Nubia Red Magic 5G Features Low Latency Wireless Cast Support

Last week, Nubia CEO Ni Fei revealed that the company’s next generation Red Magic 5G gaming smartphone will feature a 144Hz display. This time around, Fei has shared a video on Weibo demonstrating the phone’s ability to wirelessly cast to a smart TV at a very low latency.
In the video, the CEO is seen testing out a variety of games on the Nubia Red Magic 5G while simultaneously sharing its display on a large TV. The demonstration saw that both displays are running almost seamlessly in sync, while maintaining a high quality output on the TV screen.

Fei is also seen controlling the games directly on the Red Magic 5G and also via a wireless controller – both also showcasing low latency with virtually no input lag. Among the games tested on the phone include PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9, but it’s uncertain if the casts are running in 60fps since the video was presented at a lower framerate.

The Nubia Red Magic 5G is confirmed to feature a Snapdragon 865 SoC, a triple camera setup, and the previously mentioned 144Hz display. Other specifications are not known for now and the new smartphone is speculated to arrive during Q2 of 2020.
(Source: Weibo via Gizmochina.)
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Top 5 Greatest War Films of the 2010s

This weekend I got a chance to see Sam Mendes’ Academy Award-nominated 1917 and it was nothing short of phenomenal. For a more in-depth look into the film in all of its glorious minutiae, be sure to check out our resident film critic’s review. As we move ever farther away from the romance of martial honour and the charging line, I find modern depictions of war to be quite fascinating in the 2010s. While the early 2000s spoke of the trauma and devastation of war, there was always this perspective of the event as a refining fire. Something that made heroes of men and forged powerful bonds amongst brothers in battle. Films like Valkyrie, Pearl Harbour, Rescue Dawn and Atonement tend to come to mind. This sentiment is most likely residual from 1990’s American exceptionalism.
The 2010s does not suffer this naivete. The hallmark of the genre in this era is the sins and terrible price that must be paid for war and out of this cynicism, it has produced some of the greatest war films of all time. So with 1917’s still in mind, we’re taking the time to salute some of the very best of the genre from the last decade.
5. Fury (2014)
Before the abysmal disaster that was 2016’s Suicide Squad, David Ayer blew us all away with Fury. A film that follows a tank crew during the final days of World War II, particularly Logan Lerman’s Norman, a pencil pusher who suddenly finds himself in the company of hard men. As the plot progresses on we see more and more of Norman’s compassion and humanity stripped away by both foe and ally. Jon Bernthal’s Grady being the one to taunt his beliefs the most. In 2012’s End of Watch, Ayer showed that he knows how to create organic and genuinely compelling team dynamics and Fury speaks to his ability. In spite of the team’s unforgiving exterior, there is a lot of hurt and damage in them and they find the strength to carry on through hell with the bonds of collective trauma.

The manner in which the dialogue flows from joking banter to hostile confrontations to heart-to-hearts feels seamlessly natural. Then, there are the tank battles and they are truly the highlight of the film. Scenes of battle cut between the manic energy of the crew coordinating the attack to the actual damage of each shot make for a heart-pounding experience. It’s easy to become disengaged from the stress of combat when we see just a mass of nameless soldiers running and gunning on-screen while bulks of CGI-rendered vehicles smash into one another. Not here, Fury demands your attention, for you never know when our beloved crew’s next battle will be their last.
4. Dunkirk (2017)
It is no secret that Nolan is a visionary, constantly looking to make his mark on the cinematic landscape and break new ground. Whether it be in the realm of comic-book films or with exploration into high concept sci-fiction. In 2017, the man gave us Dunkirk, a war film, unlike anything we’ve seen before. There is no plucky band of rag-tag soldiers. There is no hard-as-nails corporal with a heart of gold. There is only the creeping dread of the Nazi war machines as British forces find themselves completely blocked off from aid and reinforcements. Trapped on the titular island with little time. The entire film is a ticking timebomb waiting to explode and in the space between the coming death, there is madness, desperation and the very worst of man.

Christopher Nolan went above and beyond to reconstruct a horrific period of World War II with impressive accuracy and stunning authenticity. Veterans at the Battle of Dunkirk watched the film and they felt like they were reliving the horror of it all over again. Some of them left the theatre in tears! So many times, I’ve seen war films attempt to dress up the ugliness of the events surrounding the film with rousing speeches, cheap dollar store nationalism and some schpeel about the power of the human spirit. Sometimes we need to realize that war is a really, really shitty and scary experience and Dunkirk is a sobering reminder of that fact.
3. Beasts of No Nation (2015)
True Detective’s Cary Joji Fukunaga shows the ravages of an African civil war through the eyes of a child and till this day is one of the most haunting films I’ve seen in a long time. Abraham Attah’s Agu was a happy, go-lucky child living with his family. He loved to play pranks, run small grifts to earn some pocket money and had a peaceful home. All that was shattered when a local militia comes running into his village, murdering everyone he’s ever known and loved. After fleeing from the scene, he ends up being recruited by a rival faction ran by Idris Alba’s Commandant, a charismatic and exploitative warlord. Agu will embark on a harrowing journey through a darkness far blacker than the African night sky.

Beasts of No Nation delivers a powerful and poignant story of innocence lost using an extremely unpleasant reality that most of us refuse to confront. To further accentuate the surreality of Agu’s experiences, the director brilliantly incorporates elements of magical realism in the film. Barring the gorgeous aesthetics, Beasts addresses aspects of war that are not for the faint of heart and the fact that some of the most heinous things here are perpetrated by children at times made my stomach turn. The film offers no easy answers to the issue of child soldiers in Africa but perhaps through the medium of cinema, it may provide some catharsis. Perhaps one day, it will help exorcise the demons of a war-torn nation till then it remains as a captivating piece of art.
2. Zero Dark Thirty
Sometimes however war isn’t about charging calvaries and prolonged gunfights. Sometimes the biggest decisions that can change the tide of battle can be made in war rooms and over conference calls. In 2012’s Zero Dark Thirty, we witness the days and months that went before the assassination of one of the most dangerous men on the planet, Osama Bin Laden. Director Katheryn Bigelow’s Zero Dark is a film that doesn’t shy away from showing us the dark side of the American War on Terror. There are no “good guys” here pe say, merely soldiers and operatives doing everything in their power to defend their country. Their patriotism will take them to some very dark places and morally grey areas.

Believe or not, the Obama administration didn’t exactly come with change for the better in terms of the way the military operated. Bigelow shows us first hands the lines that organizations like the C.I.A crossed in their pursuit of American interest. Scenes involving “advanced interrogation” can be downright unnerving to watch. Bigelow also takes the time to zero in on the emotional and mental weight of the Bin Laden manhunt had on those who put their lives on hold for the sake of the mission. So when the raid finally happens near the end of the film, the build-up and tension leading to it reaches a fever pitch to the point you’ll forget that you already know the outcome. Zero Dark Thirty is a brilliant piece of thriller cinema and a significant entry in the war film genre canon.
1. Hacksaw Ridge
Needless to say, the 2010s hasn’t exactly painted those involved in war in the prettiest of lights but for our final pick, we want to talk about a film that legitimately restored our hope in humanity. Yes ladies and gentlemen, even amidst the bleak era of yesteryear we couldn’t quite stamp out a good ole inspirational war film made by the likes of Jesus-lover Mel Gibson, Hacksaw Ridge. The film is based on the true story of a Seventh-day Adventist Christian named Desmond Doss who wishes to serve his country during World War II but refuses to take up arms. A heartwarming tale of how one man’s faith inspires those around him to greater heights of courage and compassion. A man who chose to heal and save lives instead of taking them.

Don’t get it wrong, by no means is Hacksaw Ridge a bland run-of-the-mill celluloid sermon. There are some pretty gruesome scenes of battle that takes place in the film. Imagine the first 15 minutes of Saving Private Ryan but longer and more intense. The intensity and ferocity of the war on the Pacific theatre is wonderfully juxtaposed by Andrew Garfield’s Doss’ gentle spirit and his fierce love for his fellow men. Regardless of your beliefs, you cannot help but root for Doss as he puts his life on the line in service to mankind. Hacksaw is a film that refuses to cover up the brutality and savagery of war nor does it compromise in its stunning truth of peace and love. It’s near impossible to believe that in an age of so much division and cynicism, a film like this can still captivate us. It’s a miracle.
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Tenaga Nasional Mixes Comedy and Virtual Reality Into Its Chinese New Year Short Film

Chinese New Year is almost upon us once again and like a clockwork, plenty of companies have begun to release thematic advertisement or short film to mark the occasion. Among them is Tenaga Nasional who seemed to have once again continued its long tradition of producing quality content to celebrate Chinese New Year.
Called “Reality Not Virtual”, the 4-minute short film depicts a character named Bryan who has received a package from his family in the form of virtual reality headset. We are not going to spoil it further but believe us when we say that this short film is worth your time:

Crafted with the help from Reprise Digital, the new short film was directed by Quek Shio Chuan of Reservoir Production, who is also known for his work on the critically acclaimed film, Guang. Interesting enough, this is not the first time that the director has worked with TNB as Shio Chuan was also involved in the company’s 2019, 2018 and 2017 Raya release as well as it 2018 Deepavali advert.
All in all, the short film above managed to highlight the crossroad between technology, tradition, and family values in a very well-thought and humorous manner. It pretty much delivers the very tagline that appeared at the end of the short film: “celebrations are best experienced in real life,”.
(Source: Tenaga Nasional @ YouTube.)
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Japan Plans To Launch 6G Tech In 2030

While 5G is all the rage right now, Japan may already be planing its next step. Latest reports say that the country is already planning to launch 6G tech in 2030.
According to a report by Nikkei, the “post-5G” tech that will achieve speeds of up to 10 times faster than 5G. Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will set up a government-civilian research society to that end. It will be led by the University of Tokyo Goshinjin, with additional input by relevant people from Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT) and Toshiba.

Of course, Japan is not the first country to have announced research into 6G. China has made similar claims in November last year, and a separate effort by Chinese tech giant Huawei began as early as August 2019. Samsung also launched a new research centre dedicated to 6G all the way back in June.
All that said, 5G itself will only be commercially available in the country in a few months’ time. Meanwhile, back at home, our local telcos are in the midst of testing and showcasing 5G tech, with quite a number of those happening in Langkawi over the past few weeks.
(Source: Nikkei, ITHome via GizmoChina)
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Lenovo VR Classroom 2 Kit Is Made For Education

Lenovo has a new VR headset kit called the VR Classroom 2. It was first spotted in a US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing, before the company itself tweeted about it.
The Lenovo VR Classroom 2 doesn’t have to be plugged to a phone or PC, since it’s a standalone headset kit. This is quite like the Mirage Solo that was announced two years ago.
But unlike the Mirage Solo, it doesn’t make use of Google’s Daydream VR platform. Instead, it uses the company’s own proprietary platfrom. It is also made for the purposes of education, rather than the general consumer.

Introducing the Lenovo VR Classroom 2, an even smarter solution that empowers teachers and administrators to easily integrate virtual reality lessons into their curriculum.
Check it out this week at #FETC!
Learn more: #LenovoFETC
— Lenovo Education (@LenovoEducation) January 14, 2020

The headset itself is called the Mirage VR S3. Based on its product page, it comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset, a 4200mAh battery that charges using USB-C, and a resolution of 1920 x 2160 for each eye with a 75Hz refresh rate. It also comes with 64GB of internal storage, expendable by 256GB via SD card. Bluetooth connectivity is also there.
There’s no indication of if this will be making its way to our shores. But even if it does, because it’s meant for educational uses, it’s unlikely that the Lenovo VR Classroom 2 will appear on shelves.
(Source: Lenovo, FCC via The Verge)
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Opera Allegedly Offering Predatory Loans Via Android Apps

As a web browser, Opera has some stiff competition, to say the least. To bolster the company’s revenue, it has apparently created short term loan apps for a number of countries. Unfortunately, a Hindenburg Research report indicates that these loan apps are in violation of Google Play Store rules.
There are four loan apps that were implicated in the report. They are OKash and OPesa which is available in Kenya, OPay in Nigeria, and CashBean in India. These apps reportedly display different loan rates than what users actually get. The apps had a loan period of 91-365 days. But according to the report, the actual term could be as short as 15-29 days.
The apps’ pages have since been updated to show 61-365 days, except OPay, which seems to have scrubbed the loan term altogether. The displayed loan period barely complies with Google’s rules on personal loan apps, but the actual term is in violation of those rules.

Naturally, Opera has responded to the report, pretty much saying the report is wrong. Here’s the statement:
The Company is aware of and has carefully reviewed the report published by the short seller on January 16, 2020. The Company believes that the report contains numerous errors, unsubstantiated statements, and misleading conclusions and interpretations regarding the business of and events relating to the Company.
You can read the full Hindenburg report linked below.
(Source: Hindenburg Research, Opera, Google via Android Police)
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New Mutants Producer Discusses Where It Fits in the X-Men Timeline

The X-Men franchise has always been free and easy with their timelines. In a pop-culture age defined by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans have never been more obsessed with continuity and timelines. However, the X-Men franchise has never given two hoots, casually changing and retconning things from movie to movie as it pleases.
I mean think about it. In the first three X-Men movies, it’s established that Cerebro was created by Magneto and Charles Xavier, but in X-Men: First Class, we learn that it’s engineered by Hank McCoy AKA Beast. What about the brilliant scene at the end of X-Men: Days of Future Past in which we see Mystique, disguised as Stryker pull Wolverine out of the water. That plot point is completely dropped and forgotten about in X-Men: Apocalypse.
Continuity, schmontinuity.

So, what about the upcoming New Mutants? In an interview with Digital Spy, producer Karen Rosenfelt talked about when exactly the film is taking place. Rosenfelt said:
It’s contemporary timeless. We don’t define where we are, but it is today. It’s contemporary. It’s not way in the future and it’s not in the past.
Rosenfelt was then asked if New Mutants was set within the same timeline as X-Men: First Class. She said:
I think it’s safe to say. But again, what we’re striving for, as they did with Deadpool, is what Fox and Simon [Kinberg] are doing with each of the franchises in the X-Men universe is making them all signature unique.
The New Mutants official synopsis:
20th Century Fox in association with Marvel Entertainment presents “The New Mutants,” an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive.
The New Mutants is set to hit Malaysian cinemas on 2 April 2020.
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Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G Live Images Leaked; Features Quad Cameras And 65W Charging

The upcoming Snapdragon 865-equipped Mi 10 was previously announced by Xiaomi Vice Chairman Bin Lin last year during the Snapdragon Tech Summit held in Hawaii. Little else is known about the phone, but a recent leak could actually give us some insight to its design and camera setup.
The leak was uploaded by a tipster on Weibo which showcased alleged live images of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G shown in various angles. The Pro variant sports a curved display with a punch-hole cutout for its front-facing camera on its upper left, and could feature an in-display fingerprint scanner.

Other details spotted include a volume rocker and lock button situated on its right, as well as a SIM card tray and USB-C port on its bottom. Featured on the top and bottom of the phone are speaker grilles that would produce stereo audio when the phone is positioned horizontally.
Camera-wise, the leak reveals that the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro features a quad camera setup, but its uncertain what sensors it might be equipped with. Most sources have speculated that the phone may also include a similar 108MP main camera which was featured on last year’s Mi Note 10.

Besides the phone itself, the leak also showcased the Mi 10 Pro’s packaging – a matte black rectangular box decked out “10” and “Pro 5G” wordings and Xiaomi branding, arranged in a minimalist design. An image of the phone’s charger was included as well, which reveals its 65W fast charging capability.

Lastly, the tipster mentioned that the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 series will launch on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2020. However, the post containing the leak on Weibo has been deleted, and its legitimacy is still debatable for now. If the suggested release date is accurate, we should be hearing an official announcement by Xiaomi very soon.
(Source: Weibo via Gizmochina.)
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Altel 5G Autonomous Shuttle To Begin Carrying Passengers In Langkawi This Week

Being one of the smallest telco in the market, it doesn’t really surprise us that we don’t really hear much from Altel but that doesn’t mean the company is just sitting on its laurels. As it turns out, the Altel is also participating in the 5G Demonstration Project (5GDP) phase by coming up with a 5G-powered autonomous shuttle.
According to the official announcement, Altel worked with several companies to make this happened. One of them is Tradewinds Corporation, the owner of Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa in Langkawi who will be utilizing the shuttle to carry guests around the resort.

Other than that, TM is also part of the project as the connectivity partner while the autonomous technology was made possible by MooVita who also previously worked on Celcom 5G Autonomous Car last year. Not to forget, Altel has also cooperated with Pioneer Smart Sensing Innovations Corporation who is providing the Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) sensors for the shuttle.
Altel didn’t provide in-depth detail on how its autonomous shuttle autonomous actually operates though aside from the fact that the four-seater shuttle connects through 5G and goes through its routes as well as avoid obstacles with the help of the LIDAR sensors.

Nevertheless, the MVNO stated that it is a real deal as guests and visitors to Pelangi Beach Resort & Spa in Langkawi are able to experience the Altel 5G Autonomous Shuttle starting from 23 January onwards. So, keep a look for it if you visiting the resort or the island soon.
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Nintendo Patent Depicts Switch Accessory That Is Both Stylus And Joy-Con Strap

Nintendo has filed for a patent of a new accessory for its Switch handheld console hybrid. The patent was filed back in 4 June 2019, and was published a little more recently. It depicts what can be described as a stylus for the Nintendo Switch.
Beyond the touch pen nub at the top, the stylus actually looks almost identical to the Joy-Con strap accessory. It has the same two buttons on the side for easier access to the usually tiny SL and SR buttons. It even comes with the same strap.
Despite all this, the accessory described in the patent is more than just a fancier version of an existing one. When attached to a Joy-Con, touching an item in-game with the stylus makes the Joy-Con rumble. This allows for feedback in Nintendo Switch games that make use of this accessory that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with standard styluses.

You can also use the buttons on the attached Joy-Cons to affect the way the stylus works on the fly. For example, in a drawing game, you can change the thickness of your pen immediately with a press of a button.
To be fair, Nintendo already has a stylus for its Switch. But with this new patent, the company may be looking to combine it with the Joy-Con strap. For those who make use of both, they may at least have the option to buy just one accessory rather than two. But on the flip side, games that actually make use of a stylus are uncommon to begin with. One of the only examples that come to mind is Brain Age.
(Source: USPTO via Siliconera)
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