Our Local Malaysian Game Developers At LEVEL UP Play 2019

Malaysia has quite a number of game developers. Some of them had a showcase of their original IP at LEVEL UP Play 2019 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center.


First off, we have Re:Legend from Magnus Games Studios based in Bangsar South. The game itself is a JRPG, and it revolves around the main character who wakes up on Vokka Island with no memory. The game is playable offline in single-player mode, and you can get your friends to play in the four-player multiplayer mode.

Currently, the game is already in Early Access on Steam, and comes at a price of RM49. According to Magnus Games, Re:Legend shall be seeing its release within nine to 12 months. Additionally, Magnus Games has made plans to release it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Nintendo Switch.

Moving on, we got to try out Gigabash, a four-player local couch battle arena by Passion Republic Games based in Puchong. Currently, the studio told us that the games are still in early production stage, with only four characters and two stages at the moment.

However, the game developers are planning for more than 12 stages and up to 10 characters for its full release. To sweeten the deal, plans for online multiplayer is on its way. The demo version was played on a PS4 system and we might see a PC version coming up as well.

Up next, there is a fusion of a first-person shooter (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS). Eximius: Seize the Frontline is played in a team of five, with one person being the commander with access to the RTS gameplay. The remaining four players would be played in the FPS gameplay.

To put it into the picture, imagine to play Command & Conquer: Red Alert mixed with Battlefield. Currently, the game is in early access on Steam with online multiplayer with a full release expected in November 2020. On that note, the game is made by Ammobox Studios based in Sunway Geo. Also, there are also tournaments planned in the future for Eximius: Seize the Frontline.


There is also an original IP game called Bake ‘n Switch, a four-player mayhem local couch game. You may team up with your friends for a co-op mode, or you may go for the PvP mode where you compete to see who can bake the most.

Currently, the game has no pricing yet as it is still in early access, but you can put in in your Steam wishlist. There is full controller support and is made using the Unreal Engine. The game is developed by Streamline Games based in Bangsar South as well.

Another featured game is Simulacra 2, a psychological horror game. The story revolves around the main character who is tasked to unravel the story behind the untimely death of an influencer. The game will be available on Steam, App Store and Google Play from 12 December onwards, but the developers told us that the game is best played on mobile.

Kaigan Games which is based on Bangsar South is the developer behind Simulacra 2. Crediting to the Unity Engine behind the game, the developers are able to bring the game to multiple platforms.

Lastly, we have No Straight Roads, directed by Final Fantasy’s Lead Game Designer, Wan Hazmer under Metronomik game studio based in Bangsar South. The game is an action-adventure which revolves within Electonic Dance Music (EDM) and Rock music.

During the Q&A session, Wan Hazmer revealed that the game is actually developed by our local Malaysian fresh graduates in Metronomik. Initially, the game was planned to be an action racing game but was amended during the development process.

Currently, the game is set to release in early 2020 and will be available on PS4 and Epic Games Store on PC. The game is now available for pre-order on Epic Games Store for US$18.99 (RM78.49).

There is quite a number of featured local game developers in Malaysia at LEVEL UP Play. Honestly, it is nice to see our local game industry is booming into the international scene.














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