Google Malaysia’s Most Popular Search Term In 2017 Was “BR1M”

Google has released its annual Year In Search, which reveals the top trending search terms on the internet. Malaysians, for the most part appeared to be concerned with the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia or BR1M; making it the most searched term in 2017.
For the most part, Google Malaysia recorded a wide range of topics trending in 2017. It should be telling that BR1M is the only term that managed to stay on the list, with the rest of the terms being different from 2016.

Hero Seorang Cinderella
SEA Games 2017
Titian Cinta
Fast and Furious 8
Suamiku Paling Sweet
Bigg Boss Vote
Myvi 2018

Trending people in Malaysia was centered on local celebrities, with only the Israeli Gal Gadot making the top ten.

Izara Aishah
Gal Gadot
Hannah Delisha
Afifah Nasir
Aiman Tino
Faiz Subri
Aliff Aziz
Alicia Amin
Fathia Latiff
Mat Over

Finally, the iPhone X was the most searched device in 2017; with the iPhone 8 coming in second. Interestingly, Apple’s closest rival Samsung only came in as the eighth most searched device with the Galaxy S8. Between the two was a number of mid-range devices from Huawei, Oppo and Vivo; and the Huawei P10 for some reason. In fact, Samsung only appears on the top ten trending list once.

iPhone 8
iPhone X
Oppo F5
Huawei Nova 2i
Huawei P10
Oppo R9s
Vivo V5
Samsung Galaxy S8
Huawei Mate 10
Huawei P9

Google has a complete rundown of the top ten trending searches for 2017 on its Year In Search microsite. Including separate sections for the different countries in which it operates. It’s a nice throwback to see what people have been concerned with over the last year.
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What’s The Most Affordable Way To Own An iPhone X In Malaysia?

The iPhone X is quite easily the best iPhone Apple has ever made. The 10th anniversary iPhone finally features the major redesign Apple fans have been longing for: a brand new edge-to-edge OLED display, Face ID, wireless charging, and many more.
Sadly though, with a price tag that goes beyond the RM5,000 mark, it is not something that anyone can afford. Fortunately, with telco subsidies and easy payment plans, you can afford to get your hands on the latest and greatest iPhone from Apple. One of the most affordable ways you can get the iPhone X now is to sign up for a contract with U Mobile, and get the device from as low as RM3,465.
U Mobile is offering the iPhone X with a 24-month contract tied to its i90 and i130 plans. What makes this deal worthwhile is that while both i90 and i130 plans comes with unlimited calls to all networks, as well as plenty of monthly internet at 7GB and 10GB respectively, U Mobile offers additional unlimited data via exclusive features such as Video-ONZTM, Music-ONZTM, and App-ONZTM.

With Video-ONZTM on i130, you can stream some of the most popular video streaming apps including YouTube, NetFlix, iflix, and many more with zero worries on your data quota, or listen to your favourite tunes with Music-ONZTM that offers unlimited data for streaming on some of the most popular music streaming apps including Apple Music, Spotify, Joox, and more.
Social media butterflies can enjoy unlimited App-ONZTM that offers unlimited data when using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. On top of that, the i90 and i130 plans also come with free data roaming in 12 destinations.

To enjoy these perks, you will need to sign up for a 24-month contract – and two years certainly sounds like a long time, especially in the digital age. But if you are not someone who chases a new smartphone every year, opting for a contract makes sense. Subscribers still need to pay a fixed monthly commitment anyway, so why not gain some additional benefits along the way? With U Mobile’s iPhone X bundles, subscribers will receive up to RM1,700 in device subsidy – that’s about 30% off the retail price in Malaysia.
Moreover, U Mobile is the only telco in Malaysia with Contract Freedom – there are no penalty fees if you choose to terminate your account. This means that if Apple comes out with a new iPhone next year and you wish to switch to that, you can easily terminate the current contract and opt for a new bundle for the next iPhone with U Mobile again – and save on device prices.
More importantly, U Mobile’s iPhone X bundles are one of the most affordable across their price ranges. Here’s a comparison between the four major telcos’ iPhone X plans:
Click on image for larger version
U Mobile’s subsidised prices for the iPhone X is one of the most affordable among its price range. While other plans appear to offer more data, U Mobile’s Video-ONZTM, App-ONZTM, and Music-ONZTM features mean you may not actually use up all the monthly allocated data, making this telco’s bundles arguably the most attractive right now.
Want to know more about U Mobile’s iPhone X postpaid bundles? Head on to the official product page for more details.
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The Leagoo S9 Is an Affordable iPhone X Clone

Imitating the design and features of high-end, premium phones isn’t exactly a new trend, and Leagoo is putting this into practice by borrowing design elements of the iPhone X heavily with its upcoming smartphone: the Leagoo S9.
On the surface, the S9 looks almost identical to the iPhone X, right down to the infamous notch at the top of the display. Looking at the images sent by Leagoo itself to The Verge, the S9 appears to be sporting an aluminium and glass design too, much like the iPhone X – it even has the same vertically-oriented dual-camera system.
Upon closer inspection, however, there are a couple of “distinct” differences. The S9’s bottom bezel, for one, is noticeably thicker than the iPhone X’s. There’s also a fingerprint sensor on the back of the Leagoo device.

Design similarity aside, the S9 is comfortably a mid-range smartphone. It sports a 5.85-inch AMOLED display, a MediaTek P40 processor paired with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, and a pair of 16MP cameras on the back.
The Leagoo S9 has not been officially announced yet, although Leagoo did mention that it will be much more affordable than the iPhone X. Said to retail for under $300 once it’s made official – that’s about RM1,225 – the Leagoo S9…will certainly raise a few eyebrows.
(Source: The Verge)
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OnePlus 5T Now Available For Pre-Order in Malaysia: Starts At RM 2449

Earlier this month, Brightstar Malaysia has confirmed that OnePlus 5T will finally make its way to Malaysia very soon. Fast forward to last night, the new phone is now available for pre-order.
However, the pre-order announcement wasn’t made by the company which is the distributor for OnePus devices in Malaysia. Instead, it was announced by the well-known mega retailer, DirectD although customers don’t have to worry anyway because the phone is still official Malaysian unit with 1-year of warranty provided by Brightstar.

The retailer has revealed that the pricing for OnePlus 5T would be RM 2,449 for the variant with 6GB RAM/64GB internal storage while the model with 8GB RAM/128GB storage configuration goes for RM 2,749. DirectD has estimated that the phone will arrive in Malaysia on 23 December.
Interested customers are able to place their pre-order by visiting DirectD’s branches in SS15 Subang Jaya, Federal Highway Petaling Jaya, or Publika Kuala Lumpur. Alternatively, they can do so through its online store as well.
(Source: DirectD)
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Here’s A Rare Chance To Get A Pair Of Sennheiser Headphones for 50% Off

It isn’t often that Sennheiser audio products go on sale, and even less so when we’re talking about a 50% discount. But Sennheiser’s official store in Lazada is doing just that.
Unfortunately, the 50% discount is limited to two models only: the Urbanite headphones and CX 213 in-ear earphones. While the CX 213 earphones are lower-end models, they’re great for Christmas gift-giving – who would believe you got a pair of Sennheiser earphones for just RM84.50?

On the other hand, the Urbanite headphones ensure you make the most out of the 50% code (SR5OD). The Urbanites are designed for the younger crowd, with a rugged yet trendy construction, but retaining a signature Sennheiser audio profile. It comes in both Android and iOS compatible versions, which have different integrated in-line controls for the two operating systems. The Urbanite XL, which retails for RM1,169, would now only cost RM669 for the Android and iOS versions, and are available in Black (Android or iOS), Denim (Android or iOS), Sand (iOS only), and Olive (iOS only).

There is also an on-ear Urbanite model, which retail for RM899 – they are now available for RM449.50 with the SR5OD code. Like the Urbanite XL, they have different options for iOS and Android versions. It is available in Black (Android and iOS), Denim (Android and iOS), Sand (iOS only), Plum (iOS only), and Nation (iOS only).
All Sennheiser products come with two years international manufacturer warranty. Check out the Sennheiser store in Lazada for the full catalogue of products available.
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AMD: Ryzen Help Delivers A Great 2017 In ASEAN, Expect More To Come In 2018

2017 seems to be a great year for AMD. With the help of a very competitive product line-up in the form of Ryzen processors, the company has finally stepped out from the shadow of its closest rival, Intel. For the first time in so many years, the market has finally felt vibrant again.
Based on a recent conversation with Ryan Sim, the company’s Sales Director for ASEAN, the competitiveness of Ryzen processors was indeed a great help to AMD as they generally help revive its presence throughout the region. Although Ryan didn’t provide specifics statistics, he stated that there are several markets within the region such as Singapore and Vietnam which AMD able to progress from barely nothing in terms of market to sizeable shipment with the help of Ryzen.
AMD Ryzen Threadripper: with up to 16 cores/32 threads.
Ryan further pointed out that it was quite challenging to entice consumers with AMD products for the past few years before the arrival of Ryzen even at pocket-friendly prices but now, it seems that they have no problem to accept Ryzen processors including the high-end Threadripper models. This also applies to Malaysia with pretty good market share and increased presence at retail stores everywhere although Ryan stated that there is a room for further improvements.
As for the near future, Ryan pointed out that consumers can expect more exciting stuff from AMD as the company continue the momentum that it has achieved in 2017. While not revealing any specific details, there will be multiple products to be launched very soon and consumers might be able to see them as soon as within the first quarter of 2018.
Zen + Vega = AMD Ryzen Mobile.
Of course, there are already traces of such products as AMD working toward releasing them into the market. For example, the company already stated during the official announcement of Ryzen Mobile that the chip will be featured on several new laptops that will be announced early next year. Additionally, details of the next generation Ryzen processors have begun to spill out as well.
All in all, one can obviously expect that AMD will continue its relentless drive to gain market share in 2018 with the help of fresh new products that the company has planned to release next year. After all, Ryan pointed out that Ryzen is still a “baby” with 2017 is just the beginning of more things to come.
Ryan Sim, Sales Director, AMD ASEAN.
With the continues effort to bring more competitiveness and value into the market, the same statement also applies for Radeon graphic cards according to Ryan. Given what the company has managed to achieve over the past few months, it is going to be interesting to see what AMD will do in order to ascend further in the market and fend off its competitors as they react to AMD’s progress in 2017.
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Get the iPhone X For Only RM4,779 Now

If you missed any good deals yesterday during 12/12, fret not: here’s another deal that is arguably even better. Previously, you can buy the iPhone X for RM4,799. Now, you can get the most expensive iPhone yet at an even lower price – it’s offered by Tesco too.
That’s right, Tesco, so you don’t have to worry about the legitimacy of this deal. Originally going for RM5,149, the 64GB iPhone X is currently listed at only RM4,779 by Tesco, saving you RM370. Just how good of a deal is this? Well, the next cheapest listing we could find offers the iPhone X for RM4,919.

If you’re interested to get the iPhone X from Tesco, you may want to be quick – there are only four units left at the time of writing.
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The 2nd Gen HP Spectre 13 Now Available In Malaysia For RM 5899 Onwards

HP today has announced its second-generation Spectre 13 is now available in Malaysia. Built upon the foundation of the original Spectre 13 that was released last year, the new model offers a number of refinements over the first-generation model.
Among them is the equally new 8th Gen Intel Core processor which provide the laptop with additional firepower. Complete with support for HP Fast Charge, it also apparently has longer battery life at up to 11 hours and 30 minutes.

At the same time, the new model also comes with thinner display bezel and narrower body. The second generation Spectre 13 is also available in the brand-new Ceramic White colorway which looked absolutely gorgeous although it still can be obtained with the original Dark Ash Silver paintjob.
While we has yet to receive the full specifications list for the laptop in Malaysia, it is already available for purchase for RM 5,899 onwards. We’ll update this article once we receive the specification list from the company, so stay tuned but before that, don’t forget to check out our hands-on for the new laptop right here.
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Presto Brings A New Viral Promotion Twist To E-Commerce

Presto, the latest e-commerce service to be launched in Malaysia, wants to harness the power of social media to drive sales. The idea is that customers will be given increasing benefits based on how viral particular deals go; providing an incentive for people to share it over social media.
For the most part, Presto calls itself a Social Marketing platform. Indicating that it wants to leverage the power of social media, without having to spend money advertising on those networks.
This is done through a sliding scale cash back mechanic. Basically, the percentage of money returned increases based on the number of people who purchase a particular deal. The cash back amount is also affected by social media. Individual customers can earn additional funds by sharing the deal on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. With the amount increasing based on the number of people who click on the shared post.

Of course, there is a catch to all this. The time period for earning cash back is only within the first seven days of the deal; meaning that people will have to jump onboard very quickly. Secondly, the cash back will only be paid out when Presto gets its e-wallet service up and running. This is supposed to happen some time in early 2018; although group managing director and chief executive officer, Cheong Chia Chou, couldn’t provide a more specific date when asked.
Presto also currently has a very small selection of partners. The service is currently still in talks with other companies, but it doesn’t have a timeline for when these will start sharing deals either. According to Cheong, the goal isn’t to have a massive number of vendors sharing deals, but rather to have a smaller stable of quality partners who have the best possible offers for customers.
The app is currently available for both Android and iOS. There’s no web version of Presto as the company believes that most users prefer a mobile experience.
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Malaysians Spent Three Times More During The 12.12 Sale Than On Singles Day

The Singles Day sale on 11 November may have promoted the idea of sales on auspicious dates; but it really has nothing on the spending power taking place on the 12 December (12.12) sale. Malaysians appeared to be more willing than ever to spend money at the end of the year, spending three times as much as they did on 11.11.
Shopback noted that Malaysians spent an average of USD76 (RM310) on the 12.12 sale, up from the USD24 (RM98) spent on 11.11. Despite this, we appear to have fallen well short of the regional average of USD119 (RM485).
The extra spending was attributed to the holiday season, and was spurred by travel bookings by families and shopping for what were presumably Christmas presents. Shopback also noted a boost in sales for clothing for the coming new year. Interestingly, while the trend on 11.11 showed people buying necessities, the 12.12 sale was driven by travel and vouchers for services.

Shopping habits also show that Malaysians are more likely to rush when deals are involved. We were showed to be most active during the first hour of the sale, with a massive burst of activity between midnight and 0059 hours. This is the exact opposite of the rest of the APAC region, which waited patiently until the following night to begin shopping. Even the kiasu Singaporeans were only active between 2100 and 2159 hours on 12 December. On the other hand, Taiwan and Indonesia waited until the very last possible moment before starting to shop.
As expected, some 60% of all traffic to Shopback’s partners came from mobile devices. A trend that is expected to continue well into the future.
Shopback is not yet done with the sales, as it has announced that the 12.12 Online Fever campaign will continue until 14 December. Possibly to capitalise on the buying frenzy that Malaysians seem to be in.
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