Puma Launches Pair Of Gaming Socks That Cost AU$160 And Has Different Modes

While we’re uncertain that there are gamers out there that would need their feet covered while getting into the zone with their title of choice, Puma seems to think that we do. To that end, the German sports apparel brand has launched a pair of these stylish “gaming socks”.


They’re officially known as the Puma Active Gaming Footwear, and are currently on sale, both in the UK and Australia. Price-wise, these “gaming socks” retail for AU$160 (~RM456). Unlike typical footwear, however, the Active Gaming Footwear is designed for indoor use, with the official site stating that they offer “seamless comfort, support, and grip” to enable gamers to adapt to different “active gaming modes”.

On that note, the Active Gaming Footwear is apparently equipped with three gaming “modes”: the SEEK mode provides a Medial wrap-up grip, while the second ATTACK mode gives the feet a “Lateral wrap-up”. The final mode, CRUISE and DEFENSE mode, seemingly shifts its focus towards the heel of the gamers.

Puma’s not the first sporting brand trying to ride on the “gamer” wave. It’s rival, Nike, recently launched its own pair of limited edition Nite Jogger shoes, made in collaboration with professional gamer and streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

Puma’s indoor footwear looks undeniably stylish and comfortable to wear. On the other hand, they aren’t designed to be used outside the confines and comfort of your living room. So, unless you absolutely insist on having them, there are other comfortable – and far more affordable – options for your feet out there.

At the time of writing, there’s been no indication if Puma intends on making the Active Gaming Footwear available in Malaysia.

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