Intel’s Upcoming Mid-range Motherboard Chipset Will Be Called “B360”

As many of our beloved readers may have already known: Intel is set to debut its Coffee Lake family of processors less than a week from now. Interestingly, new information has come to light regarding the naming convention of the company’s mid-range chipset for Coffee Lake CPUs. The new chipset will be called “B360.”
Previously, the company had debuted the B250 motherboard chipset to accompany its Kaby Lake family of processors. Knowing this, you’d think that the logical name for its next chipset would be B350. Not quite it would seem. Apparently, some “small” hardware company obtained the “B350” naming rights before Intel did.

That aside, sources have also claimed that Coffee Lake processors will indeed be equipped with the same socket as existing Kaby Lake CPUs (LGA1151). Unfortunately, despite having the same socket, Coffee Lake CPUs won’t be compatible with existing Intel 100 and 200-series motherboards – something that ASRock has “accidentally” confirmed a few weeks ago.
MyDrivers stated that this is due to the fact that Intel has allegedly changed the alignment of the chipset design. Regardless, consumers shouldn’t expect Intel’s B360 motherboards to arrive anytime soon. The chipset that’ll be initially launched with Coffee Lake processors will most probably be “Z370.”
(Source: MyDrivers via VideoCardz)
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MSI Releases Its Infinite A Custom Gaming Desktop

MSI has finally made its Infinite A gaming desktop available for purchase in selected regions. For those who aren’t aware, this gaming PC was first announced in early June this year. With the addition of the Infinite A, MSI now has about 10 different gaming PCs for customers to choose from. Namely those from the Aegis, Nightblade, Trident and Infinite series.
When it comes to design, MSI’s Infinite A is built with one goal in mind: to be “infinitely upgradable.” The chassis itself comes in the ATX form factor, which will allow consumers to equip the Infinite A gaming PC with most high-end PC components. One stand out feature about the chassis, however, is that its front panel is endowed with design elements that MSI describes as “elements of electric circuitry traces” – RGB-lit, of course.

In addition, unlike many ATX PC cases on the market today, MSI’s Infinite A allows for consumers to place their graphics card in a vertical manner – we feel this looks much better compared to the “standard” card placement. Specifications-wise, this custom gaming PC is equipped with an Intel Core i7-7700 CPU; 16GB DDR4 RAM; as well as a high-end GTX 10-series graphics card.
MSI has stated that the Infinite A custom gaming desktop will come at a price tag of US$1,299 (around RM5,580) for the base model. Meanwhile, the most powerful configuration of this PC will cost US$1,999 (about RM8,587). Unfortunately, local availability and pricing was not mentioned by MSI at the time of writing.
(Source: MSI via TechPowerUp)
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Quake Champions Goes Into Early Access; Free To Play Mode Coming Soon

Quake Champions is moving from the closed beta into Early Access. The paid Early Access will require players to buy the Champions Pack first; or else they will have to wait until the actual release date to join in the game.
As an extra incentive for Early Access, Bethesda is knocking 25 percent off the price of the Champions Pack. Selling it for $29.99 (about RM129) instead of the usual $39.99 (about RM172). On the other hand, those who have had access to the game since the closed beta will be able to continue playing the game for free. Albeit only through
The game is set to be a free to play title when it launches, with people paying real money for additional champions and maps. The Early Access simply forces people to start buying something in order to play the game early. Which is something that free to play developers have been experimenting with.

Quake Champions takes the traditional Quake Deathmatch formula and introduces modern shooter ideas. Each Champion is unique with their own health stats and special abilities. It’s not quite the Quake that you remember; but Bethesda is hoping that the updated gameplay will introduce the game to a new generation of players.
[Source: Bethesda]
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Monster Introduces Voice Activated Assistant For Its Headphones

Almost everyone is building their own voice activated assistant, and popular audio brand Monster is no different. The company has introduced Melody, an AI assistant that will play music and podcasts. The only benefit of which is that the assistant can be accessed from the headphones.
Melody only works with mobile devices at the moment. Users must download the app to an Android or iOS device; and it’s from here that the assistant works. Once paired with a compatible audio peripheral, the assistant can be told to play music by pressing a button and telling it what to do.
For now, it looks like the assistant is only capable of accessing iHeartRadio, Spotify Premium, NPR news, and locally stored iTunes music. The press release says that Tidal integration is coming soon; with not mention of any other streaming services. This lack of integration is probably the weakest link in Melody’s application.

Why anyone would want to use Monster’s assistant over something more built in like Google Assistant or Siri is a mystery. But it’s there for those who want to buy into the Monster eco-system.
[Source: Monster]
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Apple Releases New Videos to Highlight New iOS 11 Features on the iPad

Apple has yet to release iOS 11, but it looks like the Cupertino company is already starting to prepare its users for the update. Apple recently released six new “how to” videos to teach users how to make use of some of the biggest iOS 11 features that will be coming to the iPad.
The videos teaches users how to use the new Dock, manage your files with the new Files app, multitask on the iPad, effortlessly scan, sign and send documents, and more.

iOS 11 was first announced back in June 2017 at Apple’s annual World Wide Developers Conference. The latest mobile operating system from Apple brings some new features and improvements such as updated Siri, a new Control Center, a new ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ feature, a redesigned App Store and more.
The biggest changes on iOS 11 are for the iPad, with a handful of new features that focuses on making the tablet a step closer to being a laptop. Most of these new features and capabilities are highlighted in these latest video tutorials by Apple. Check out the videos below:

(Source: Apple via: 9to5Mac)
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ASUS ZenFone 4 Coming To Malaysia In Early Sept: Pro Status Unknown

Despite being the device that carries the name of the series, ASUS ZenFone 4 will be released in Malaysia slightly later than ZenFone 4 Selfie series and ZenFone 4 Max Pro. For users that planning to get their hands on the device, highlight the first week of September in your calendar as a reminder.
The ZenFone 4 model for Malaysia will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 630. Additionally, it is also likely that the smartphone will carry 6GB of RAM and 64GB storage. Price-wise, ASUS not able to reveal it for Malaysia at the moment but as a reference, ZenFone 4 price starts at USD 399 (about RM 1,715).
(L-R) ASUS ZenFone 4 and ZenFone 4 Pro
On another hand, the release status for the series’ flagship model, the ZenFone 4 Pro, for our market is not yet known for the time being. Given its base price tag of USD 599 (about RM 2,574), we don’t expect it to cost less than that if the smartphone is released into Malaysia.
To learn more about the new ZenFone 4 series, check out our coverage right here.
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Apple’s iOS 11 Introduces Quick Short Cut To Disable The Fingerprint Sensor

Apple is introducing a quick way to disable the fingerprint sensor on iOS 11 enabled devices. All users have to do is tap the power button five times, which brings up the option to turn off biometric authentication until a password is entered.
At the heart of this feature are increasing security concerns within the US. Apple has been fighting against law enforcement agencies who want it to unlock phones belonging to private citizens. It’s mostly a question of privacy, especially for those who would rather not have authorities snooping around their devices.
It’s also a matter for international travellers who would rather not have their devices unlocked at border checkpoints. Most fingerprint sensors can be fooled with a high resolution picture; of which border control agents will definitely have on file. After all, some airports will take the fingerprints of people entering the country.

We can also see this being useful for journalists operating in regions controlled by authoritarian regimes. Especially since the smartphone has become extremely important for keeping track of informants and taking notes.
It’s expected that this feature will also disable any future biometrics on the iPhone. Including the rumoured facial recognition software. iOS 11 is currently in the public beta stage, and anyone curious enough can give this feature a go. Just don’t forget your password.
[Source: The Verge]
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Instagram Introduces New Ways to Reply on Instagram Direct with Photos and Videos

Instagram has just introduced a new fun way for you to reply with photos and videos. The next time your friend sends you a post on Instagram Direct, you can reply to that photo or video with a photo or video of your own.
With the update, just tap on the “reply” button on the shared post in Direct to open the camera. Instagram will turn the post you are replying to into a sticker, so pose with the sticker, snap and send the reply. This makes it easier for your friend to identify which post you are replying to, and allows you to unleash your creativity to create images like the one below.

You can also turn the photo into a split-screen by tapping on the sticker. To make things even fun, you can also do things like paint a mustache on your friend’s selfie, or add some doodles to your reply.
The update is available as part of Instagram version 10.34 and above for Instagram for Android and iOS.
(Source: Instagram)
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These iPhone 7 Deals Deserve Your Attention

This may not be the best time to get an iPhone 7, especially with the company usually announcing a new model every year in September. But, just as we said with the great deals you can find for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, if you need to upgrade now – there are some pretty tempting offers available.
Given that the iPhone comes in three storage sizes and up to five colour options, it is actually a pretty daunting task to find the best iPhone deals on popular ecommerce sites like Lazada. It gets worse when sellers offer imported units for much lower prices than local sets – these iPhones are not covered by international warranty, so you’re left at the mercy of the sellers themselves.
That said, we’ve done the legwork and trawled through Lazada for the best deals for the iPhone 7 – only to find that the very best prices are actually those sold by Lazada itself.

The most shocking offer we found is actually for the highest-end 256GB model, which Lazada is offering for just RM3,469 – over RM700 less than the RM4,199 RRP. All five colours are available for the same price too, but if you are looking for the Gold or Rose Gold options, you better hurry – there are two units left of each at the time of writing.
If you feel the 256GB storage option is a little too much, the 128GB models are offered for RM3,299 by Lazada (less RM400 from the RM3,699 RRP). But, you could cop the Gold colour option for just RM3,169. Interestingly, even the Product(RED) edition is priced at RM3,299.

Of course, it makes more sense to top up an additional RM160 and double your storage, but a red iPhone is worth that sacrifice for some.
Finally, there’s the base 32GB model. You will eventually run into storage issues here several months down the line, but for RM2,899 (RM300 less than RRP), it could be a more affordable alternative. We’d still recommend the 128GB model at the very least though.

Nevertheless, at these prices, it makes a whole lot more sense to get the iPhone 7 here than on premium resellers or from Apple. We reckon the 256GB models will get snapped up pretty quickly once this post goes up, so if you’ve been thinking of making the jump, it’s a pretty good time to do so.
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This Is The New ASUS 360° Camera: Available Later This Year

While ASUS launch event in Taipei today is solely focused on the new ZenFone 4 series, an unannounced product has made an appearance at the event’s experience zone. It comes in the form of a camera attachment called ASUS 360° Camera.
As you might able to tell from its name, the new ASUS 360° Camera is designed to capture 360-degree images and videos with the help of its two 210-degrees cameras. While the specs sheet didn’t specify the exact resolution of its sensors, the camera apparently able to snap photos at 4K resolution (4096 x 2048) while it also able to capture 2K (2048 x 1024) videos.
Click to view slideshow.
To utilize it, all users need to do is download the app and plug the camera into the USB or Lightning port on their Android or iOS devices respectively. The app also allows owners to utilize ASUS 360° Camera for live streaming on YouTube, Facebook, and Weibo. To make it convenient for users, ASUS will include Lightning, micro-USB, USB Type-C connectors alongside its 360-degrees camera.
According to the staff at the booth, the ASUS 360° Camera will be released in selected markets starting from September onwards and might made its way into Malaysia in the same month or October. However, the pricing for the camera is not yet known at the moment.
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