Private Instagram Posts Can Still Be Seen By People Who Are Not Followers

Private posts on social media are supposed to be just that. But with the help of an unscrupulous follower or friend of Instagram or Facebook, such posts can be easily shared to the public. And the workaround needed to do this is surprisingly simple as well.


So simple, in fact, that it involves only a few clicks on a browser. You won’t need any deep technical knowledge as well, only rudimentary HTML knowledge. Basically, all you do is get the source URL of an image or video that’s supposed to be private.

Sharing that URL will allow even those who are not logged into the social media to view content that’s supposed to be private. This also works on Instagram stories, which are supposed to be unavailable after 24 hours. While links do expire eventually, they seem to last for at least a few days.

Granted, this being as easy as described requires an account belonging to your friend or follower. While it’s unlikely genuine individuals would do that, it’s another thing entirely if their accounts get compromised.

(Source: BuzzFeed)








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