LINE Launches BITBOX Cryptocurrency Exchange; Based Out Of Singapore

LINE, the Tokyo-based tech conglomerate famous for its messaging app and its corresponding merchandise, officially launched BITBOX, its very own cryptocurrency exchange. Surprisingly, the cryptocurrency exchange will be based out of Singapore.
BITBOX will offer trade for up to 30 different cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are just some of the major cryptocurrencies that will be traded on LINE’s new platform. Also, all trades will be charged with a 0.1% trading fee.
LINE has made it clear that BITBOX will not handle fiat money; a currency that holds no intrinsic or use value, but has been established as money through government regulation. It will only cover token-to-token trading, and will be offered in 15 different languages for international users, except for the US and Japan.

In conjunction with the launch, the first two million customers that register with BITBOX will receive an equivalent of US$10 (RM40) in cryptocurrency in August. That currency can then be used to trade on the exchange, and trading fees will be waived for the first month of BITBOX operations.
Line has over 200 million monthly active users on its messaging app, and this isn’t the first time that Line has expanded its business ventures. On that note, cryptocurrency trading has been on the rise, ever since the value of Bitcoin experienced a surge during the later part of 2017. At the time of writing, the value of one Bitcoin sits between an average of RM25000 and RM27000. No surprise then that LINE would want a piece of the crypto-pie.
(Source: KR Asia, The Next Web)
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Google Chrome to Use 10% More RAM For New Meltdown & Spectre Fixes

The latest version of Google Chrome, Build 67, is now live across most systems around the world. This build reportedly will use about 10% more RAM than before, thanks to new fixes against Meltdown and Spectre.
In a Google Blog post, software engineer Charlie Reis says that Chrome now uses Site Isolation to protect Chrome from these exploits. “Site Isolation does cause Chrome to create more renderer processes, which comes with performance tradeoffs. There is about a 10-13 per cent total memory overhead in real workloads due to the larger number of processes.”
This 10% overhead will definitely be felt on systems running with either 4GB or 8GB of RAM. Furthermore, this memory overhead is across Windows, Mac and Chrome OS so everybody will feel the impact. It should prevent Spectre-based attacks on the majority of systems, but users will have to bear with the added memory cost.
Even Android is expected to get Site Isolation soon, as engineers work on how to incorporate it into future Android Chrome builds. While available RAM will be detrimental to PC performance in the short term, it is better than the alternative where Spectre and Meltdown bring down your system with your critical data.
(Source: Google Blog via The Verge)
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OPPO Find X Goes Official In Malaysia For RM 3699

After Paris, now it is Kuala Lumpur’s turn to witness the launch of OPPO’s new flagship phone, the Find X. Its launch in Malaysia marks the return of Find series into our market after missing out for the past four years although OPPO’s presence in Malaysia continued to be felt through the company’s F and A series devices.
As you might have heard, the main attraction of OPPO Find X is the motorized slide-out body reveal its camera setup which is consisted of 25MP sensor for the selfie and combination of 16MP as well as 20MP sensors at the back. OPPO claimed that this mechanism is durable enough to last for 5 years.

The phone also carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 alongside 8GB of RAM and 256GB internal storage. Other than that, it is also equipped with 3730mAh battery together with the support for the company’s own VOOC quick charge technology.
OPPO Find X will be made available in Malaysia for RM 3699 on 5 August. Pre-order of the device officially begins from today onwards although the company has actually offered the RM 100 pre-order voucher on Lazada since last weekend. Each pre-order customers will also receive WeLoop Neo fitness tracker for free alongside their purchase.
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Western Digital To Close Petaling Jaya Factory By End 2019

Western Digital is set to close down its Kelana Jaya factory after over 20 years producing hard drives. This is part of shifting production from platter-based to flash-based storage devices.
Since its beginnings in 1973, Western Digital has been a part of the Malaysian IT scene, with plants in several sites around Malaysia. One plant, run by WD’s subsidiary HGST in Penang was closed down in 2016; leaving two hard-drive substrate manufacturing sites in Johor and Kuching, plus a solid-state drive plant in Penang.
When asked, a WD spokesperson told UK news site The Register, “the data technology industry is undergoing substantial change. This market transformation is driving increased adoption of SSDs and NAND flash in traditional HDD applications. The change has contributed to growth in SSD/NAND flash and declining long-term demand for client HDDs. Consequently, Western Digital plans to expand SSD manufacturing in Penang. The company is in the final stages of commissioning its second SSD facility in Penang, which will go into production in the coming months.”
WD is slowly transitioning to focus more on solid-state storage drive production thanks to its joint-venture with Toshiba. Unfortunately, this comes with a drawback of the loss of a landmark in Petaling Jaya.
(Source: The Register)
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Apple’s Third Generation Keyboard Is Exclusive To The New MacBook Pro

Apple has put a dampener on hopes that second generation MacBook Pros could be repaired with the new third generation keyboard. The arrangement seems to be that the new keyboard is exclusive to the third generataion MacBook Pro.
Expectations were raised when iFixit discovered a slightly redesigned keyboard during a teardown of the 2018 MacBook Pro. This one with a membrane covering the butterfly switches; which is expected to prevent dust and debris from jamming keys.
Apple is currently running a keyboard replacement programme to address the issue that the new keyboard fixes. Which is why some Apple customers were hoping that they would be seeing their devices repaired with the new “quieter” third generation keyboard.

However, Apple has told Mac Rumours that its stores and authorised service centres are not permitted to use newer keyboards to repair older MacBooks. Which is somewhat disappointing.
That may not be the end of the story. There is a chance that Apple has found the actual problem plaguing the second generation MacBook Pros. And has implemented a solution in its current repair programme. We’re not saying that this is the case, but it is a possible scenario.
[Source: Mac Rumours]
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Xiaomi Redmi 6 & Redmi 6A Confirmed For Malaysia; Price Starts At RM 349

Xiaomi Malaysia has officially announced the availability of Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A for Malaysia. The revelation doesn’t really come as a surprise though, given that the company has been teasing the arrival of Redmi 6A for the past week or so.
However, consumers have to wait until 25 July in order to get their hands on them on either Redmi 6 or Redmi 6A. Priced at RM 349, the Redmi 6A carries 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage while the higher-end Redmi 6 which also carries 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage will be made available for RM 499.

While both phones can be obtained from all Authorized Mi Store and Mi Zone throughout Malaysia starting from the said date, we were informed by Xiaomi that the Redmi 6A can only be obtained from its Lazada Malaysia’s store for those who prefer to purchase the phone directly from them online.
On another hand, the Redmi 6 will also be released through Shopee alongside its existing Lazada store. Regardless of your preferences, just be ready to visit any of these retailers or e-commerce platforms if you are planning to get your hands on these new budget-oriented devices once they are unleashed into Malaysia next Wednesday.
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Rumours Suggest That The Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Come In Three Sizes

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 may not even have been officially revealed, but the tech rumour mill is already looking to next year. Evidence suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be released in three sizes, and have the long awaited in-display fingerprint reader.
TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been reasonably accurate with his predictions thus far, believes that the Galaxy S10 will have three models. A 5.8-inch screen, a 6.1-inch screen, and a 6.4-inch screen.
Samsung will also be promoting its “fingerprint on display” or FOD feature. Although this will apparently only be available on the two larger Galaxy S10 models. The 5.8-inch version will have a fingerprint sensor on the side of the device. Likely something reminiscent of the Sony Xperia.
Kuo has been known to make predictions based on manufacturer supply chains. Having made similar predictions for Apple’s products.

At the same time, serial leaker Ice Universe corroborated Kuo’s predictions. Essentially making the same claims. However, Ice Universe also claims that the FOD will be appearing in the Galaxy A series of phones in 2019.
We hesitate to believe any rumour that suggests Samsung is ready to use an in-display fingerprint reader. Seeing that it keeps appearing when a new flagship is announced. However, the technology has been made available to the public; with Samsung now playing catchup to Vivo. It may just be that the company is closing in on releasing its version of the feature.
[Source: Weibo, Business Insider]
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OPPO A3s To Be Available In Malaysia This Week For Under RM 600

While it is likely that the company’s new flagship, the Find X will dominate the limelight this week, that doesn’t stop OPPO from releasing another phone into Malaysia. However, this particular model, the OPPO A3s is made for budget-conscious users.
Despite its target market, the OPPO A3s specifications doesn’t seem too shabby though. Equipped with 6.2-inch HD+ IPS display, the phone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 alongside 2GB of RAM and 16GB internal storage.

On its front, there is an 8MP camera which has been enhanced by the company’s AI Beautification 2.0 tech which has previously appeared on OPPO F7 devices. The same tech has apparently been applied to the phone’s dual rear camera system which features a 13MP f/2.2 main camera together with 2MP f/2.4 secondary camera.
Last but not least, another major attraction of A3s is its humongous 4230mAh battery. Consumers in Malaysia are able to get their hands on the new OPPO A3s starting from this Thursday, 19 July onwards for RM 599.
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Apple Introducing Over 70 New Emojis for iOS & Mac

In celebration of World Emoji Day, Apple just announced that over 70 new emojis will be coming to iOS and Mac devices. Among them include even more hair options to reflect diversity – there are even emojis of bald people, male and female – as well as more expressive smiley faces.
Some of the most interesting new emojis Apple will release later this year are a variety of emojis with various hair types. Whether it’s red hair, curly hair or grey hair, there will probably be an emoji with your hair type. On top of that, there are also new smiley faces with a party face, a cold face, and – our personal favourite – a pleading face.

A number of animals will also get their own emojis. These include the peacock, kangaroo, parrot, and even lobster. There are a few new food emoji as well for mango, lettuce, cupcake, and mooncake. We have to admit: the mooncake emoji looks particularly tasty.
These new emojis will be arriving on iOS and Mac devices sometime this year, and we reckon it will be available on the former platform once iOS 12 is rolled out. New emojis are not exactly the most groundbreaking feature, but it’s certainly a nice addition for those who want to be more expressive with them.
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Xiaomi Malaysia Is Hinting The Arrival of Redmi 6A

For those who have been following the progress of Xiaomi Malaysia, they might have noticed that the company loves to tease consumers by posting hints on its social media channels. The company has done it once again as Xiaomi Malaysia has been teasing Redmi 6A on its Facebook page for the past few days.
First launched in China last month, the Redmi 6A is the direct successor to the Redmi 5A. The phone is equipped with a 5.45-inch display and powered by MediaTek Helio A22 quad-core processor alongside up to 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage.

Other than that, the phone also features 13MP f/2.2 PDAF rear camera and 5MP front camera. A 3000mAh battery has also been equipped into the entry-level phone which was sold in China for CNY 599 (about RM 362) for the 2GB/16GB version while the higher-specs 3GB/32GB model goes for CNY 699 (about RM 422).
Based on these teasers alone, it is rather hard to tell when Xiaomi will actually unleash the phone into our market. However, their appearance has pretty much showed that it shouldn’t take long before the company officially announced Redmi 6A in Malaysia. So, keep a close look.
(Source: Xiaomi Malaysia – 1, 2, 3)
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