Apple May Launch Products With Qualcomm SDX55 5G Modems This Year

Apple’s long-standing feud with Qualcomm was public news for a very long time, until the two companies decided to cease all hostilities with the signing of a six-year agreement. Nearly a year since then, a new document recently submitted to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) seems to confirm that Apple’s 2020 product line will be fitted with Qualcomm’s SDX55 5G Modem.
To be precise, an excerpt from the alleged document states that “New models” of Apple products launched between 1 June 2020 and 31 May 2021 – dubbed the “2020 Launch” – will be fitted with the SDX55 chipset. What is interesting is that the next line goes on to say that Apple products launching between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2022, will use the SDX60 chipset, while products that are to launch between 2022 and 2024 will use the SDX65 or SDX70 chipset, respectively.

Qualcomm’s modem chipsets are not the only thing that Apple has agreed to utilise in its products, as per the six-year agreement. Back in December 2019, the Cupertino giant announced that it was going to install Qualcomm’s 3D Sonic Max ultrasonic fingerprint scanner into the displays of its next-generation iPhones that, incidentally, will be making their debut later this year.
In Qualcomm’s case, this means several billions of dollars in revenue, paid for by Apple as part of the agreement for the latter to pay the former royalties for using its technology and chips.
At the time of writing, there’s still no news from Apple regarding its 2020 product launch.
(Source: WinFuture)
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TM Officially Addresses Ubisoft, EA And PlayStation Network Issues

If you’re a gamer, then you’ve probably heard of, or experienced first hand if you’re subscribed to unifi, connectivity issues over the past two weekends. The earlier one saw people facing difficulties connecting to Ubisoft servers. And more recently, people are having issues with their PlayStation 4 not connecting to the internet.
TM has issued an official statement addressing the matter. The ISP starts off by saying that it does not block gaming servers. TM also claims to have been investigating the matter, and communicating with the server providers of the affected platforms.

Interestingly, the result of that is that this is an issue that doesn’t only affect gamers on unifi. Users of other networks, within and outside of Malaysia, are also said to be facing similar issues.
Just as interesting is that TM brings up multiple or wrong logins as possible reasons for the connectivity issues. It goes on to say that, if you’re affected, you should contact the server provider directly to see if there’s anything that can be done on that end.

#wearegamers too.Hi everyone, recently we’ve received feedback that some unifi users, who are avid gamers, have had some problems accessing their favourite video game servers such as EA, Ubisoft and the PlayStation Network. Understandably, this has caused some frustration.
— unifi (@unifi) February 18, 2020

Essentially, this is TM saying it didn’t do anything that would affect users’ connectivity to video game servers. And from what limited information was provided, there’s no reason to not believe it. But it’s an unfortunate situation for those who are still affecting connectivity issues when trying to play their games online.
(Source: unifi / Twitter)
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realme X50 Pro 5G Features Quad Cameras With 20X Zoom

realme has released teasers of the new X50 Pro 5G smartphone to hype up its upcoming launch via livestream. The most recent teaser reveals that the phone will be sporting a quad-camera setup with 20x zoom capability.
It also revealed that it will feature two front-facing shooters, resulting to a total of 6 cameras on the phone. However, like any other teaser, realme did not go into detail regarding the cameras. It’s uncertain if the 20x zoom on the X50 Pro 5G will be hybrid or optical, so we’ll have to wait until the livestream to find out.

So far, the X50 Pro 5G is confirmed to be equipped with a Snapdragon 865 chipset, 12GB RAM, and 256GB internal storage. Additionally, it will feature a 90Hz Super AMOLED screen, dual mode 5G, and 65W SuperDart Charge support.
According to the scheduleon their website, realme will be releasing two more teasers on 18 and 19 February 2020.

The realme X50 Pro 5G launch livestream is scheduled to take place on 24 February 2020. The phone was originally planned to appear at the now-cancelled MWC 2020 in Barcelona.
(Source: realme Europe via GSMArena.)
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Plash Speed: Its A Router, Not A Console

For the past few days, we have noticed many of our readers talked about something called “Plash Speed” in the comments section of our Facebook page whenever we share reports that are related to Sony PlayStation. At that time, little did we know that the term has actually gone viral.
The term Plash Speed actually came from a Korean short animation which was uploaded into YouTube back in June 2019. However, it seems like the video only became a hit (at least among local gamers) when Wayne Wong, a local toy enthusiast reposted it up with an English subtitle on his Wayne Industry Facebook page:

Naturally, the hit video has then inspired others to come out with their own take on Plash Speed:

Even ASUS, who is well-known for its family of high-performance routers (among many of i) has chipped in:

Given that PlayStation is one of the most recognized brands throughout the world, the tale from Korea above is certainly something to behold. Then again, we are quite sure that many out there might have been in the same situation before in which they have to justify their new PlayStation to their loved ones.
(Source: 장삐쭈 / Wayne Industry / KF Design / Tech Critter / Gamers Hideout / ASUS Malaysia.)
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HONOR To Switch To Livestreaming Following MWC 2020 Cancellation

By now, you’re probably aware that MWC 2020 has already been called off. Like many other brands, HONOR was supposed to have a launch on 25 February, coinciding with the event. With the conference cancelled, the brand has chosen to keep the date, but move the launch online.
GSMArena reports that the brand will have its launch event livestreamed on its social media platforms, as well as its own website. The company stated that it will unveil “its latest products and technologies”, but stopped short of mentioning anything specific.
This puts HONOR on the list of brands that are livestreaming their launch events. Sony was one of the first to announce such a move, following the company’s decision to pull out of MWC 2020. This was before it was ultimately cancelled.

Join us on our mission to create an intelligent world for the youth. Tune into the LIVESTREAM for the HONOR All-Scenario Intelligence Conference on February 24, 2020 at 18:30 CET. #HONORIntelligence
— HONOR (@Honorglobal) February 17, 2020

Officially, the Honor livestream will be held on 24 February 2020. After adjusting for timezone differences, the stream will be at 1:30AM of 25 February 2020 for us.
As for what the company intends to showcase, we’ll likely have to wait until it starts to find out. All that said, Android Headlines says that the brand is expected to unveil its upcoming flagship, the HONOR View30 Pro, among other things.
(Source: HONOR / Twitter, GSMArena, Android Headlines)

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Richard Jewell Review: A Fascinating, at Times Mind Boggling Story

Richard Jewell is based on a true story about a low-level American security guard (whose name the movie is titled after) who saved thousands of lives from an explosion when he discovers a backpack sitting idly by a bench at the 1996 Olympics. The details of the story are at parts so baffling and genuinely WTF, that there were numerous times where I caught myself blinking like that famous white guy meme. A lot of the WTF-ness has to do with its central character, Richard Jewell.

The film opens in an office. An overweight mail clerk — Richard (Paul Walter Hauser) — awkwardly approaches the lawyer (Sam Rockwell) working in his cubicle. He informs (more like mumbles) Rockwell’s Watson Bryant that he’s not only refilled his drawer with stationery, he also has placed a bunch of Snickers bars in his top drawer. He says that he knows Watson likes the caramel candy because he paid attention to what’s in his trash can and noticed the wrappers. The words that leave Richard’s mouth are kind, but the air that surrounds him is unsettling. He comes as a stalker and a creep who rummages through people’s personal belongings. I immediately wondered if I would feel the same way if Jewell was a sexy secretary whose long blonde hair is tied in a nice little ponytail. Probably not. The human subconscious can be a total d*ck, our perspectives often times prejudiced. But it’s this judgemental prism of ours that make the first half of Richard Jewell a fascinating watch.
Jewell is one of those guys who comes off as pathetic. He’s a 30-something-year-old who has been fired from a number of jobs because he always tries too hard to the point of crossing the line. One time he pulled a car over on the freeway for speeding. He was just a security guard. There’s also the time where he worked as a campus security guard and tackled a student for having a beer in his room. He believes it deep in his gut that he’s an esteemed member of law enforcement. In reality, he’s Paul Blart who thinks he’s John McClane.
But it’s this Captain America-like mindset mixed with his sharp eye and crazy attention to detail that saved thousands of lives. Clint Eastwood directs the scenes at the Olympics like a thriller. It plays out over two days and keeps you at the edge of your seat. When Richard Jewell discovers an odd package, nobody believes him at first. But he’s persistent and pushes the higher ranking officers on duty to take notice. The bomb goes off, but not before Jewell and the officers form a perimeter and instruct civilians to move away from the scene. Some people still die, but a lot more lived thanks to his noble efforts. At first, he’s treated as a hero only for everything to take a sharp turn for the sour when the FBI makes him their prime suspect and the media turns him into the bastard son of Satan himself.

The FBI has no hard evidence or even limp evidence for that matter. They just believe he fits a “lone bomber” profile — someone who plants a bomb and then pretends to be the hero. Not so funny thing is, you start to wonder too. It doesn’t help that his only friend is an ex-junkie who looks like he hasn’t eaten in days. It doesn’t help that he lives with his mom. It doesn’t help that he has less charisma than an empty sardine can. And it most certainly doesn’t help that he has with him a book on OJ Simpson. Screenwriter Billy Ray includes a scene early in the film where Richard and his friend practise shooting at a gun range. I love Eastwood’s lingering closeup of the target in which Richard hits multiple bullseyes. You take this scene combined with the information presented by the FBI and the media and your mind connects the dots. You start to wrestle with yourself.
“There’s no evidence!”
“But look at the man! He’s probably a serial killer! The kind who beheads people but not before asking them to run through the forest as he hunts them down like effing Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones.”
“Well, what if people accuse you of sexually assaulting a middle-aged woman and then look through your laptop and discover that you have an affinity for cougar porn. Does that mean you did it?!”
“But… but!”
It’s during these moments, where the focus is squarely on the textured protagonist who causes a conflict within you, where Richard Jewell truly shines. You also feel for Richard’s mom Bobi (an excellent Kathy Bates) who’s helpless in her efforts to protect her odd boy. When she delivers the speech towards the end, you feel her voice piercing your soul.

It’s a shame that these nuances and shades aren’t extended to the villains. It’s a shame that we even have “villains.” The FBI agents (led by Jon Hamm’s Special Agent Shaw) come off as lazy bastards who are more than happy to ruin someone’s life just because. I’ve just started watching the TV series, Mad Men. In it the Jon Hamm cheats on his wife frequently. But just as you’re about to hate him, he charms you with his magnetism and vulnerabilities. He’s also exceptional at his job and has a way with words that will make you pop like Anne Hathaway in The Princess Diaries, before you go back to hating him all over again. It’s a constant struggle.
Here, Shaw is just a moron. There’s not a single scene that helps you understand the circumstances that led him to target Richard Jewell. He’s one dimensional and not for a second do you see where he’s coming from. So the flavour of the film changes. You stop wrestling with yourself and just root against Jon Hamm. The film becomes less interesting and more cliche, so much so that a part of me actually hoped that at the end of it, Richard Jewell would light up a cigarette and say “the greatest trick the devil…”
Worse than Special Agent Shaw is journalist Kathy Scruggs (Olivia Wilde). Wilde is given nothing to work with and her performance is cartoonish. Most of the time she’s so over the top, she might as well be named Rita Skeeter. In a hilarious scene, she sleeps with an FBI agent for a story. Spoiler alert: It’s not supposed to be funny. Early in the film, she wishes out loud that the bomber be someone interesting. Later in the film, she weeps when Richard’s mom delivers a heartbreaking speech. I rolled my eyes.
These problems prevent Richard Jewell from being great. But it doesn’t stop it from being good. It’s still a fascinating story made engaging by great writing of the protagonists and even better performances by Hauser and Bates. It just could’ve been much better especially given the man behind the camera.
Richard Jewell opens in Malaysian cinemas on 20 February 2020.
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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Is This Week’s Free Game On Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store’s (EGS) free game selection this week is pretty hefty, with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate being one of the titles on the list. In addition, the list also includes Faeria, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and the indie beat ’em up, Aztez.
Just as before, the four titles will be made available in timed tiers; Kingdom Come: Deliverance and Aztez will be free from today until 21 February. While the remaining two titles, Assassin’s Creed Syndicate and Faeria, will only be unlocked from 21 February until 28 February.

Of the four, it’s pretty obvious that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate will be the most sought after game. The ninth major instalment in the franchise, the game puts players in the shoes of fraternal twins Jacob and Evie Frye and is set in Victorian-era London. It is also the successor to less popular Assassin’s Creed Unity, which was riddled with bugs and glitches at launch.
On another note, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a relatively decent title. The game is a first-person RPG based in medieval times, and puts you in the shoes of a protagonist seeking vengeance for his parents’ death amidst an on-going civil war.
(Source: Epic Games Store // Image: Epic Games Store)
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Lenovo Legion Gaming Smartphone Teased

Looks like Lenovo Legion will be joining the gaming smartphone foray alongside rivals such as ASUS ROG and Razer. The company has released two teasers on Weibo confirming that it is developing a gaming Android phone of its own.
The first teaser reveals that the upcoming Lenovo Legion smartphone will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 chipset. Unsurprisingly, this also indicates that the device will be 5G enabled.

The second teaser did not reveal any specifications, but suggests that the Lenovo phone will have a running score of more than 600,000. This is referring to the recent AnTuTu score given to the Xiaomi Mi 10, which also features a Snapdragon 865.
Nothing else is known about the phone, but it’s likely that it will feature better hardware. In order to outdo the Mi 10, the Lenovo Legion phone should feature a 120Hz or better screen and 16GB of RAM.

Speculations aside, we’ll keep you posted once Lenovo decides to reveal more information regarding its first gaming smartphone.
(Source: Weibo via TechRadar.)
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NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti CyberPunk 2077 Edition Graphics Card Looks Wicked, But Is Not For Sale

Less than 24 hours since the faux banter between CD Projekt Red’s (CDPR) official Cyberpunk 2077 account and NVIDIA, the latter has officially lifted the veil off the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition GPU. Like the game’s overall colour tone and theme, the card sports an outlandish and garishly eye-popping design.
From the video and official images, it’s clear that the Cyberpunk 2077 Edition card is still an RTX 2080 Ti Founders Edition at the core, the main difference being the bright neon yellow that wraps the entire card. Further, it looks like the changes to the card are purely cosmetic.

Sadly, while many of us would like to get our hands on one, there are some hurdles to getting the RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. Firstly, you won’t find them on any store shelf; NVIDIA has made just 200 units of the card. Out of the 200, 77 units will be given out through sweepstakes.
That brings us to the next part: how to win a card. As per its terms and conditions, you will need to head on over to the official NVIDIA GeForce Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages, and retweet, like or comment on the brand’s #RTXOn sweepstakes posts. So, if you’re feeling lucky, you can go ahead and try your hand at winning a card for yourself.

The sweepstakes start today and will conclude on 28 February 2020.
(Source: NVIDIA)
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Clips Of Playable StarCraft: Ghost Build Shows Up Online

Anyone remember the name StarCraft: Ghost? The game was announced back in 2002 before getting effectively cancelled in 2006. Now, over a decade later, it looks like a development build of the game has leaked online.
The leaks themselves have reportedly been around for a month prior. They came into prominence after Twitter user Andrew Borman shared some screenshots from the leaked dev build. The build itself also reportedly came from an Xbox dev kit, made to run on a modded Xbox 360.

Who would have thought a month ago that Starcraft Ghost would leak in some form?
— Andrew Borman (@Borman18) February 16, 2020

Since then, there have been a number of videos showing off StarCraft: Ghost gameplay. Many of the videos have been taken down, and it won’t be surprising if the others follow suit in time.
But from what can be seen, it appears to be a pretty bog standard third-person shooter with a StarCraft skin over it. For its time, its graphics would’ve been average. Suffice to say that it hasn’t aged very well.

StarCraft: Ghost was supposed to tell the story of Nova, a Terran Ghost agent, four years after the main game’s Brood War expansion. Due to the cancellation, we’ll never know what the overarching plot would’ve been like.
(Source: Andrew Borman / Twitter, Delso Bezerra / YouTube via Kotaku)
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