Illegear Launches Raven SE-R Gaming Laptop; Priced At RM5299

If the Illegear Raven SE is a familiar name to you, that’s because it’s a gaming laptop the company announced awhile ago. The Raven SE itself is a variant of the original Raven. It looks like there’s a new variant to the Raven line now, and it’s called the Illegear Raven SE-R.
The clue to the difference between the Illegear Raven SE-R and the one that came before it is in the R. While the Raven SE came with either am Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 or GTX 1650, the Raven SE-R instead has the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 for its GPU.

Beyond that, most of the specs between the Raven SE and the Raven SE-R are very similar. The Illegear Raven SE-R comes with an Intel Core i7-9750H and a 15.6-inch 144Hz Full HD IPS display. It also supports up to 32GB of RAM, as well as two M.2 PCIe solid state drives, and one hard drive.
The Illegear Raven SE-R starts from RM5299. You can find out more about the laptop, as well as customisation options, by heading to the Raven SE-R’s page, linked below.
(Source: Illegear)

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Tech Giants Want Trump Administration To Speed Up Resumption Of Huawei Sales

A week after the Trump administration announced that some companies will be able to resume their trade and sales with Huawei, several US tech giants are calling on President Trump to speed up the decision-making process. The push was made clear during a meeting between Trump and leaders of major tech companies that include Google, Qualcomm, and Intel to name a few.
Several US tech companies, including those manufacture semiconductors, have asked the US administration to follow through with Trump’s promise to provide the necessary licenses for them to continue selling their product and other technologies to Huawei. To recap, the US ban, which was executed in May this year, specifically prohibits US firms from buying specific 5G telecommunications equipment from the Chinese telecom and smartphone maker.
Needless to say, the ban clearly affected several of the earlier mentioned tech giants in the US. In the case of Google, the search engine had no choice but to initially stop providing Android support to Huawei’s smartphones and devices. However, it did get a temporary license to deliver support and security updates for existing Huawei devices.

For the moment, it looks like the Trump administration is having no qualms about taking its time, telling companies that it would make “timely” decision over which US companies will be allowed to continue their business with Huawei. It also reiterated that no license will be issued to companies so long as the product in question poses a threat to national security.
(Source: NYTimes)
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iPhones Of 2020 May Have 120Hz Refresh Rate Displays

The current crop of iPhones may support an impressive 120Hz touch sampling rate. But their display refresh rates still sit at 60Hz. This may change next year, as Apple is considering a switchable 60Hz / 120Hz refresh rate displays for the iPhones of 2020.
Serial leaker Ice Universe (@UniverseIce) claims that the company is also currently is discussion with Samsung and LG for such displays. But it’s important to note that discussions are still ongoing, so it’s best to not count on it happening just yet.

Apple is considering a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate screen on the iPhone in 2020, and is discussing with Samsung and LG.
— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) July 21, 2019

As it is now, only the second generation iPad Pros can boast having 120Hz refresh rates. They make use of what Apple calls ProMotion displays, which switch between 60Hz and 120Hz on the fly as needed. For example, the former is engaged when viewing static images to help conserve battery. It also happens automatically, so you won’t have to switch to 120Hz when playing games, for example.
It looks like there’s a chance the ProMotion tech will be heading to the iPhones, granting them the same benefits as the second generation iPad Pros. But since those will only show up next year, we should probably focus our attention of this year’s batch of iPhones. Previous rumours indicated that this year’s iPhones would make use of Samsung’s flexible OLED displays, but it looks like the jury is still out regarding that matter.
(Source: Ice Universe / Twitter via TechRadar)
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Apple Reportedly Close To Finalising Purchase of Intel 5G Modem Business

Apple is reportedly in advanced talks with Intel about buying latter’s 5G mobile modem business. The deal, if and when agreed upon, will see Apple snatching up Intel’s modem business lock, stock, and barrel, at a tune of US$1 billion (~RM4.12 billion).
According to WSJ, the US$1 billion deal would include a portfolio of patent and staff members currently in the employ of the 5G modem division. For Apple, the acquisition basically translates to access to work and technology. That will essentially further its endeavour in creating its own in-house 5G modems. Presumably for future iPhone devices.
Intel first announced its exit from the 5G mobile modem market back in April this year, saying that it was no longer able to “determine positive impact or profitability from the smartphone modem business”. However, unofficial rumours suggest that Intel was struggling to go up against a Qualcomm, especially after the latter agreed to a six-year licensing agreement with Apple.

For the record, Intel’s modem business wasn’t technically built from scratch. The company acquired Infineon Technologies’ modem business back in 2011 for a tidy sum of US$1.4 billion (~RM5.77 billion) and built it up from there
(Source: WSJ via The Verge)
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Apple watchOS 5.3 Fixes And Restores Walkie-Talkie App

Earlier in the month, Apple disabled the Walkie-Talkie app for the Apple Watch, citing eavesdropping concerns. The company has since released watchOS 5.3, which also fixes the bug with the Walkie-Talkie app. And with that, the company has also restored functionality of the app.
The watchOS 5.3 update also makes the ECG support available to owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 in Canada and Singapore. Unfortunately, the feature, alongside the irregular rhythm notifications, has yet to make its way here in Malaysia.

Beyond these features, it doesn’t look like watchOS 5.3 brings anything new to the Apple Watch. But if you were a frequent user of Walkie-Talkie, then maybe this update is a significant enough one for you.
With watchOS 6 on the way, there’s no telling if there will be any more updates to the watchOS 5. The former is already in beta testing, and is scheduled to be released in fall, which begins on 23 September.
(Source: MacRumors)
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HONOR 20 Review: A Phone With As Complete A Camera Kit As Others

The gap between the launch of the HONOR 20 and the View20 wasn’t a very long one. At least, it didn’t feel that way, despite nearly half a year in between them. With that in mind, the two phones actually share a fair bit of similarities.
We’ve taken a look at the HONOR View20 already, so now let’s give the HONOR 20 the same scrutiny as we did before.

Unsurprisingly, you’ll see a lot of familiar elements here, from the Kirin 980 to the 48MP Sony IMX586 main camera that HONOR’s employed since the View20. Of course, one key difference is that the HONOR 20 comes with a lot more cameras at the back. But we’ll get to that later.

If you’ve ever handled the View20, the front of the HONOR 20 feels familiar. The punch hole sits on the top left corner of its 6.26-inch display and it’s pretty innocuous when you’re not running applications that use the entirety of the screen. Beyond that, the display takes up almost all of the front of the phone.
Going round the back, you’ll see that the HONOR 20 sports a quad-camera setup. One of them sits outside the camera bump, which is an odd design choice. Besides that, the phone’s reflective back looks plain and clean. This does make it pleasant to look at, especially considering the way the light reflects off it. Also, the Sapphire Blue colour is a personal bonus. HONOR has always managed to make a phone look good just by using this colour, and the same applies to the HONOR 20.

You may be wondering, “where’s the fingerprint sensor?” The answer to that is on the right, where it also acts as the power button. Rather than having it being slap bang in the middle, its position has been elevated a little. I’ve mentioned before that I find this to be a moment of ergonomic ingenuity; simply because it is just the most natural position for your right thumb. Even if you’re a southpaw, your middle finger will comfortably fold over the sensor.

Above the fingerprint sensor/power button hybrid is the volume rocker. On the opposite side is the SIM tray, and on the bottom is the USB-C port. There is, unfortunately, no 3.5mm audio jack here anymore.
The phone as a whole sits comfortably in hand. Its weight is just right and the rounded edges make holding it for extended periods of time relatively comfortable.
User Experience

As an HONOR phone, you’d be right if you expect the HONOR 20 to have a UI similar to the View20. It comes with the same Magic UI overlaid on top of Android 9 Pie. It comes with all the familiar traits and quirks, including knuckle gestures and the lack of an app drawer. To put it simply, nothing new here.
Everything about the HONOR 20 is quick and snappy too, thanks to the Kirin 980 chipset. Fingerprint recognition is equally as fast, and when it doesn’t work the moment you pick it up from your pocket, its facial recognition unlocks the phone before you get a chance to give the fingerprint sensor another go.
That said, I did have a strange experience with the USB-C to 3.5mm adapter. When unplugging only my headphones and leaving the adapter connected to the HONOR 20, it would play whatever music I was playing before. This happens for both Spotify and VLC player.

It’s also the opposite of what’s supposed to happen – music should only autoplay when plugging in headphones, and should stop by default when unplugging them. Granted, it’s not a common way to use headphones, but it’s a personal gripe that I can’t let go of, caused by the lack of a dedicated 3.5mm audio jack.

As far as performance goes, it’s around what you’d expect from the Kirin 980 chipset. The synthetic benchmarks produced the results you see above, so there’s nothing much to say about it.
Battery life, depending on your usage, will take you through most of the day. I’ve spent a day with the camera engaged half the time, and the phone carries on through just fine. Under more normal circumstances, the HONOR 20 easily lasts me two whole days. If you use it to just play videos, it should still last over 15 hours, which is probably more than what anybody will watch in a day.

Charging the HONOR 20 is relatively average. A full charge from 2% takes about two hours and 14 minutes using the provided charger. That said, your mileage may vary if you use a different charger or charging cable.

Easily the most important aspect of the HONOR 20, it stars the same Sony IMX586 sensor found on the HONOR View20, plus three additional sensors. For the most part, it behaves the same way as well. This is good as far as image quality is concerned, not so much when it comes to user friendliness. But first, let’s talk about the other cameras in tow.
First up is the 16MP wide-angle camera. Chances are when you’re not shooting in 48MP mode, this will be your most used camera. It does about as well as the main shooter, but colours are very slightly warmer by default. That said, it’s not something that is immediately noticeable. Unless you’re actively looking for it.

The standout among them is the dedicated 2MP macro sensor, especially since it’s a rarity among phone camera sensors. If you’re into macro shots, you can take shots with incredible detail, provided you can be close enough to your subject. Details and colour are accurate in general, but detail really depends on you getting close to your subject more than anything else.

Finally, there’s the 2MP depth sensor. It doesn’t actually take pictures, but through it, the 48MP main camera takes portrait shots with pretty good bokeh.
I mentioned user-friendliness earlier, so let me elaborate on that. Like on the HONOR View20, 48MP looks to be its own special mode, so you can’t zoom, or switch to wide-angle on the fly.
Sample Images

By now, you’ll probably be able to guess what one of the HONOR 20’s greatest competition is. At the RM1699 price bracket, it goes without saying that there is a healthy number of alternatives to the phone. Here are just some of them.
HONOR View20

HONOR’s own View20 is a pretty great alternative to the HONOR 20, for a slightly higher price of RM1999. The accompanying camera’s aside, the View20 comes with the same 48MP main shooter. It also has a slightly larger battery, marginally larger screen size, and size overall. Almost everything else on the spec sheet is exactly the same, though the View20 does have options for more RAM and storage space.
In terms of user experience though, each has its own plus point. On the HONOR 20, it has the advantage of having a better fingerprint sensor position. On the flip side, the HONOR View20 has a 3.5mm audio jack. In a perfect scenario, a phone would have both. Since that’s not the case, this is the choice to make in choosing between the HONOR 20 and the HONOR View20.
Vivo V15 Pro

The Vivo V15 Pro is another comparable phone to the HONOR 20, albeit at its slightly higher asking price of RM1799. Both feature a 48MP main shooter, and both have the same RAM and internal storage amount. That said, the Vivo V15 Pro is only fitted with a Snapdragon 675 chipset, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a pop-up front-facing camera.
The key to deciding which you want really comes down to what you’re looking for. If you want a display with no notches or cutouts, then you’d choose the Vivo V15 Pro. The same goes for if you want an in-display fingerprint sensor and a 3.5mm audio jack. But if you want the better shooting experience, the HONOR 20 pulls ahead with its better image quality and more impressive tools.

The HONOR 20, then, is an impressive phone, especially for its asking price. It’s in many ways similar to the View20, but with the focus on photography bumped up. It also has a better fingerprint sensor position, as far as ergonomics go. You could say that the HONOR 20 is essentially the View20, but at a lower price and better ergonomics.
On the flip side, it’s really hard to move on to a life without the 3.5mm audio jack. This is especially so if you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled audio device. But if that’s a life you’re fine with, then the HONOR 20 is a very good phone for the kind of money it’s asking for.
Photography by Hoo Ke Ming.
HONOR 20 bottom angled 2HONOR 20 bottomHONOR 20 front angled 2HONOR 20 fingerprint sensorHONOR 20 camera 3HONOR 20 main
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IT: Chapter 2 Script Was Constantly Being Changed on Set

IT or IT: Chapter One took the world by storm in 2017. Raking in over $US 700 million at the global box office — the highest ever for a horror film — and garnering positive reviews from critics as well. The Stephen King adaptation is scary, weird and filled with genuinely interesting teen characters. Director Andy Muschietti didn’t resort to cheap and meaningless jump scares and instead told a character-driven coming of age story with authentic tension and atmosphere. This September will see the release of IT: Chapter Two, in which the kids from the first movie have grown up into Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Bill Hader, etc.
In the first movie, Andy Muschietti and his sister/producer Barbara Muschietti worked together with screenwriter Gary Dauberman based on the skeleton and structure laid out by previously attached filmmaker Cary Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation) and his co-writer Chase Palmer. This time, though, the Muschiettis and Gary Dauberman got to adapt the second part of the Stephen King novel entirely by themselves.

In an interview with, Andy and Barbara Muschietti compared and contrasted the writing process of the first film and the second film. When asked how early they started working with Gary Dauberman on the screenplay, the duo said:
BARBARA MUSCHIETTI: August. I think it was before we came out with Chapter One. We were already working on ideas and then Gary [Dauberman] started putting it together with Andy. You know Andy’s very much the mastermind of the story and he knows very well what movie he wants to make. So we had a great journey with Gary. And then when Gary left for Annabelle, we started working with Jason Fuchs who did an amazing job taking us to the finish line. It was great. Yeah. I’m very happy.
ANDY MUSCHIETTI: Yeah. And having Jason on also during the shoot.
ANDY MUSCHIETTI: It was a weird thing because there were things changing every time. The great thing about staying open in on set [is] new things appear and new questions are asked, so it’s not an iron script anymore. So okay, “We still didn’t shoot Scene 74, so we are going to translate this question into that.” That was what was great about having a writer during production. So, Jason did a great job.
BARBARA MUSCHIETTI: You know that stereotype of getting new pages every day? We were getting new pages every day [laughs]. But it’s good, you make it better. It’s about making the movie better.
This does make me slightly concerned about the film. Sure, making script edits on set after production has already commenced is nothing too out of the ordinary. But it’s not a good sign either. Then we also have writer Gary Dauberman, the man who penned Annabelle Comes Home and The Nun, both absolutely lousy horror films. A part of me wonders if maybe that’s why Jason Fuchs was brought in — to iron out the kinks in Gary Dauberman’s screenplay. But then again, Fuchs isn’t exactly the best screenwriter in the world either considering his resume includes I Still See You and Pan.
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TIME Fibre Home Broadband: Designed To Fuel Your Digital Life

There was a time when you actually had to put in some effort if you wanted to surf the Internet. Specifically, you would either have to walk up and sit in front of your PC or make a journey to your favourite cybercafe. Now, you can access the Internet directly in the palm of your hands and at virtually any given location thanks to smart devices such as smartphones and tablets.
In fact, many users these days own more than one device that is connected to and relies heavily on the Internet. These devices are not limited to PCs, smartphones, and tablets but also include game consoles, smart TVs, smart home apparatus, connected home appliances, and many more.

In addition to the increasing number of smart devices that one owns, the number of applications and content available online have significantly increased as well. Together with the popularity of music and video streaming services such as Spotify, Netflix and others, online content is being presented in much higher quality than before as well.
Not forgetting, online experiences are becoming more interactive too. For example, gaming is no longer limited to in-game experience alone as plenty of players these days love to share their gaming session with millions of gamers throughout the world via the likes of Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.
In other words, the Internet experience has evolved beyond just browsing websites and checking emails. Rich content and multi-way interactions have now become a norm which means a reliable, high-speed Internet connection is a must when it comes to delivering these experiences without any interruptions.
This is where TIME Fibre Home Broadband comes into the picture.

Acknowledged by Ookla as the Fastest Broadband in Malaysia, TIME Fibre Home Broadband offers enough capacity to support any type of Internet user regardless of whether you are a multi-tasker, content creator, binge-watching aficionado, e-sports athlete, game streamer maestro, or just a casual web surfer.
Even the basic TIME Fibre Home Broadband plan, which costs just RM 99 per month, should be able to put a smile on the face of an average user, thanks to its 100Mbps speed. If you are a hardcore user, the 500Mbps plan is the one for you.

Of course, for those who crave the ultimate Internet experience, you can’t go wrong with TIME Fibre Home Broadband’s 1Gbps plan. So, just head over to TIME Internet’s official website and find out how you can upgrade your Internet experience today.
This article is brought to you by TIME Internet.
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5 Actors Who Would Be Perfect as Wolverine in the MCU

Famed Marvel comic book writer, Mark Millar recently made a prediction that Kingsman’s very own Taron Egerton would be the one to pick up where Hugh Jackman left off as Wolverine. Millar’s influence is clear to see in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) from the franchise’s Avengers mirroring that of his own version of the team, the Ultimates to his iteration of a black Nick Fury. As much as we have nothing but respect for the man and the work he has done, we’re going to have to respectfully disagree with his choice in Egerton. There’s nothing wrong with Egerton as an actor, we thought he did great in Kingsman and he seems to be killing it right now with Rocketman.
That being said, we just don’t think he would fit the bill for Wolverine. The character has a world-wearied, grizzled ferocity about him that few can truly capture. The actor playing Logan has to be able to reflect that in both physique and performance, so with all due respect Egerton, you’re a tad green for the role.

With that in mind, we do in fact have a number of candidates we think should definitely be considered for the role of Wolverine in the MCU. Folks who have demonstrated that they have what it takes to bring out the beast in the man!
1. Gerard Butler
These days, the veteran Scottish actor has had little to do safe for the occasional voice work in animated films or perhaps a B-grade action film or two. Won’t lie, Butler hasn’t always been known for his emotionally layered or complex performances but there’s one thing the man does not lack: intensity. The man is best known for his role in 2007’s adaptation of Frank Miller’s 300 for a reason. In an orgy of blood and steel, Butter still manages to deliver memorable line after memorable line with all the gusto and command of a drill sergeant. Perhaps if the MCU is going for a more weathered Wolverine, Butler could be of service. He certainly looks the part, sporting his signature rugged beard and hair. All they need to do is trim a little off to make room for some sideburns.

It’s not just about the looks though, the man has shown that he is also capable of selling himself as a furious fighter. Beyond his time in 300, we’ve seen Butler kick major ass in films like Gamer and London Has Fallen. Disney’s Marvel is known for taking chances with B-grade action icons like Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel and Mickey Rourke. I know Butler’s a tad rusty in the acting department but given enough time and some good training, he’ll be back on his feet giving badass one-liners and ripping folks apart in no time. Just picture the way Leonidas tore into those Persians but this time it’s Wolverine against a room full of armed HYDRA agents.
2. Liev Schreiber
You probably don’t have the best impression of Liev Schreiber seeing that he was Sabretooth in that awful film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine. What you may not have known however is that for the last six years, he’s been playing the lead in an amazing TV show called Ray Donovan. In the series, he plays a fixer for powerful Los Angeles celebrities. Whenever there’s a “problem” that needs fixing like a nosy photographer or a story getting leaked, Donovan is there get the job done by any means necessary. Throughout the show, we also see him struggling with the sins and sorrows of his past with his deadbeat dad returning and his complicated family life. He’s just one giant ball of rage and pain. This is exactly the kind of pathos Schreiber could bring to the character of Wolverine if Marvel decides to take a chance with him.

He certainly looks the part with his rugged stubble, growing sideburns and a weathered face that screams “I’ve been dealing children for far too long”. Origins didn’t really give Schreiber a fair chance to flex his full acting capabilities but now it seems he’s really come into his own. Not to mention he certainly has the voice for characters like Wolverine. He did play Wilson Fisk in Into the Spiderverse. If the MCU is shooting for an older, more experienced Logan then I think Schreiber would make for a great candidate. He has the look, the voice and the physique to play the part. I could definitely picture him playing a mentor to a bunch of teenage mutant kids running around the X-Mansion. It’s just such a shame that the chances of Schreiber ever returning to the world of comic-book films is highly unlikely, let alone the MCU. Hey, a guy can dream, can’t he?
3. Christian Bale
Bale might never take the cape and cowl as Batman again but maybe he’ll be open donning a new pair of claws? Christian Bale is what one might call a method actor. The man will shed all semblance of self in the name of inhabiting the characters in his films. In The Machinist, Bale lost a ton of weight to play a bony insomniac. In American Hustle, Bale gained a ton to play a charming, dangerous con artist. His most notable transformation though was when he beefed up for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The man was jacked from head to toe, meeting every physical demand needed of him to truly become the Dark Knight! Needless to say, Christian Bale is a man who goes all in, sometimes to frightening degrees. Anyone who has seen his meltdown on the set of Terminator: Salvation will know what I’m talking about.

The man is no diva though. He will give his 100% for a part if he truly believes in it. I mean the guy ate real-life maggots in Rescue Dawn like it was nothing! No offence to Evans or Hemsworth but there are just far too many pretty boys on set. If we’re gonna have a Wolverine, it needs to be somebody who can portray rugged, damaged and intimidating. Logan is someone who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. A tortured soul looking to find either a peaceful home or an early grave. Bale we feel could really nail that side of the character. Perhaps a bit of coaching on how to inject some levity into a scene but overall Bale is a solid choice!
4. Keanu Reeves
It’s only a matter of time at this point for Keanu Reeves to enter into the MCU, the only question is: Who is he going to play? Well, may we be so bold to suggest that he take up the part of Wolverine? In the past, Reeves has been seen as mellow and unemotive but with his most recent cinematic action outing with John Wick 3, it’s clear to see that Reeves is no joke. Reeves underwent extensive training and exercise to become the world’s most deadly assassin. This year alone, he has single-handedly raised the bar for what Hollywood action stars should strive to be. There’s a level commitment and rawness to his physical delivery that puts him on par with greats like Tom Cruise.

As for performances outside fight scenes, Reeves has shown that he has range. Albeit the level of volume and intensity might need some work. Hey, we’re not gonna say that he’s perfect but we’d be lying if we didn’t say that the man has great potential. He might have to pay a visit to Hugh Jackman’s School of YELLING THINGS! Given the right direction and the proper material, Reeves could truly rise to the occasion.
We already saw shades of a Logan-to-come in John Wick 3 with the ferocity he brings to the character on screen. Wolverine’s fighting style carries a certain weight and tiredness about it, not unlike Wick going through the endless line assassins coming for him. Oh and most importantly, Reeves has major cool factor so even when he’s not slaying on screen, we’ll be sure to get some pretty memorable lines from him. “Woah…I’m a mutant”. Sorry, had to have at least one Matrix reference in here.
5. Tom Hardy
Don’t let his charming British accent and dashing good looks fool you, Tom Hardy is one crazy son of a bitch. I love the actor to death but there are moments in his films that have scared the living daylights out of me. Don’t believe me? Take a look at his performance in 2008’s Bronson when he forces a prison guard to rub butter around his NAKED body before beating the crap out of some guards. In 2011’s Warrior, Hardy played a terrifying professional fighter with PTSD and trauma.
Then, we have 2015’s Legend in which he plays twins with one of them being a violent, paranoid, schizophrenic gangster who will randomly break out into a fight if he’s bored of his gourd. So do we think Hardy can play an ex-government experiment with PTSD and a pension for slicing up baddies who get his way? The answer is hell yes! When Wolverine goes into full beast mode, nothing can withstand his warpath as he taps into his primal side.

That being said, he can’t just be bloody bonkers all the time, the actor playing Logan should be capable of showing a more human and empathetic side to the character. Thankfully, Hardy is the full package here. In films like Locke, we see the depth of his emotional well as he confronts the painful personal secrets of his past and the many calamities that compound his life. By the way, the whole film is shot with Hardy alone in the car as he deals with these issues over the phone. It is easily one of his best performances yet. As for his physique, the man can also beef up for physically demanding roles like his time as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. All he needs now is the right and some sideburns.
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Xiaomi Releases Teaser For Redmi Smartphone With 64MP Camera

Redmi, the subsidiary brand of Xiaomi, recently released a teaser poster online. Teasing fans and consumers with a new phone fitted with what could possibly be Samsung’s new 64MP camera sensor.
For the record, the image doesn’t outright specify that its 64MP is Samsung-made. However, it should be pointed out that Samsung is currently the only company to have officially announced a sensor of that size. Further, given its announcement back in May and this current teaser, it’s very unlikely that this is a coincidence.
As you would expect, the teaser poster doesn’t reveal much beyond the sensor size. However, if the 64MP sensor actually turns out to be the same Samsung model, it’s clear that we can expect some really clear and detailed images as suggested by the teaser.

To recap, it’s possible that the 64MP sensor will be able to output bright, 16MP images in low-light environments. Through its Tetraell pixel-merging technology. It will also support teal-time HDR capability of up to 100dB, compared to the typical 60dB of other image sensors.
Sadly, the teaser poster also doesn’t share an official launch date, so when Redmi intends to properly introduce its new phone to the world is anybody’s guess at the moment. We’ll keep you informed when it’s been announced.
(Source: Weibo via GSMArena)

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