Pokemon Go Punishes Cheaters With Red Slashes On Their Pokemon

Niantic is working to clamp down on cheaters, and has come up with an novel way of making their lives difficult. The most recent update to Pokemon Go puts a red slash over Pokemon that have been caught using “third-party services that circumvent normal gameplay”.

According to the post on Reddit, these Pokemon will not behave as expected. Nobody is sure what this means at the moment, but there is some speculation. Players expect that the Pokemon will be unusable in Gyms. There are also reports that red slashed Pokemon not providing candy when transferred and being unable to evolve. None of this has been confirmed by Niantic, and it looks like the company is more than happy to allow people to keep speculating.

Additional details about legendary Pokemon have also supposedly surfaced. A Gamereactor interview with a Niantic developer hinted at how raids and gyms will be used to distribute legendaries. This will apparently be done to reward active players who regularly participate in raids and gym battles. There’s some sort of invitation system that’s being set up for this players to enter special events that include the chance to capture legendary Pokemon.

This is the biggest change to Pokemon Go since it was launched, and the inclusion of legendary Pokemon has been a long awaited feature. Of course, there’s still no telling when this will happen; since the company hasn’t even said when the gyms will be coming back online.

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