AMD Introduces Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2; Comes With New Features

AMD has unveiled its latest update for the Radeon Software Crimson graphics driver. The new update, which is dubbed as 17.7.2, comes with plenty of features that will make gaming on Radeon cards more “pleasurable.” Whilst there are plenty of improvements and features that come with this graphics driver, we’re instead going to talk about four of the most prominent ones.
Enhanced Sync: A VSync Alternative

The biggest addition that comes with Radeon Software Crimson 17.7.2 has got to be Enhance Sync. According to AMD, Enhanced Sync is “a display technology which helps minimise screen tearing while decreasing latency and stuttering at a framerate not locked to refresh rate.” In short, this feature allows a graphics card to gain the benefits of Vsync without high stutters and framerate limitations.
AMD claims Enhanced Sync has around 92% decreased stutter compared to Vsync – this was tested with Overwatch. The red company has also said that this feature will work even better when combined with FreeSync displays. Despite this, it’s worth mentioning that Enhanced Sync is only compatible with RX 400 and RX 500 series of graphics cards; RX Vega too, of course.
To enable Enhanced Sync, one has to first navigate to the “Game Manager” on Radeon Settings. Once there, the feature can be found under the “Wait for Vertical Refresh” drop down menu.
New Features For Radeon WattMan

Another interesting addition to Radeon Software Crimson 17.7.2 is two brand new features for the WattMan overclocking tool: Memory IUnderclocking and Power State Controls. The former feature will allow one to have better “engine overclocking” control over their graphics cards. This, of course, will result in better stability and efficiency of one’s Radeon graphics card.
The Power State Controls feature, as the name implies, gives consumers with the ability to control the P-states of a Radeon GPU for better power efficiency and performance.
Radeon Chill Now Expanded

Prior to Radeon Software Crimson 17.7.2, AMD’s Radeon Chill feature was only made compatible with some of its desktop graphics card. This time round, the company has announced that this feature is now compatible with notebook GPUs, multi-GPU setups, and XConnect (external graphics enclosure technology).
According to AMD, Radeon Chill will benefit multi-GPU systems in terms of power consumption. The company claims that this feature improves power consumption by up to 29% (tested using Overwatch). Meanwhile, for notebooks, AMD said that Radeon Chill will improve battery life by up to 30% (tested with League of Legends).
Radeon ReLive Improvements

Finally, AMD has also introduced a few improvements for its Radeon ReLive recording tool; one of them being support for recording at a higher bitrate. With Radeon Software Crimson 17.7.2, gamers will now be able to record their games at an impressive bitrate of up to 100Mbps. Besides that, the company has also introduced “refined notifications” for ReLive to provide gamers with real-time updates during recording.
In addition, Radeon ReLive now features enhanced audio controls as well. This feature enables a user to adjust audio features like adjusting the microphone volume and binding push to talk commands. Lastly, users will also be able to add a webcam feed straight onto their stream as well.
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Waze is finally here on Android Auto

One of the most used apps in Malaysia, Waze helps thousands of road users to get to their destinations on a daily basis. And now, Waze is finally available on Android Auto next to Google Maps. Waze was initially in a private beta mode and now it is available for everyone who has Android Auto in their cars.
Recently as I took a rented car in Italy and France, the car was equipped with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Apple CarPlay forced me to use Apple Maps while Android Auto allowed me to use Google Maps. Sadly I couldn’t use Waze and had to rely on my Garmin GPS instead. At times when I did manage to use Waze, the data again wasn’t accurate as there are very little users in France especially and the estimated time of arrival wasn’t exactly accurate. Still, I am glad that Waze is now available on Android Auto and the good thing is that the interface is similar to that on your mobile app.

Ease of use will depend on the car manufacturer themselves on where they have planned out their whole dash system and entertainment unit as well as touch screen. While Apple CarPlay and Android Auto hasn’t really been in the spotlight as habits prevail where people still mount their mobile phones on their dash or windscreen, adoption of using Waze will still take some time on Android Auto let alone users who drive cars without any system in place.
Google has released Android Auto as an application for the mobile phone as well especially for users whose cars do not have the type of head units that support newer technology.

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Amazon Prime Now Singapore Opens For Business

So, the rumors are indeed on-point: Amazon is now officially in Southeast Asia with Singapore being its first ever market in this region. That being said, it seems that the e-commerce giant is taking one step at a time by opening the access to Prime Now ahead of its other services as revealed by the updates on Amazon Prime Now app.
For those who are not familiar with Amazon, Prime Now allows customers to have their products delivered to them within the same day. In Singapore, they are able to choose whether to receive their products in one-hour or two-hours time.
(Source: Today, Apple App Store)
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Meizu Pro 7 Goes Official: Features Secondary Display On Its Back and More

After being leaked and teased for quite some time, Meizu Pro 7 finally goes official today. True to what we have heard before, one of the phone’s main highlight is the 1.9-inch secondary Super AMOLED display that is located right underneath its rear camera.
Designed to show notification, weather, and other information, the secondary display apparently can be activated when users flip the smartphone around. Aside from that, the display can also be set to show user’s favorite pictures and animation as well as a viewfinder to help users snap selfies.

As for the phone’s front display, Meizu has equipped Pro 7 with a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED full HD display that the company has sourced from Samsung. Despite featuring two displays, Meizu still managed to keep the thickness of Pro 7 which has an aluminum unibody chassis to around 7.3mm.
In terms of photography, the Pro 7 relies on two 12-megapixels Sony IMX386 sensors alongside f/2.0 lens and MediaTek ISP. Interestingly, one of them is tuned to produce color photos while the other one is tasked to capture images in black and white. Meanwhile, there’s also a 16-megapixels selfie camera with f/2.0 lens on the camera’s front area.

To deliver the firepower needed to run Pro 7, Meizu has choose to pair the smartphone with MediaTek Helio X30 alongside 4GB of LPDDR4X and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage. The company will also be releasing another version of Pro 7 that is powered by MediaTek Helio P25 and 64GB eMMC 5.1 storage.
In addition to that, Meizu has also unveiled Pro 7 Plus which carries a slightly larger 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED main display that was also sourced from Samsung. This particular variant also comes with more RAM at 6GB as well as a bigger 3,500mAh battery but still running on Helio X30.

We’ll continue to update this article with more information regarding the new Pro 7 and Pro 8 Plus as we go through the on-going Meizu’s launch event in Beijing.
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Huawei Nova 2 Plus To Be Available In Malaysia Very Soon

Huawei has announced that Nova 2 Plus will be released in Malaysia very soon. This confirmation come just a week after the company sent a teaser that revolves around Nova 2 series to media.
Despite the confirmation, other information regarding the device such as actual release date and pricing are still under wraps at the moment though. Additionally, there is no mention of the titular device in the series – Nova 2 which has smaller screen, storage space, and battery capacity – within today’s press announcement.
The teaser that Huawei Malaysia sent to us: a reference to Nova 2 Plus 20-megapixels front camera.
Nevertheless, it seems that Huawei is already gearing towards the launch of Nova 2 Plus for quite some time anyway since the company has reduced the price for original Nova Plus few weeks ago. As a reference, Nova Plus has a launch price tag of RM 1,499 before it was slashed to RM 999.
All in all, we should be hearing more from Huawei very soon regarding Nova 2 Plus arrival in Malaysia. For the meantime, do check out our previous report on Nova 2 devices to learn more about it.
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Get the Mi Band 2 at Only RM74.90, While Stocks Last

Fitness trackers are always a great addition to have, and we’re spoilt for choice with the options available here in Malaysia. Xiaomi’s Mi Band series have been a staple choice due to its exceptionally low price (compared to the competition), and if you’re looking to get one, here’s a really good deal for the Mi Band 2.
The Xiaomi Mi Band 2 is an excellent choice for casual users looking to quantify their fitness level on a daily basis. It measures steps and the heart rate monitor accurately shows you how much calories you’ve burned. Pair it with the Mi Fit app and you unlock more features such as a silent alarm, workout tracker, and more.
Meanwhile, the OLED display is always on to show you the time, while Bluetooth connectivity forwards notifications directly to your wrist. It’s also IP67-rated for water and dust resistance, while battery life is rated at a whopping 20 days.

At RM129, the Mi Band 2 already sounds like a good deal, but a seller on Lazada is listing them for just RM74.90 – a steep 42% discount off the retail price. Of course, the catch is that these are imported sets from China, so the seller is offering only a one-month warranty instead of the six that official Malaysian sets come with.
Nevertheless, at almost half the price (and even lower than the official listed price in China), this makes it quite a steal. Not to mention the fact that Milo’s fitness band is currently retailing at RM139. Check out the product page here.
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Xiaomi’s Mi AI Speaker Looks Like An Apple HomePod Rival

Xiaomi is unsurprisingly throwing its lot in with the smart speaker crowd. The Mi AI Speaker vaguely resembles the competition, but looks to be powered by Xiaomi’s own AI assistant.
The physical speaker features a six microphone array set up to listen for instructions. Although we’re not entirely clear on what the activation word for the speaker happens to be. The actual speakers are located on the sides of the device, with the obligatory downward facing subwoofer.
Xiaomi’s offerings with the Mi AI Speaker are somewhat different from its competition. It doesn’t appear to be able to conduct internet searches or take notes, but it is capable of streaming audio. What set this speaker apart from the rest is the option to expand its functions using add-ons and plugins. This expansion is facilitated through an Android app.

The Mi AI Speaker is set to be sold for RMB 299 (about RM190) with no release date available.
[Source: MIUI]
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Colorful Unveils World’s Fastest GTX 1080 Ti Graphics Card

Another day, another custom GTX 1080 Ti announcement. This time round, however, we are looking at what may just be the world’s fastest custom GTX 1080 Ti. The graphics card in question is by Colorful, and it’s called the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan.
Before we get to the performance aspect of the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan graphics card, it’s worth talking about its most prominent feature: the cooling system. This graphics card is equipped with an all-in-one cooler, which can be used separately. This means that the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan will be able to operate in two modes: air-cooled or water-cooled.
Speaking of which, this graphics card comes fitted (detachable) with a 120mm low-profile pump and radiator. When it comes to design, the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan features a matte black cooler shroud, which houses three open-air cooling fans. That said, it’s worth noting that this graphics card is indeed rather thick – so one has to make sure there’s enough room before getting this card.
Now onto performance. Colorful claims that this graphics card boasts base and boost clock speeds of 1657MHz and 1784MHz respectively – which makes it slightly faster than flagship custom GTX 1080 Ti from both Galax and Zotac. That said, the memory clock of the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan remains the same at 11008MHz.
Unfortunately, Coloful has not detailed the pricing and date of availability of this graphics card yet. Despite this, we do expect the iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan to come with a hefty price tag, especially since it comes with plenty of mouth-watering features.
(Source: VideoCardz, TechPowerUp)
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Xiaomi Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition Will Be Available Soon

Back when Xiaomi released the Mi 6 earlier this year, the company showed off a handsome silver/chrome colourway of the device – before stating that it will not be sold. Now, due to popular demand, the company will be releasing a tiny batch of them for sale.
The Xiaomi Mi 6 is the company’s current flagship, and one that again has a healthy balance of price and flagship performance. Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM, the Mi 6 also sports a dual camera setup similar to that of the iPhone 7 Plus.
During the announcement, CEO Lei Jun claimed that the manufacturing process for the chrome back was really tough – the production yield was only 1-2%. That meant the company had to shelve any plans of releasing the product until a better process was found.

It appears that may have happened. Alongside the Mi 5X and Mi AI Speaker announcements, the company also announced that the Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition will also be available – but with a big caveat.
Xiaomi will only be releasing 100 units of the Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition, making this a really limited release product. There’s no information yet whether the company will release more, unfortunately.
On top of that, those who want this colourway will pay quite a premium to own the device. The Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition will be priced at 3,999 Yuan (about RM2,540) – a 1,000 Yuan (about RM635) increase from the Ceramic edition with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage.
Given the extremely limited amount, the Xiaomi Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition will also very likely only be available in China. There is, however, no news yet of when this variant will be available.
In the meantime, here are some shots of the Mi 6 Mercury Silver Edition taken at the global launch of the Mi 6 back in April. Don’t forget to check out our full review of the Mi 6 too, as it looks very likely that the regular Mi 6 will soon be launching in Malaysia.

(Source: MIUI Forums)
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KFC Gamer Box 2.0 Allows You To Simultaneously Game and Store Fried Chicken

KFC India has unveiled a rather unique meal box called Gamer Box 2.0 which was conceived with the cooperation of Mountain Dew. As suggested by its name, the meal box is made for gamers – specifically, those that love to game on their phones.
Made from hardened cardboard, the general design of the box is quite straight forward: there is a phone holder on its top together with Bluetooth-based controllers on the right and left side of the box. Additionally, users can actually open the box and store their meal in it.

This is not definitely the first time KFC India has come out with gadget contraption using its meal box as we’ve seen one example last year in the form of Watt A Box. Once again, the Gamer Box 2.0 will be a limited-edition release – 10 units, to be exact – and it can only be obtained through a contest.
Well, too bad for KFC fans in Malaysia then. Guess we’ll just have to be contempt with Zinger Double Down for the time being.
(Source: KFC India via Amanz)
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