Overwatch Anniversary Event And Game Of The Year Edition Coming Soon

Overwatch celebrates its first anniversary in about two weeks, and data miners have already found references to some sort of event. There are also references to a Game of the Year version of Overwatch going on sale at some point.

The information was found by the TrueAchievements site from a scan of the Xbox version of Overwatch. There, it found references to anniversary lootboxes. The contents of these lootboxes are still unknown, but these are likely to be more special edition skins and cosmetics. Players are currently holding out for a new Symmetra legendary skin, seeing that there has been a lack of content for the character.

@KingofWaranon No timing details yet.

— Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch) May 10, 2017

Overwatch Game of the Year edition will also presumably be released at around the same time. It contains the Origin edition skins, and some other unspecified cosmetics for buyers. More imporantly, it also provides 10 lootboxes to get new players started.

Blizzard loves its cross promotion of games, which is why Overwatch GotY will include a baby Winston pet for World of Warcraft and Tracer for Heroes of the Storm.

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Speaking of Heroes of the Storm, the developers recently revealed the latest additions to the hero lineup; and their slight obsession with Japanese anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Overwatch’s D.Va joins the Nexus and brings with her a brand new red costume that looks suspiciously similar to one of the characters (pictured above).

Genji also appears in HotS with a brand new purple skin that seems to have been inspired by the Eva Unit-01.

Neither of these skins seems to be making their way to Overwatch at the moment, although we wouldn’t put it past Blizzard to change its mind. Especially if the community creates enough demand to get the developers to listen.

[Source: TrueAchievements, Reddit]

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