Volkswagen’s new Traffic Jam Assist

Summer in Europe can get extremely hot and humid at times, I was just there in both Italy and France and the weather didn’t feel at all different compared to Malaysia. One thing I noticed whilst driving through both those countries, starting from Milan, through the Italian Riviera until the French Riviera, was the insane traffic. Apparently, everyone decides to drive during summer to their favourite destinations. This is where Volkswagen wants to help their owners, by having a new tech called Traffic Jam Assist.
This new assistance system is available with models utilising the dual clutch gearbox (DSG), such as the Gold, Golf Variant, Tiguan, Touran, Passat, Passat Variant and the new Arteon. Constantly being in stop and go traffic is strenuous for the driver and that is where Traffic Jam Assist comes in. What it does is control these tasks of stopping and starting, and not only does it automate the tedious task, Volkswagen says that it will also help reduce accidents in these type of situations.
How does it do that? Normally the times when a driver is most distracted is when they think everything is running smoothly or slowly. Especially in traffic jams. Although Traffic Jam Assist cannot replace the driver’s need to pay attention, it is nevertheless supportive in stop-and-go traffic and works to create a less stressful holiday journey for everyone on board.
This innovative assistance system works using the ACC Adaptive Cruise Control and Lane Assist lane keeping system. The radar sensor in the front end of the vehicle monitors traffic ahead, while the camera in the windscreen tracks the road markings. Using Traffic Jam Assist, the Volkswagen maintains a consistent distance from the car ahead at speeds of up to 60 km/h in stop-and-go traffic while keeping within the appropriate lane of traffic. The driver, of course, can intervene at any time and override the system.
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Oppo Malaysia Officially Launches First Flagship Store In Southeast Asia

Oppo's first flagship store is now open for business at Suria KLCC shopping mall, making this store the first in the Southeast Asian region. The Oppo flagship store launch was graced by a lion dance performance and a short dance by Oppo salespersons.
Customers who make a purchase at the Oppo flagship store in Suria KLCC can get their Oppo device engraved for free. Other than that, the Suria KLCC Oppo flagship store is also offering free photograph printing services. The service is only applicable to photos that were taken using Oppo's camera phones.

According to Garry Gong, the Sales Director of Oppo Malaysia, he mentioned that the Suria KLCC flagship store is the first in Southeast Asia to feature the latest store design, and the personalisation service on mobile devices.
Located in Suria KLCC, Lot 317-318, Leve 3, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur city centre, the store will be open from 10am to 10pm daily.
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Acer Aspire VX 15 Review: Striking a Balance Between Price and Performance

The Acer Aspire VX 15 looks like a budget friendly gaming laptop. Which is something that we have come to expect from the company: solid machines that punch way above their weight class. The hardware combination here speaks for itself, with a Core i7 processor and an Nvidia GeForce 1050 Ti GPU at a pretty low price point of RM4,399.


On the whole, the Aspire VX 15 looks amazing. It doesn’t quite have the conventional gaming laptop lines and bright colours. Instead, there’s a sense of understatement here, which isn’t actually a bad thing. This little something would usually be attributed Acer’s excellent V Nitro series (which has since been superseded by the equally impressive Nitro V).
The VX 15 doesn’t look like it belongs in the Aspire line. It’s far too chunky and angular, with faintly aggressive lines that have come to embody the “gaming laptop”. On the other hand, it is still quite bold enough to shout for attention. Even the bright reds around the stylised air vents feel more subdued compared to the competition.

The chiclet style keyboard breaks up this aesthetic a little by giving in to more conventional design. There’s the WASD keys outlined in red, allowing them to stand out as if gamers couldn’t find that keys in their sleep. It’s a worrying trend in gaming laptops these days, but really, it’s not that hard to locate these keys.
Acer has also decided to go along with the modern interpretation of the offset trackpad. Setting the trackpad off to the left is not exactly a new thing. Designers configure it to maximise space usage. But there’s something about the size and location of the VX 15’s trackpad that makes it less than ergonomic. My palm kept tapping it during gameplay; and my hands have never been described as large paws.
User Experience

What is there to say about a gaming laptop that hasn’t been said before? The materials are no different from any other machine of its ilk. This creates a situation where if you have seen one, you have seen them all. This is perhaps a side effect of having toned down the garishness, where the Aspire VX 15 ends up feeling like nothing special physically.
At 2.5kg, this 15.6-inch laptop is par for the course among budget gaming laptops of this size. The rubberised palm rest is great for long gaming sessions, but is prone to ugly oil stains (which can be wiped off). The keyboard, too, is decent considering its size – not too mushy and a fair amount of travel.
The selection of ports is healthy, which is expected for a 15.6-inch laptop. There’s a USB Type C port here as well, which will be good for future-proofing the device.
That said, the Aspire VX 15 is saddled with only 4GB RAM. Which is completely unacceptable for not only gaming laptops, but any laptop that isn’t meant to punish 12-year olds.

The machine gets sluggish when running more than simple word processing applications, and the less said about Google Chrome the better. It’s incomprehensible as to why Acer would assume that it could get away with so little memory on a computer destined for high performance.
Perhaps it is a means of cutting down costs for putting in the GTX 1050 Ti, which somewhat justifies the decision. After all, there is the option to increase the amount of RAM on the VX 15 manually. Still, 4GB as a baseline is extremely puzzling and I hope this doesn’t become a trend.

Lenovo Legion Y520

Lenovo and Acer have always been fighting in the same space: budget-friendly gaming laptops with plenty of bang for the buck. The same holds true here, with the Legion Y520 offering close to direct competition – and slightly more affordable than the Acer laptop.
There are several variants of the Legion Y520, and with a starting price of just RM3,299, it is definitely worth taking a closer look. The best match to the Aspire VX 15’s spec sheet costs RM4,219, packing a Core i7-7700HQ processor, GTX 1050 with 4GB GDDR5 memory, 4GB RAM, and 1TB hard disk.
The next step up is the RM4,919 model which sports a Core i7-7700HQ CPU, GTX 1050 Ti with 4GB GDDR5 memory, 8GB of RAM, and a dual-drive 128GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD.
Dell Inspiron 15 7000

The Dell Inspiron series is technically NOT a gaming line. That said, Dell is positioning the Inspiron 7000 series of the Inspiron notebooks in the entry level gaming space. These pack a lot of internals into a compact package. All of which is neatly tied up with a reasonable price tag: the base model with a Core i5, GTX 1050, 4GB RAM, and 1TB HDD costs RM3,999.
The closest variant of the Inspiron to the Acer VX 15 costs slightly more at RM4,499, which has the same GTX 1050 Ti GPU and upgrades the storage to a dual-drive 128GB SSD + 500GB HDD, but only runs on an Core i5-7300HQ processor and the same 4GB RAM. Bumping up to RM4,999 yields a Core i7-7700HQ and 8GB RAM, while the highest-end RM5,499 variant adds a 4K screen and switches the 500GB HDD to a 1TB one.
Compared in terms of specifications, the Aspire VX 15 does have the upper hand – the storage and RAM are upgradeable, but not the CPU and GPU. Of course, this does add up to a little bit more to the overall cost, so there’s some calculations that need to be done here (there’s a RM600 difference between the RM4,999 Inspiron variant and the VX 15). We’re edging a little for the VX 15 here, because of the better design.

The Acer Aspire VX 15 is a rather modest gaming machine for those who prefer not to shout for attention. It’s a solid performer, aside from a few minor issues. The low amount of memory on the base model certainly throws a dark cloud over this review. It is, however, easily remedied and shouldn’t come between someone who is interested in the machine.
A combination of price and performance makes the Acer Aspire VX 15 a worthy addition to Acer’s lineup of gaming computers. It’s not the best that money can buy, but it is definitely something that nobody will complain about owning.
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Acer Day Teases The Arrival Of Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop and More Into Malaysia

Acer recently has kicked off a large-scale campaign called “Acer Day” that involves 14 countries throughout Asia Pacific including Malaysia. As part of the campaign, the company has come out with an official website to explain Acer Day to the masses but at the same time, we also noticed that the site has also highlighted a number of new products that seems to be heading to Malaysia soon.
Among new products that are being shown on the website is the refreshed version of Swift 3 alongside Predator Helios 300 and Nitro 5. Given how all four products are not only shown on the Malaysian site but also other markets, it doesn’t amount much to us at first until we check out the actual terms and conditions for the campaign in Malaysia.

As it turns out, Swift 3 and Nitro 5 is part of the prizes for the campaign (shown above) alongside previously released Swift 5 and Spin 5. In the case of Predator Helios 300, it goes along with this year’s “Be Cool Everyday” theme for Acer Day which focusing on Aeroblade 3D – one of Helios 300’s main feature.
Furthermore, we have recently received a media invite from Acer Malaysia for an upcoming launch event that seems to revolve around the same “Be Cool Everyday” theme but focusing on Predator devices even though Acer has stated that there will “lifestyle devices” at the event as well. Scheduled to take place on 2 August, the signs are pretty much pointing to Helios 300.

How about the Predator Triton 700 which is also equipped with Aeroblade 3D? Well, we believe that the possibility of the Max-Q laptop to appear at the upcoming launch event is much lower since the laptop is not listed on Acer Day’s website.
All in all, we should be able to learn more about what Acer Malaysia has in store during its upcoming launch event on 2 August. So, stay tuned.
(Source: Acer Day Malaysia)
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The Limited Edition Ducky One 711 Multi-Switch Mechanical Keyboard is Coming to Malaysia

Almost all mechanical keyboards today use one switch with one distinct character and feedback, unless you opt for the pricey variable electro-capacitive switches. Perhaps with this in mind, popular keyboard maker Ducky has released a unique, multi-switch mechanical keyboard called the Ducky One 711.
The advantage of electro-capacitive keys like the Topre switch is the variable actuation points, which when used in different parts of the keyboard can be effective in reducing typos and accidental clicks. Ducky is going one step further, introducing a keyboard with different switches in different sectors of the keyboard.
Essentially, the Ducky One 711 is a Ducky One keyboard with double-shot PBT keycaps…with a twist. The name “711” reveals the key specifications of the keyboard itself. The Ducky One 711 features seven coloured LEDs – blue, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, and green – in different “zones” (so they’re not RGB backlit).

On the other hand, the “11” indicates the number of different Cherry MX mechanical switches present on this keyboard, some of which we may not have even heard of: Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, White, Green, Speed, Silent Red, Silent Black, and Tactile Grey.
These switches aren’t placed without thought. The areas of the keyboard which are used the most use switches with lighter actuation points, while others will have heavier switches (again, depending on the zones which Ducky has identified).
The Ducky One 711 is a limited-release product – only 1,999 units are manufactured and available globally. Unlike other limited-release keyboards, the Ducky One 711 is actually quite affordable: it retails for $139 where available.

In a Facebook post, Ducky Keyboards Malaysia has announced that ten of these 1,999 units will be available in Malaysia very soon. When asked to elaborate, a spokesperson mentioned that the keyboards will be available in early August, but final retail price is still being fixed. The spokesperson did not comment on how exactly these ten units will be sold.
In any case, this keyboard certainly looks like an interesting one for enthusiasts to collect – the Ducky One 711 is even more limited than the recent Year of the Rooster keyboard which it announced at Computex 2017.
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#LYTV: Apple iPad Pro 10.5″ Unboxing

At WWDC 2017, the new Apple iPad Pro 10.5 variant was announced alongside the 12.9″ model – and now we have the 10.5-inch variant for review. Apple has also provided some iPad Pro accessories like the Apple Pencil, Pencil Case, Leather Sleeve, and Smart Keyboard for the full iPad experience.
This is a new display size, which replaces the 9.7-inch iPad. Storage capacities has been bumped too: the iPad Pro is available for purchase in 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB options. Like previous Apple iPad, the iPad Pro comes with Wi-Fi only, or Wi-Fi with 4G connectivity.
As we work on the review of the Apple iPad Pro 10.5″, here’s a look at what’s inside the retail box of the Apple iPad Pro 10.5″.

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Asus Unveils The ROG Crosshair VI Extreme AM4 Motherboard

Asus has unveiled its newest product in the form of an AM4 motherboard. The motherboard is called ROG Crosshair VI Extreme and it’s based off of the X370 chipset, which is AMD’s high-end chipset for Ryzen and 7th Generation A-series processors. Asus mentioned that “the ROG Crosshair VI Extreme is designed for gamers and power users looking to maximize AMD Ryzen performance.”
Do keep in mind, however, that the ROG Crosshair VI Extreme comes in the ATX form factor. That aside, when it comes to design, this motherboard features the common “black and silver” colour scheme along with several LED-lit areas (RGB). One rather interesting trait of this motherboard is that it comes with the “Pro Clock Technology” which allow consumers to enhance the motherboard’s overclocking capabilities.

When it comes to specifications, the ROG Crosshair VI Extreme is fitted with two PCIe 3.0 and 2.0 x16 slots; four DDR4 RAM slots (up to 3200MHz); two M.2 sockets; and eight SATA 6Gbps ports. Besides that, this motherboard is also fitted with up to six USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports. Full specifications of this motherboard can be found here.
Those aside, Asus has mentioned that the ROG Crosshair VI Extreme will be made available in early August at selected regions. When it comes to pricing, the motherboard will come at a suggested retail price of US$349 (about RM1,496).
(Source: VideoCardz)
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You Can Now Visit The International Space Station Using Google Street View

Your “wild” fantasy of one day being able to visit the International Space Station (ISS) is now one step closer to becoming a reality. Folks at Google have added 360-degree panoramas of the ISS onto Google Maps’ Street View tool. Interestingly, Google mentioned that this is the first off planet (since Street View has already been to the Moon and Mars) addition to Street View.
With the addition of the International Space Station on Google Street View, users like you and me will be able to explore the massive, multibillion-dollar floating space research facility all in the comforts of our homes. Some of the “areas” of the ISS that are covered on Street View include the crew’s sleeping quarters, research modules of various nations, and the Cupola Observational Module – which is used to observe operations outside of the ISS.

Aside from immersive imagery, Google has also kindly provided curious users with “notes” to explain several components inside the International Space Station. According to Google, the Street View imagery of the ISS was possible by collaborating with NASA and Marshall Space Centre. The captured images were then sent back to Earth to be stitched together in order for them to become “Street View worthy.”
Right, so… enough explanations, get your spacesuit ready and head on over to Google Street View to explore the marvel that is the International Space Station.
(Source: The Verge)
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The New LG Q8 is a Mini Version of 2016’s LG V20

LG has quietly released a new smartphone, just a week or so after announcing the mid-range Q6. Dubbed the Q8, it appears to be a smaller version of the V20 smartphone released last year.
In fact, even if the LG Q8 does not have the V-series moniker, it shares almost every hardware aspect of the V20 – besides screen size. The LG Q8 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB RAM, 32GB of expandable storage, 3,000mAh non-removable battery, and even the Quad DAC unit for exceptional audio playback.
The two main differences between the new LG Q8 and the V20 are the display size, and the addition of IP67 water and dust resistance. The Q8 packs a smaller 5.2-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) Quantum IPS display, but the secondary display remains the same at 160 x 1040.
The cameras on the LG Q8 are the same too. The dual-camera setup is LG’s unique 13MP regular f/1.8 lens paired with a wide-angle 8MP f/2.4 unit, while the front is a 5MP shooter.
The LG Q8 has so far only been released on LG Italy’s website, and no announcement on pricing and availability has been made. Given how the LG V20 only recently made its way here, there’s a high chance we won’t be seeing this device anytime soon in Malaysia.
(Source: GSMArena)
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Cooler Master Malaysia Online Store Is Now Live

Cooler Master Malaysia has announced that its brand new online store is now open for business. While the company’s product can be easily purchased from various online retailers in our market since years ago, this is the first time that Cooler Master Malaysia has opened its own self-branded online store.
Despite just being opened, the store which is hosted by Shopee Malaysia already offering a wide variety of products including PC cases, case fans, PSUs, gaming mouse and keyboard combo set, notebook coolers, CPU coolers, and AIO liquid cooler. You still can’t buy thermal grease and individual gaming peripherals from the store but the list is indeed not too shabby for a store that has just opened its doors to customers less than three weeks ago.

Even though Cooler Master Malaysia is deeply involved in getting the store up and running, its day-to-day operations are actually handled by one of the brand’s partner, HLK Superstore. Nevertheless, the brand already planning to open similar store on Lazada Malaysia later this year to further strengthen Cooler Master’s online footprint in our market.
Meanwhile, Cooler Master Malaysia is celebrating the store’s opening by offering discounts on plenty of its products in the store throughout this weekend. You can check out the discounted product list here or head on straight to Shopee.
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