprint sensor looks to expand the usage beyond than just as a way to unlock your phones. The patent images show that the scanner that Oppo has patented can be used even when the screen is on. This indicates that the feature can be used while users are in an app or to make authorisation for mobile payments. If this feature is to be true, then Oppo’s in-display fingerprint sensor technology will definitely have an edge over the ones by Synaptics.

It has not been revealed yet on when we can expect Oppo to debut this tech on its devices. Though rumours point out that the tech will be ready during the second half of this year where Oppo will traditionally release a new flagship phone around October.

(Source: Lets Go Digital via GSMArena)








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