Apple Is Being Sued For “Misleading” iPhone XS Ad; Claims She Didn’t Know About Display Notch

They say ignorance is bliss. In the case of a lady named Courtney Davis, she is now suing Apple over the latter’s misleading ad of its iPhone XS and XS Max. Unbelievably, her argument was that the ad had hidden the display notch on both phones from her, giving her the impression that both phones didn’t have one.
Davis’ lawyers are accusing Apple of designing its advertisement to obscure the notch, and therefore leading Davis to believe that the iPhone XS Max that she had ordered wouldn’t have a notch. Nevermind the fact that the notch itself was first introduced on the iPhone X.
The ad image Davis refers to is the ad that prominently displays both the iPhone XS and XS Max in a purely black background. Both the phone’s OLED display feature the the curvature of a planet, with the black parts of it blending into the background. In a sense, Davis’ accusation is valid, as the image was criticised by many in the industry for blatantly hiding both the phone’s notch at the top of the display.

“Images that disguise the missing pixels on the products’ screens are prominent on Defendant’s website, as well as in the advertisements of retailers who sell the products,” the complaint said.
Davis’ lawsuit is seeking class-action status, along with any damages that the judge deems fit. Given the absurdity of the claims, though, observers are skeptical that the lawsuit will even come to court to begin with. You can read the entire lawsuit here.
(Source: Business Insider)
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ASUS CEO Jerry Shen To Step Down; Will Be Starting A New Company

ASUS’ CEO, Jerry Shen, is stepping down from his seat of power. Shen, who has been with the brand for 11 years, will now reportedly be creating his own new company.
In an interview with Business Next, Shen says his stepping down is part of a “comprehensive corporate transformation” in ASUS that will begin next year. A change, Shen says, will enable the brand to focus more on gaming and power user markets, as well as AI technology.
Shen’s new company will be, as he describes, an AIoT (AI and Internet of Things) that goes by the name of iFast. Naturally, ASUS itself will have a 30% stake in the new company.

The restructuring also serves to help the brand to restructure the current state of its mobile division. A division that is currently putting ASUS US$160 million (~RM669 million) in the red. Specifically, the brand is planning on refreshing its Zenfone series, but will shift most of its focus on expanding its presence in the gaming smartphone division.
It makes sense for a company like ASUS, especially since the brand released its own ROG Phone earlier this year. The phone features some pretty premium hardware, including a overclocked Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM, and a 90Hz OLED display.

To that end, mobile gaming hardware is still a relatively untapped and extremely lucrative market. Especially in the Asia Pacific region, where the mobile eSports market is quickly emerging.
(Source: Techspot, Business Next, Gadget 360 // Image: Gizmodo)
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Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 To Be Available In Malaysia This January For Under RM 2,500

While we already knew for quite some time that Xiaomi is planning to release its Mi Mix 3 in Malaysia, the exact release date for the device in our market has remained a mystery since its media briefing for Malaysian medias two months ago. Today, the company finally has something to say about the release date.
According to a post on its official Facebook page, Xiaomi Malaysia has teased a new phone without naming the actual device. However, the caption especially the word “sliding” clearly pointed out to Mi Mix 3.

As you can see from the teaser image above, expect the new Mi Mix 3 to be available in Malaysia next month with a price tag of below RM 2,500. In China, the phone is currently being sold from CNY 3299 (~RM 2002) to CNY 4999 (~RM 3034) onwards.
Hence, it is rather hard to guess which variant that the company will bring into Malaysia with the exception of the Palace Museum Edition that already cost more than RM 2500 in China.
We’ll keep you updated once we heard more from Xiaomi Malaysia but for now, do check out our first look at the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 right here.

(Source: Xiaomi Malaysia)
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Serious security flaws in CIMB Clicks might have led to accounts being hacked

Something strange is happening with CIMB Clicks, and judging by their rather abrupt implementation of a reCaptcha code on their login page today, there is reasons to be concerned.
We are not publishing details for now, as it might lead to more abuse. We recommend changing your password to something complex using an online password generator until this massive security flaw is patched.
Developing story…
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OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Available For Pre-Order In Malaysia; Goes For RM 3,388

This phone was launched earlier this week, but it seems that OnePlus is more than happy to bring the new iteration of its current flagship device, OnePlus 6T into Malaysia very soon. As you might have heard, the new model comes in the form of OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition which was crafted in collaboration with the legendary automotive and motorsports powerhouse, McLaren.
While the majority of its specs are rather identical to a standard OnePlus 6T, those minor differences seem apt enough to make the OnePlus 6T McLaren stands out. One of them is the carbon fiber pattern on the phone’s back cover together with the Papaya Orange outline on its bottom half which is one of McLaren’s signature colorway.

The OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition also comes with a McLaren’s badge that is located on the bottom center of its back cover. Other than that, the phone also comes with 10GB of RAM and a new fast-charging implementation called Warp Charge 30 that apparently able to deliver from 0% to 50% of battery capacity in 20 minutes or 1 hour if users aim for 100% capacity.
The phone also comes together with McLaren-themed animations, themes, wallpapers, and icons alongside an exclusive packaging that includes a book, and commemorative plaque. In Malaysia, the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition is available for pre-order since 14 December for RM 3,388.

However, the pre-order is already sold out for now according to the listing on OnePlus Malaysia Flagship Store at Lazada. Nevertheless, we have reached out to the local distributor, Mi Han to obtain further information about whether more units will be made available in Malaysia. So, stay tuned.
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Microsoft Gives Away Windows 95 Sweaters Of Questionable Taste

It’s quite clear at this point that Microsoft has something of a sense of humour. As people in the Northern Hemisphere have begun packing up for the holiday season, the brand decidedly announced that it would giving away some Windows 95 sweaters to a select few fans.
Specifically, Microsoft has made just 100 of these sweaters, and distribution of the clothing article was done via Twitter. Where it picked out several winners who were already following its account (@Microsoft).

Introducing the latest #Windows95 custom "softwear." Wish you could rock the #WindowsUglySweater? your DMs, because we're giving a few lucky fans one of their very own.
— Windows (@Windows) December 13, 2018

For the record, Microsoft is aware of the sweater’s less-than-fashionable nature, so much so that it even attached the #WindowsUglySweater hashtag to its post. But that hasn’t deterred its followers from trying to “argue their worthiness” to own it. At the time of writing, several of the sweaters had already been given away.
(Source: Windows via Twitter, Hot Hardware)
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Tumblr Is Back On Apple App Store Weeks After Ban

Tumblr is back on the Apple App Store, not too long after it was removed. Those who are keeping track will no doubt be aware that it was removed about a month ago due to child pornography allegations.
The microblogging platform’s response to this is to blanket ban all forms of pornography outright, a decision it made two weeks ago.
It’s still unclear if the decision to ban all adult content was in response to its removal from the App Store. In the same way, there’s also no way to tell if its return to the App Store has something to do with the announcement of the ban.

The app’s version history on the App Store reads: “This particular update also includes changes to Tumblr’s Community Guidelines, which prohibit certain kinds of content from being shown on Tumblr.”
Despite this, the app is still age-rated “17+,” for ” Frequent/Intense Mature/Suggestive Themes” and “Frequent/Intense Sexual Content or Nudity”. The ban on adult content will be enforced starting 17 December 2018.
(Source: Tumblr / Apple App Store via TechCrunch)
Edited by John Law)
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Facebook Photo API Bug May Have Affected Up To 6.8 Million Users

Facebook yesterday has disclosed a bug within its photo API which might have affected users that allowed third-party apps to access their photos. This particular bug apparently enabled these apps to access more photos than usual during a specific period back in September 2018.
Said to taken place from 13 to 25 September, the bug allowed third-party apps to access photos in areas such as Marketplace and Facebook Stories. This is something rather out of the ordinary since users usually only allowed these apps to access photos that were shared on their timeline alone.

Other than that, these apps might also able to access photos that users uploaded to Facebook but didn’t post them on the platform itself during that specific 12-day period in September. According to the company, it actually stores a copy of such photos for three days so that users would still be to post them up when they return to the Facebook app once again.
Facebook stated that up to 6.8 million users and 1,500 apps that were created by 876 developers might have been affected by the photo API bug which has now been fixed. Users that are potentially affected by the bug should be able to see a notification from Facebook (shown above) that will also help them identify the apps that might be affected by the bug.
So, do keep a look for that alert on your Facebook account, just to be sure.
(Source: Facebook for Developers)
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Discord Announces 90/10 Revenue Share For Game Developers In 2019

Just months after announcing its own games store, Discord has stated that any developer that decides to sell games in its platform will get to keep 90% of the games’ revenue starting from 2019 onwards. The timing is rather interesting since this announcement comes shortly after the Epic Games Store went live a week ago.
Epic’s platform offers an 88/12 percentage split in revenue share, already one-upping dominant platform Steam which, even at the best of conditions, offers an 80/20 split of revenue. Discord’s cut does look a little more enticing, especially to smaller developers where every little bit of revenue helps with their livelihood.

That said, Steam is still being the most popular platform by far in terms of user count. It remains to be seen if the revenue share cut will be enticing enough for developers move away from the sheer potential volume.
The Epic Games Store is not without its own issues either. Being so new, it’s still has a lot of teething problems. This includes the only recently streamlined refund process, and the fact that user reviews are not a thing right now, which has its own set of issues.
So, let’s see if Discord is able to provide a much smoother experience or else, that excellent revenue sharing model might not mean much.
(Source: Discord)
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Razer SoftMiner Mines Cryptocurrency When Your PC Is Idle; Rewards You With Razer Silver

Razer recently announced its Softminer software that is essentially a cryptocurrency miner. The only difference with your regular miner is, this one doesn’t actually specify which one it’s mining for, since the payout that you actually get is Razer Silver.
According to the FAQ, Razer says that you can earn 500 Silver or more in a day, with the proper setup. But it’s also important to remember that Silver expires a year after they are earned.

Have a gaming rig on idle at home? Here's a new way to score Razer Silver: launch Razer SoftMiner on your PC and start racking up Silver—one step closer to the reward you want, for doing nothing at all.
Check out Razer SoftMiner now:
— R Λ Z Ξ R (@Razer) December 12, 2018

With that, let’s take a look at something that can be bought using Silver, such as the Razer BlackWidow Ultimate. This costs 154000 Silver, or RM549 on the Razer online store. If you were to earn 500 Silver as advertised, it would still mean that you’ll have to wait for 308 days of mining.
Like any cryptocurrency miner, using this will result in a spike in your electricity bill, since you’re constantly taxing your GPU. You’ll then have to weigh in on whether or not you’ll be paying less if you paid for the keyboard outright, or if you mine for 308 days for the Silver required to redeem it for free.
Then you have the more expensive items like the Huntsman Elite, which costs 280000 Silver or RM949. This will take 560 days to mine for, but you’ll start losing Silver to expiration after 365 days.
(Source: Razer [1], [2])
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