PlayStation Finally Allowing Users To Change Their PSN Names; Features Currently In Beta Testing

It’s official. PlayStation will finally be allowing its fan base to change their PlayStation Network (PSN) IDs. 12 years since the platform was created. The feature will first release the feature as a beta for members of the PlayStation Preview Program first. Before ultimately rolling it out for the all PSN users in 2019.


That said, it looks like changing your PSN ID does come at a price. According to the console’s blog, the first change will be free of charge. but every change to the name after that will cost PS users US$9.99 (~RM41), or US$4.99 (~RM20) for PS Plus members.

This isn’t the only caveat too. PlayStation points out that while you can change your PSN name, you’ll have the option to display your previous ID with your new now. Once you’ve made your choice to display your old ID or not, however, the decision is irreversible. On another note, changing your PSN ID may not be compatible with every game, although PlayStation did state that it will work with games published after 1 April 2018.

In any case, the PlayStation Preview program will run until the end of November this year. Hopefully, the console brand may have addressed these caveats, or at least made some beneficial changes to them by the time the feature rolls out next year.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)








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