Samsung Pay Partners With PayPal

Samsung has announced a partnership with PayPal to bring the electronic wallet to Samsung Pay. Users of Samsung Pay will soon be able to add their PayPal accounts and use it for transactions.
PayPal is one of the most widely used online wallets and it’s no surprise that Samsung has partnered with the company. Most online and e-commerce vendors accept and prefer PayPal transactions, although Samsung Pay will bring it to the real world. Allowing people to use their PayPal accounts for purchases at the counter.
As usual, the feature is being rolled out in the US first. However, the announcement from Samsung indicates that it will be looking to expand it to all 18 territories in which Samsung Pay is available (including Malaysia).
It’s not yet clear how this will work with multiple currencies. PayPal charges a substantial fee for converting currency, and most people tend to prefer to maintain US dollars in their accounts. Which is great for online shopping, and not necessarily useful for more local purchases.
Still, a PayPal option for Samsung Pay is the natural progression for both the companies. There is already a partnership with the Google Wallet; although that isn’t quite available in Malaysia just yet.
[Source: Samsung]
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Apple Previews its New Emoji Coming to iOS and macOS Later This Year

It’s “World Emoji Day”, and Apple is celebrating the occasion by previewing new emoji that will be coming to Apple devices later this year. Say hello to the mind-blowing emoji, a coconut, T-Rex, and even a breastfeeding mum. In conjunction with World Emoji Day, Apple is also having a little fun in its iTunes Movies, using emoji to replace selected movie titles.
Some of the new emoji coming to Apple include Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, Sandwich, Star-Struck, Zebra, and Elf. These new emoji from Apple will be coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS later this year.

That’s not all, if you head on to iTunes Movies, you will see that the Cupertino company has replaced its usual featured movies section with emoji. Try to guess what movie the list emoji represents, no cheating.
If you think some of these emoji looks familiar, it’s because earlier this year, the Unicode Consortium showed off a list of 69 new emoji coming to Unicode 10 later this year. Unicode is usually the one who decide what emoji will be coming, and it’s good to know that Apple will be embracing them into their products.
While the Cupertino company did not unveil the exact release date of these new emoji, it is believed that it should be coming to the latest iOS 11, and macOS High Sierra updates scheduled for later this year.
(Source: Apple via: The Verge)
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Huawei Nova 2 Is Coming To Malaysia

First unveiled in China few months ago, it appears that Huawei Nova 2 is on its way to Malaysia. This was revealed by Huawei Malaysia through a media release that has just arrived in our inbox.
While the media release didn’t mention any specific name, it did include explanation of word “nova” which apparently the Latin word for “new”. Furthermore, Huawei Malaysia point out that the upcoming device is the company’s first ever smartphone to include 20-megapixels front camera. All in all, these statements clearly pointing to Nova 2.
That being said, there is no clear hint in whether we’ll be seeing just Nova 2 alone or together with its bigger brother, the Nova 2 Plus. Even though both devices are equipped with the same Kirin 659 processor, 4GB RAM, dual rear camera system, and full HD panels, Nova 2 has a smaller 5-inch display as opposed to Nova 2 Plus 5.5-inch display.
Additionally, Nova 2 comes with 64GB internal storage as compared to Nova 2 Plus 128GB storage. Not surprisingly, they also have different battery capacities whereby Nova 2 is equipped with 2,950mAh battery while Nova 2 Plus has a bigger 3,340mAh battery.

Given the timing of the media release, we expect Huawei to launch Nova 2 smartphone series in Malaysia really soon. To learn more about the device, check out our previous report on Nova 2 right here.
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Jide Decides To Leave Consumer Space; Drops Remix OS

Jide Technology, the company behind Remix OS, has announced that it is no longer working on consumer focused devices. Instead, it is pivoting towards enterprise customers. As a result, it is cancelling all products in its pipeline – including those funded by Kickstarter.
Remix OS is an Android based operating system with an overlay that made it vaguely resemble Windows. We reviewed the Remix Ultra Tablet, which borrowed heavily from the Microsoft Surface. It was a good effort for a 2015 Android based PC. Although not necessarily anything ground breaking.
In more current development were two more devices, the Remix IO and Remix IO+. These were meant to be a combination of Android PC and Android TV, and were funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign. Jide has promised to refund its backers and those who later bought the device through pre-order.

“Full refunds will be issued to ALL BACKERS via Kickstarter for both Remix IO and Remix IO+. In addition any purchases made via our online store that has remained unfulfilled will also be fully refunded,” said the company through its Facebook page.
Jide didn’t make much of a splash in the computing world for the most part. Android based PCs are still something of a niche product; and no company has managed to find a good angle for them.
[Source: Jide (Facebook)]
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Illegear S5X Is About To Become The First Max-Q Laptop In Malaysia

Fresh from offering a new hardware option for its Troika desktop, Illegear yesterday has unveiled yet another new gaming laptop into the market. Interesting enough, this particular model which is called S5X might be the first ever laptop in Malaysia to feature NVIDIA Max-Q design philosophy.
However, the Max-Q design is specific to GTX 1070 version of the laptop which will only be available by end of this month or early August. That being said, customers are already able to order S5X with a standard GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 starting right away before Illegear starts to ship the new laptop next week.
The Illegear S5X is based on Clevo P950HR.
Meanwhile, the S5X is also equipped with 15.6-inch display in two different variations: standard IPS/AHVA panel or 120Hz panel. It also comes standard with Intel Core i7-7700HQ and able to support up to 32GB of dual channel DDR4-2400 RAM as well as a 2.5-inch SATA hard drive and another M.2 solid state drive.
Despite having a 4-cell 55Whr battery in it, the laptop still weights around 1.9kg. If you wondering how much it costs, the new S5X with GTX 1060 starts at RM 6,899 while the price tag for GTX 1070 Max-Q variant is still under wraps at the moment.
(Source: Illegear – 1, 2)
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US Ends Laptop Ban On All Middle Eastern Airlines

All passengers on Middle Eastern airlines will now be allowed to keep their electronics with them. The US Department of Homeland Security issued a new revised directive to airlines lifting the cabin ban, as well as giving airlines more time to improve security measures.
The ban was originally lifted in stages as airlines upgraded their security measures. It’s still not clear what improvements need to be made, but reports imply that Middle Eastern airports are expected to install new explosive detecting equipment. Technical adjustments were also supposedly expected.
While the US ban has been lifted, a second laptop ban from the UK is still in place. Little information has been released from the British government since implementing its own ban in March, but it would appear that it is still looking into the matter.
The US imposed ban was originally in response to an intelligence report claiming that terrorists were weaponising laptop batteries. These high capacity batteries contain a large amount of energy and could potentially be used to start fires or create an explosion in mid-air.
No incidents of weaponised lithium-ion batteries have been reported yet, and it’s still unclear if the intelligence was accurate. Despite this, western security personnel have been on high alert.
Some airlines are unhappy about having to introduce security protocols and have complained to the US about the matter. However, the response from the government was that this is a necessary step to avoid expanding the laptop ban to all available airlines.
[Source: Reuters]
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This Is The First Clear Look At Nokia 8: Featuring Zeiss Dual Camera

While HMD Global has already launched three Nokia-branded smartphones in the market, none of those devices can be considered flagship model. Hence, many expects that the company will unleash a proper flagship-level smartphone soon and guess what: it is about to happen soon in the form of Nokia 8.
That being said, HMD Global has yet to make any official announcement regarding the device. Instead, the first up-close look of the device comes from the famed serial leaker, Evan Blass.
From the image, you can clearly see its dual rear camera setup that is a result from HMD Global’s recent partnership with Zeiss. Labelled as TA-1012, the device seems to carry fingerprint scanner as well judging from the fingerprint icon on its lock-screen.
Words within the rumor circle stated that the Nokia 8 will carry 5.3-inch QHD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, and 4GB or 6GB RAM. Addtionally, its dual rear camera system apparently consisted of 13-megapixels sensors and the phone could be launched as early as 31 July. We shall find out soon then.
(Source: evleaks via VentureBeat)
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New HP Omen Gaming Machines Are On Their Way To Malaysia

Last month, HP have updated its Omen gaming products with a number of new laptops, desktops, and accessories. As it turned out, they might be on the way to Malaysia soon based on the teaser that has been posted on HP Malaysia’s Facebook page few hours ago.
The teaser includes an image that depicts the HP Omen logo on a brushed metal surface that also features red colored strips and carbon fibre stripes. While HP Malaysia’s website might not provide any clue to the origin of the image at the moment, things are much more obvious on HP US website as it is quite clear that the image actually shows the top section of the new HP Omen gaming laptop.

From our previous report, you might already aware that the new HP Omen gaming laptop is available with 15.6 and 17.1-inch displays. They are generally powered by 7th generation Intel Core i5 or i7 and customers have the option to have them with the NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics although we don’t expect HP to offer in-depth specs customization to users in Malaysia.
We also not discounting the possibility that HP will also launch other new Omen products in Malaysia such as the gaming desktop that we’ve mentioned earlier. Meanwhile, HP Malaysia has confirmed in another Facebook post that the Omen launch event will take place on 20 July.

This means that we should be able to hear more from the company regarding its plan for HP Omen collection in Malaysia on that very day. So, stay tuned.
(Source: HP Malaysia)
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Antutu: Chinese Counterfeiters Prefer To Knockoff Samsung Devices

Samsung’s smartphones are overwhelmingly more popular with counterfeiters than any other brand. At least when it comes to China. A report from mobile security app Antutu indicates that almost half of all discovered fakes claimed to be a high end Samsung of some sort.
The report indicates that 43.58 percent of phones scanned were disguised as Samsung devices. Curiously, a large number of these claimed to be the Samsung W2017 and W2016. Both of which happens to be dual screen clamshell devices sold in limited quantities to businesses. They happen to go for around $1000 (about RM4300) each.
iPhone surprisingly only comprised 10 percent of the counterfeits discovered. That said, the fact that the fake iPhone were running on Android would probably make them less attractive to potential buyers. It takes effort to find people that desperate for an iPhone.

Rounding out the top five counterfeited smartphone brands were Xiaomi, Oppo, and Huawei phones were 7.8 percent, 6 percent, and 5.5 percent, respectively.
This is not to say that counterfeit phones are a major problem in China. Antutu scanned some 6.96 million devices in the first six months of 2017, and only 2.96 percent of those were fakes. Which is extremely surprising considering China’s reputation for counterfeit goods.
[Source: Antutu]
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Intel Quietly Launches Brand New Kaby Lake CPUs

Intel has apparently launched new Kaby Lake CPU offerings for both the desktop and laptop platforms – without much fanfare. To be more specific, Intel’s newest processors are those that carry the Core i3, Kaby Lake-U, and Xeon E3 branding.
Intel’s new desktop-based Core i3 CPU offerings include the Core i3-7340, Core i3-7320T, Core i3-7120, and Core i3-7120T. One new feature about these processors is the fact that they come with “S-0” stepping – previous Core i3 CPUs used B-0 stepping instead. When it comes to specifications, the clock speeds of these CPUs range from 3.5GHz up to 4.2GHz.

Next up are Intel’s mobile CPU offerings. In total, the company has launched four brand new Kaby Lake-U mobile processors. These are the Core i3-7007U, Core i3-7110U, Core i5-7210U, and Core i7-7510U. All of Intel’s new mobile CPUs feature a base frequency clock that range anywhere from 2.1GHz up to 2.7GHz. Interestingly, these CPUs have a TDP rating of 15W across the board.
Finally, Intel has also debuted the Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor. Interestingly, this CPU is expected to be paired with Apple’s iMac as the highest-end offering processor. Its specifications include four CPU cores and eight threads; 4.1GHz (base) and 4.5GHz (boost) clock speeds; 8MB L3 cache; an Intel HD P630 iGPU; as well as a TDP rating of 91W.

Unfortunately, Intel has not given any details regarding the price and date of availability for all of its newest processors. That said, we do expect the blue company to announce these details soon.
(Source: Intel via AnandTech, TechPowerUp)
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