Asus To Release ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti Locally By 10 November

About a week ago, we’ve written a report (leak) regarding Asus’ upcoming custom GTX 1070 Ti graphics cards. Today, the company has officially announce one of the graphics card we’ve mentioned inside the aforementioned report: the ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti. In addition to this announcement, the company had also provided us with details regarding the local availability of its newest graphics card.
Before we get to that though, it’s at least worth taking a look at the design and specifications of the ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti first. When it comes to aesthetics, the ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti looks pretty much identical to previously released Strix-branded graphics cards. It comers with an all black cooler shroud, which houses three open-air cooling fans. Worry not RGB fanatics, this graphics card does features LED-lit areas.
As most of our dear readers may have already known, custom GTX 1070 Ti graphics cards will not feature factory overclocked clock speeds out of the box, due “restrictions” imposed by Nvidia. That said, the Asus ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti does come with two clock speed presets which can be enabled using the Asus GPU Tweak tool. In the OC Mode clock speed preset, the ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti has a boost clock speed of 1721MHZ (Standard Edition) and 1759MHz (Advanced Edition) and 1683MHz in Gaming Mode.
According to Asus Malaysia, the ROG Strix GTX 1070 Ti will be made available locally by 10 November 2017. Unfortunately, the company did not reveal pricing. That said, we do expect this graphics card to be priced way above RM2,000.
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MSI Vortex G25VR Now In Malaysia, Retails For RM11,299

MSI has announced the availability of its latest compact form factor PC, the Vortex G25VR, in Malaysia. Sporting an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 GPU in a tiny 2.5L body, it will retail for RM11,299 and is available immediately.
The MSI Vortex G25VR is a refreshed version of the original Vortex, which had a cylindrical body similar to that of the Mac Pro. However, it was a lot more powerful with up to two GTX 980 GPUs fitted inside. The Vortex G25VR dials it down a little bit, but its body is a lot smaller, with a capacity of just 2.5 liters.

Designed to look like a console, the Vortex G25VR can be placed horizontally or vertically. The Malaysian variant packs an 8th gen Intel Core i7-8700HQ processor, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 with 8GB GDDR5 GPU, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, and dual storage bays comprising a 256GB NVMe SSD and a 1TB 7200rpm hard drive.
The MSI Vortex G25VR comes pre-installed with Windows 10 Home Plus, and has a two year warranty as standard. It is priced at RM11,299, and can be viewed and experienced at the MSI Concept Store in Kuala Lumpur.

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Vcash Aims To Displace Cash With New QR-Based Mobile Payment Service

The mention of yet another electronic payment service may not impress anyone, but that hasn’t deterred Digi. Its QR-based mobile payment service, vcash, doesn’t aim to rise and challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple, but rather to democratise the use of electronic payment systems – and eventually displace the use of physical cash.
Another mobile payment option?

Digi’s vcash is not exactly like what would be considered as competition for NFC-based mobile payment services like Apple Pay. vcash relies on QR codes to confirm payment, and has more in common with what WeChat and Alibaba are doing in China. Using QR codes is an important feature that allows the service to function with minimal buy-in from local merchants, since it doesn’t require an additional payment terminal.
On top of that, the barrier of entry for consumers is lower too – any low-end smartphone can generate QR codes easily, versus relying on NFC which requires the phone to have the embedded chip.
“We are trying to convert as much as possible – what are known as cash and coins today – into a cashless environment. So everything becomes a digital payment solution. Whether it means going to a shop to pay for your food, or splitting a bill with a friend, or transferring money. We want to be involved,” says Praveen Rajan, Digi’s Chief Digital Officer.

Adding funds to the wallet or deposits – as Rajan calls it – can be done from physical stores or online banking. It sounds rather counterproductive to allow cash payments while trying to displace it, but cash deposits remain as an important option to get people on the platform. According to the telco, 81% of its 12 million customers are still on prepaid accounts. These are largely rural folk who still visit mom-and-pop sundry shops to do their weekly shopping.
Education by disassociation

It is these very people that Digi was thinking about when designing vcash. Pushing for a cashless society requires everyone to buy into the idea. However, maximising visibility also places the burden of customer education on vcash.
“That requires an education effort to get people to feel comfortable. As a fintech arm of Digi, we are focused purely on payments (and) making it as convenient and easy to use as possible. So we’re not going out into the market and saying that we’re also doing shopping and vouchers and restaurant bookings. That’s not what we are. We are a payment option,” says Rajan.
Part of this education is the lack of Digi branding on vcash; the app is listed as being developed by a Y3llowlabs Sdn Bhd. The idea is to avoid discouraging people from using the service due to its association with a particular telco. It does Digi no favours if people are under the impression that vcash is only for Digi customers, or that it’s restricted to subscribers of the one provider.

That said, vcash is very much a Digi company. It operates on the e-money license owned by Valyou, an e-remittance service owned by the Telenor Group (which also owns Digi). Having this association reduces the amount of work that needs to be done to apply to Bank Negara for the authorisation to conduct this sort of business.
Digi’s backing of vcash is also important for dealing with partners and merchants. The idea is that businesses will be more comfortable in dealing with vcash if they know it is being supported by a company as large as Digi. It doesn’t hurt that participating in the system only requires a quick registration and placing a QR code on the counter.

The app itself is relatively bare bones, and only contains the necessary components to create an interface. A judicious use of white space makes it easy to draw attention to the various options and menus. Text is larger than in most apps, and only highlights the minimalist approach.
For now, development on vcash is centred around using it as a digital payment system. Both in the sense of allowing people to make purchases with it, and for sending money to other vcash accounts. Peer to peer transactions are important to simulate how people are able to lend money to friends or pay each other back. There is also the option to send reminders to people who owe you money.
Addressing traditional concerns

Digi is also setting up the option to transfer money from vcash into a local bank account. It is a move that is highly unusual for a digital payment system, but one that Digi believes is necessary in giving potential users confidence that their money is not going to be stuck in a virtual environment with no way of retrieving it for other uses.
“We sensed that there is a fear. A fear that if we tell you that you put money in and can’t take it out you will feel uncomfortable. Our goal is to digitise as much (as possible) but we’re keeping that option open,” says Rajan.
Common goal

This theme of educating and getting the public comfortable with the idea of a mobile wallet also extends to how Digi plans to deal with competing products like PayPal and Apple Pay. As far as Rajan is concerned, more players in the field helps vcash in the long run. It will only increase visibility for mobile digital payments as a whole, helping everyone win.
Competition is not always a bad thing, especially when the ultimate goal is to displace cash through electronic means. Of course, it helps that vcash is taking a rather lower tech solution to the problem than its more global counterparts.
Aiming for consumer education reduces the pressure on vcash to succeed. The government is already pushing Malaysia towards digital payments, including rural areas, which is the first target market for vcash. This already sets it apart from other similar solutions. If anything, targeting the less technologically savvy folk may pay off for vcash in this aspect; possibly replicating the kind of success WeChat Pay and Alipay have seen in China.
vcash is currently available on both Android and iOS, for both consumers and businesses.
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The Samsung Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot Vacuum Cleaners Are Coming to Malaysia

As part of the upcoming Star Wars movie, Samsung has released two limited edition models of its POWERbot VR7000 robot vacuum cleaners that feature two iconic characters: the Stormtrooper and of course, Darth Vader.
At a recent visit to Samsung’s HQ in South Korea, the company took the chance to show off both limited edition models. Essentially, they are the same as the standard VR7000 – but with some fan service bundled in.

For starters, they are draped in the Stormtrooper white and Darth Vader black colours. And, for the Darth Vader model, sound effects makes the vacuum a lot more fun than it should be. Turning it on, for example, will play Vader’s iconic breathing sound. Activating the auto clean mode will play The Imperial March while it goes about its business in the living room.

The Samsung Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot robot vacuum cleaners are a lot more fun than they should be. The Darth Vader edition features iconic voice clips that is played when the vacuum is active, while the Imperial March is played on loop while the vacuum goes about its business. This particular model is coming to Malaysia, and will be priced at RM2,999. More details at
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Both models also have popular phrases pre-loaded, and are played as they are active – it sounds ridiculous, but in person it really is ridiculously fun. The Star Wars Limited Edition POWERbot are also WiFi-enabled, and can be remotely controlled via the Samsung Connect app.
In the US, the robot vacuums are now open for pre-orders and will be available in December for $699 (about RM2,960) and $799 (about RM3,390) for the Stormtrooper and Darth Vader editions respectively. If you’re interested in purchasing one, you’re in luck – the Darth Vader edition will be coming to Malaysia soon.

Harvey Norman is opening a pre-order for the Darth Vader edition. It’ll retail for a pretty steep RM2,999, but that’s actually lower than the US retail price. On top of that, pre-order customers will also receive a complimentary R2-D2 collectible. Also, pre-order listings are also already visible on Lazada – though they’re not available for purchase yet.
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The iPhone X’s Display Costs $279 to Fix; $549 Everything Else

There’s no denying the fact that the iPhone X is a very expensive smartphone. After all, it retails from a whopping RM5,149 in Malaysia. Well, if you’re planning to get one, you may want to be extra careful with the device: fixing a broken iPhone X display will set you back $279 – that’s about RM1,180.
Of course, this is how much it costs to fix the iPhone X’s display in the US, though we reckon it will cost approximately the same (or even higher) here. Nonetheless, $279 is only to fix a broken display – other kinds of damages to the iPhone X will set you back a hefty $549 (approximately RM2,325).
Considering the fact that the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive smartphone yet, these costly repair costs are not exactly surprising. Let’s take the phone’s display as an example: it’s manufactured by Samsung, and it is the only company that can supply these displays to Apple. Because of this, we imagine they do not come cheap.

If you’re thinking of getting an iPhone X, it may be a good idea to get a form of protection plan for the device. Machines, for one, offers such a service, which provides accidental damage coverage as well as two years worth of warranty.
However, it remains to be seen just how much Machines will charge for a protection plan for the iPhone X; the retailer is currently charging RM599 for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus’ protection plan.
(Source: The Verge)
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The Razer Cynosa Chroma Is a Spill-resistant, RGB Membrane Keyboard; Retails from RM299

Razer just introduced a new entry-level gaming keyboard, the Razer Cynosa Chroma. While it’s not a high-end mechanical keyboard like Razer’s more costly BlackWidow series, the Cynosa features quite a number of interesting features for a budget-oriented keyboard.
One of the most unique features of the Cynosa Chroma is Razer’s new “Chroma underglow,” which is touted as a first for a Razer keyboard. According to the company, Chroma underglow is essentially “24 customisable lighting zones underneath the base of the keyboard.” However, this is only available on the Cynosa Chroma Pro.

The regular Cynosa Chroma, on the other hand, doesn’t feature the underglow lighting, but its other features are the same as the Cynosa Chroma Pro. These include “soft cushioned gaming-grade keys” – they’re basically membrane keyboards – a spill-resistant design, individually customisable backlit keys thanks to their Chroma lighting, 10-key rollover with anti-ghosting, as well as 1000Hz polling rate.
Although the Cynosa Chroma are essentially membrane keyboards, Razer mentioned that these keyboards’ keys come with “better housing support compared to rubber dome keyboards.” This, in turn, make for a more solid keypress. Aside from that, the Cynosa Chroma keyboards seem to sport full key travel too.

Both the Razer Cynosa Chroma and Cynosa Chroma Pro are now available on Razer’s Malaysian online store, and they retail at RM299 and RM389 respectively. Both keyboards also come with one-year warranty.
(Source: Razer)
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Acer Announces Seven Nation Asia Pacific Predator League; RM636,000 Prize Pool

Acer is hosting a new Dota 2 tournament across Asia Pacific; offering a $150,000 prize pool. The league covers seven Asian countries, with the grand finals scheduled to be hosted in Indonesia.
The first leg of the league will feature qualifying events in each of the seven participating countries. These qualifiers are open to all, and are scheduled to begin on the weekend of 4-5 November. A second qualifying round is set to be played on 11-12 November, with the Malaysian grand finals scheduled for 25-26 November. This final includes a RM25,000 cash grand prize for the winning team.
Similar events will be taking place in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, India, and Hong Kong. However, these are not all scheduled to take place at the same time, and will instead run over the next three months until the end of January 2018.
While there has been no announcement on the date of the grand finals in Indonesia, we presume that it will take place in January.
Malaysian Dota 2 teams can sign up through this link. Which is curiously missing from the official event page. Although, it’s understandable considering that it’s being run by Acer Indonesia.
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Overclocked GTX 1070 Ti Performance Leaked

Most of us are already aware of the fact that Nvidia had recently launched its newest graphics card called the GTX 1070 Ti. Most of us also know of the graphics card’s reference clock speeds: 1607MHz (base) and 1683MHz (boost). What we don’t know, however, is the performance of the GTX 1070 Ti when it’s overclocked. Well… until now.
A handful of consumers may have feared (or wished) that the GTX 1070 Ti may make the GTX 1080 obsolete. This is because, some have theorised that the graphics card, when overclocked, may have better performance compared to the GTX 1080 – making the latter rather unattractive. Well, according to Gainward’s findings, this may not necessarily be the case after all.
Image: VideoCardz
Based on testing – 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme – done on its own custom graphics card, (Gainward GameSoul GTX 1070 Ti) it was found that the performance of a GTX 1070 Ti is still lower compared to the GTX 1080, even when overclocked. Bear in mind that the GTX 1070 Ti used in this test had base and boost clock speeds of 1795MHz and 1871MHz respectively (overclocked) -these clock speeds are significantly higher than the reference clock speeds of the GTX 1080.
No details were given by the company as to why this is happening, but one can assume that Nvidia may have placed some sort of “limiter” to the GTX 1070 Ti. One can also theorise that the differences in performance between the two cards may be down to their respective memory controllers; the GTX 1070 Ti uses GDDR5, while the GTX 1080 is fitted with GDDR5X.
Image: VideoCardz
Image: VideoCardz
Those aside, there are also leaked performance benchmarks from folks at Galax. When tested using the 3DMark Fire Strike extreme benchmark, the GTX 1070 Ti was, again, found to be slower compared to the GTX 1080. That said, Galax’s leaked benchmark scores doesn’t mention whether the GTX 1070 Ti used in its tests was overclocked. Other benchmarks ran using the GTX 1070 Ti from Galax include: Rise of the Tomb Raider and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In both game tests, the GTX 1070 Ti ran just above 60fps in 2K resolution.
Regardless, as many may have already expected, the GTX 1070 Ti is indeed slower than the GTX 1080, even when it’s overclocked – at least according to Gainward. That aside, it’ll still be interesting to see the local pricing for GTX 1070 Ti graphics cards – and how it compares to custom GTX 1080 / GTX 1070 prices. We do expect this graphics card to be priced well above RM2,000 though. We’ll have to wait until 2 November to know for sure.
(Source VideoCardz)
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46.2 million Malaysian mobile phone numbers leaked from 2014 data breach

Following up on our report on 19th October, we can now confirm that roughly 46.2 million mobile phone numbers from Malaysian Telcos and Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) have been leaked online.
The leak includes postpaid and prepaid numbers, customer details, addresses as well as sim card information – including unique imei and imsi numbers.
Time stamps on the files we downloaded indicate the leaked data was last updated between May and July 2014 between the various telcos.
The exact numbers, broken down by Telco/MVNO provider, and further broken down by Prepaid or Postpaid segments are as below.


Total Records

Last Updated

Celcom Prepaid



Celcom Postpaid



Digi Prepaid



Digi Postpaid



Umobile postpaid + prepaid



Maxis Postpaid



Maxis Hotlink



Friendi Mobile


























We are also now fairly certain that the individual who tried to sell the data two week back acquired the data in a similar fashion that we did, and tried to make a quick profit by attempting to sell it on our Forums.
We have shared all details regarding the data that we uncovered, as well as how we managed to obtain all the data with the MCMC last week.
Celcom Prepaid List – 10.5 million records
The MCMC are following up with the relevant agencies to determine the source of the breach, but we now believe that the data was already being traded online much earlier then we first estimated. Based on the condition of the files that we obtained, we are quite certain that it has already changed hands more then once.
Medical Practitioners Database
Aside from the Telco Database, we can also now confirm that a total of 3 databases belonging to the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC), the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) as well as the Malaysian Dental Association (MDA) has also been leaked.


Total Records

Last Updated

Malaysian Medical Association (MMA)



Malaysian Medical Council (MMC)



Malaysian Dental Association (MDA)





As mentioned in our previous post, these medical databases included personal information, MyKad numbers, mobile/work/home phone numbers as well as work and residential addresses.
Remedial Action
We first highlighted about this data breach on 19th October, and we are extremely concerned that no remedial action has been taken by the service providers involved to protect those that have been affected by the breach.
In this day where everything is stored electronically, data security breaches is not something to be taken lightly. Any entity, public or private that stores proprietary or sensitive data electronically could end up having that data stolen or lost, with catastrophic consequences.
While it is the task of the authorities to narrow down the source of the breach, and ensure that a similar incident doesn’t happen again, the key to containing any more serious damage is protecting the individuals affected by the breach.
We are urging the Telco and MVNO companies mentioned above to alert and start immediately replacing the sim cards of all affected customers, especially those who have not updated their sim cards since 2014. While the leaked data alone isn’t sufficient to clone the sim cards, the information available can be exploited to initiate multiple social engineering attacks against affected users.
Equifax notice and consumer information after their data breach, September 2017
Public awareness of the data breach, as well as vigilance are critical to keeping consumers safe after a data breach. The United States have enacted the Security Breach Notification Laws across 48 states that requires private or governmental entities to notify individuals of security breaches of information involving personally identifiable information – with California enacting it as early as 2002.
Disclaimer : All data we recovered is currently encrypted and stored in a single location. We will be destroying all data that we have retrieved by Friday, the 3rd of November at 12pm. Data owners, please contact us should you require us to handover the data.

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Moto G5S Plus May Be Launching in Malaysia on 6 November

The Moto G5 Plus is a solid mid-range smartphone, and chances are, Motorola Malaysia will be bringing in the better-equipped Moto G5S Plus into our local market soon.
On its Facebook page, Motorola Malaysia started posting several teasers for a new smartphone launch, and it is in fact the Moto G5S Plus. We were also informed by the company that there will be an event happening on 6 November. Chances are, that will be the launch event of the G5S Plus.

As far as specifications go, the G5S Plus is a slight upgrade over the G5 Plus. The former has a bigger 5.5-inch 1080p display (in comparison to the G5 Plus’ 5.2-inch screen), a more premium all-metal unibody design, an 8MP front-facing shooter, as well as a 13MP dual-camera system complete with Portrait Mode.
Beyond these differences, other specifications of the G5S Plus aren’t so different from the G5 Plus. These include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset, up to 4GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable storage, a 3,000mAh battery, as well as a front-facing fingerprint sensor. Naturally, the G5S Plus also ships with Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box.

At the time of writing, it still remains to be seen just how much the Moto G5S Plus will go for in Malaysia, though we reckon it’ll be in the same price point as the G5 Plus. We should learn more about the new device come 6 November next week.
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