realme X2 Pro Officially In Malaysia; Priced At RM2399

realme unveiled its first flagship-class phone in the form of the X2 Pro. The company has also indicated that it will be bringing said device into our market. Today, the phone officially makes its landing on our shores.
To quickly recap, the realme X2 Pro comes with a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display with a 90Hz refresh rate, and a fingerprint sensor underneath. On the inside is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset, 12GB of RAM, 256GB of internal storage, and a 4000mAh battery.

For cameras, the realme X2 Pro is equipped with a 48MP main unit, a 13MP telephoto camera, an 8MP wide-angle lens and a 2MP portrait lens. On the front, it comes with a 16MP unit in a waterdrop notch.
The realme X2 Pro is priced locally at RM2399. It will be available for pre-order first on Chup Dulu Lazada on 5 December. This is then followed by full retail availability on 12 December. There’s also a special offline sale a DirectD’s Grand Mega Store in Petaling Jaya. This will be on 7 December, but it also begins at midnight.
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Intel: Qualcomm To Blame For 5G Modem Sale To Apple

Earlier this year, Intel officially sold off its 5G mobile modem business to Apple to the tune of US$1 billion (~RM4.18 billion), signaling the semiconductor maker’s exit from the 5G modem business. However, Intel says that the sale was “grossly undervalued” and describes it as a “multi-billion dollar” loss to itself.
If that wasn’t enough, Intel is openly blaming rival semiconductor maker, Qualcomm, stating that the latter’s anti-competitive behaviour had created the conditions that forced its hand. Causing them to sell off their 5G mobile modem division to the Cupertino-based giant.
Intel’s alleged revelation of Qualcomm’s anti-competitive business was brought to light when it filed a brief at the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeal that, as luck would have it, bears support to an on-going FTC antitrust probe against Qualcomm. Specifically, the document says that Qualcomm had tailored its licensing arrangements for its CDMA and LTE IPs in such a way. Any OEMs that bought its chips had to agree to a patent deal that would punish them, should they decide to seek out business with rival chipmakers.

Despite no longer having a 5G modem division, Intel is still clearly interested in continuing development of 5G solutions for the PC industry. To that end, the company recently partnered up with the Taiwan-based fabless semiconductor maker, MediaTek, to further its 5G endeavour.
(Source: Techspot)
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Box Office: Knives Out Thrives Opening Weekend; Frozen 2 Continues to Soar

In a delightful surprise, Rian Johnson’s whodunit, Knives Out thrived at the box office opening weekend. The $US 40 million film opened with a solid $US 41.7 million in North America and $US 28.3 million outside of North America for a global cume of $US 70 million. To put things into perspective, Charlie’s Angels has been out in cinemas for more than 16 days and has only grossed $US 51 million worldwide. Even Terminator: Dark Fate only raked in $US 29 million opening weekend in North America. Yes, the James Cameron produced Sci-Fi action flick — the sixth in its franchise — did gross over $US 94 million outside of North America in its first weekend, but even that’s a major disappointment considering the film’s massive budget.
This makes me really happy as Knives Out is an original, mid-range budgeted film that’s not a reboot, sequel, remake or based on any existing Intellectual Properties (IP). It looks like strong critical reception (96% on Rotten Tomatoes with an average rating of 8.3/10) and fan reaction (93% on Rotten Tomatoes) generated enough buzz to push the masses to go check it out.
Here’s to hoping the film continues to thrive in the coming weeks and hopefully gross close to $US 200 million by the end of its run.
Knives Out is easily one of my favourite films of the year. In my review I wrote:
Knives Out is a spectacularly twisty whodunit that harkens back to the golden days of Agatha Christie, yet feels completely fresh and modern. One that tickles your funny bone as much as it titillates your mind.
Like a black hole in outer space, Rian Johnson sucks you right from the getgo into the zany eccentric billionaire world — mind you, it is very zany and all the characters talk like they’ve got a stick stuck up their bum, because frankly, they do — that he has built and takes you on this incredible journey that’s scattered with clues and clever misdirection.

Speaking of box office draws, after merely two weekends in theatres, Disney’s Frozen 2 has already grossed over $US 287 million in North America and $US 451 million outside of North America, bringing its worldwide tally to $US 738.5 million. Last week, the film broke Toy Story 4‘s record to become the highest-grossing animated film of all time.
At this rate, it’s very likely that it will gross at least $US 1 billion by the end of its run. If it does so, it will be the 7th Disney movie in 2019 to achieve that, joining the ranks of Avengers: Endgame, The Lion King, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Captain Marvel, Toy Story 4, Aladdin.
Knives Out and Frozen 2 are currently playing in Malaysian cinemas.
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Alleged Sony PlayStation 5 Devkit Console Leaked Online

There have been speculations on Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 console may look like, with fanmade renders and alleged leaks popping up online to keep eager fans guessing. While it may take a while until we would eventually catch an actual glimpse of the console next year, alleged images of the PS5’s devkit consoles has been spotted in the wild.
Uploaded by Twitter user Alcoholikaust aka The Drunk Cat, is an image that shows a pair of supposed PS5 devkit consoles taken from an unknown location – which we can assume is from a game development studio. Tom Warren, senior editor of The Verge, confirms that these are indeed the actual devkits that are handed out by Sony to developers.
Warren also noted that the reason for the “V” shape design is so that the console can vent properly while being easily stacked for undergoing multiple stress tests. He added that the cooling is optimised to push air out of its sides and center. Seeing that it is the fifth iteration of the PlayStation console, it’s also worth pointing out that the “V” design could also represent the roman numeral for the number “5”.

Along with the devkit consoles are what may appear to be either the DualShock 4 controllers or early prototypes for the DualShock 5. If the controllers seen are of the former that the developers are testing their games on, there’s a possibility that the PlayStation 5’s newer controller may not have different gimmicks compared to its predecessor.
On an interesting note, the devkit’s PS5 “V” shape design first surfaced from a patent leak uncovered by LetsGoDigital a while back, and seems to match up almost perfectly. As we’ve reported back in April, another alleged leaked image of the PS5 devkit was uploaded online but differs in design for both its console and controller.

Even though this design for the PS5 devkit has been confirmed by a reliable source, it’s best to take it with a pinch of salt – as always. On the other hand, devkit designs will usually differ from the finalised retail version, so we may not see this version of the console sitting in our living rooms. The PlayStation 5 is expected to be released sometime in November 2020.
[Source: Twitter – Alcoholikaust, Tom Warren // LetsGoDigital.]
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Capcom Teases Resident Evil 3 Remake As Part Of Steam Sale Promo

Rumours have previously indicted that Capcom may be working on a Resident Evil 3 remake. More evidence of this has recently surfaced, as part of a Steam’s Autumn Sale promo, no less.
Last Friday, the company posted the image you see below on the official Resident Evil Facebook page. On it, prominently in front of the series’ cast is Jill Valentine, with her look in the third game. And at the back, there’s the unmistakable villain character, Nemesis.

What makes this image stand out particularly is that you can’t actually buy Resident Evil 3: Nemesis on Steam. Although, one could argue that the costume is available in the HD Remaster of the first game, which can be bought on Steam.
This single teaser image is hardly confirmation that it is indeed on the way. That said, Capcom did say that it will be bringing back older names in its library. And considering the success of Resident Evil 2 Remake, it’s not unlikely that the third game in the series, a very well received one, will be brought back.
(Source: Capcom / Facebook via PCGamesN)
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Apple Watch LTE Support and Series 5 Coming To Maxis This December

Maxis will soon join the list of Malaysian telcos that support the LTE feature on Apple Watch. This was revealed by the telco on its official website earlier this week, together with the announcement that Apple Watch Series 5 and iPad are also going to be made available through the Maxis Zerolution program.
For those who are not familiar with the Zerolution program, it is the telco’s 24-month zero-interest instalment scheme. However, Maxis will not be taking pre-orders for the Apple Watch Series 5, according to the telco’s representative.
The announcement on Maxis’ official website.
Instead, the smartwatch will be made available directly at selected Maxis Stores on 13 December 2019. As for the iPad, all current iPad line-up will be available through Zerolution including 7th generation iPad, 5th generation iPad Mini, 3rd generation iPad Air and 12.9-inch iPad Pro, as well as the 11-inch iPad Pro.
More information regarding the cellular support for Apple Watch as well as the availability of Apple Watch Series 5 and iPad through Zerolution will be released on 13 December. So, stay tuned.
(Source: Maxis.)
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