PLUS Will Soon Allow You To Pay Tolls Using Credit And Debit Cards

While driving along the PLUS Highway, payment options when it comes to tolls include the physical Touch ‘N Go (TNG) card and by extension the phased out Smart Tag, or the TNG RFID which draws from the TNG e-wallet. For those driving on said highway, you’ll soon get the option to pay tolls using your credit or debit card via PLUS’ RFID tag.


Berita Harian reports that the highway concessionaire is currently upgrading its infrastructure nationwide to make this happen. The process is expected to be completed by the end of the year. From there, you can link credit and debit cards, as well as any other e-wallet, to PLUS’ RFID. It’s important to note that this is not the same as TNG’s RFID.

Datuk Azman Ismail, managing director of PLUS, says that this will help reduce the congestion at toll booths. This is usually caused by the lack of funds in people’s TNG cards when passing through tolls. With more payment options, hopefully the problem of insufficient funds in TNG cards will be solved. This, in turn, will hopefully reduce congestion at tolls.

As an aside, PLUS is also working on upgrading about 1400 of the highway’s CCTVs to UHD cameras. This will also come with video analytics software to provide traffic data to the public via the PLUS mobile app.

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(Source: Berita Harian. Image: PLUS)








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