Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 Spotted On Geekbench

A new listing on Geekbench suggests that a new Snapdragon chipset is heading our way. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 680 is speculated to be a hexa-core version of the recently announced Snapdragon 710.

The device listing page of the Snapdragon 680 shows that the SoC is running at 2.14GHz; it has similar speeds as the Kryo CPU core in the Snapdragon 710. That being said, the name of the processor may not be final as this is still a test device rather than a final product.

Single core performance of the new Snapdragon is impressive for a mid-ranger, scoring 1940. It also scored pretty well for the multi-core tests, with the SoC getting 5153. For comparison, the Snapdragon 660 scored 1599 and 5639 respectively.

As this is still a preliminary test listing, it does not reflect the final product. However, it does shows promise for the mid-range market, especially to manufacturers that are looking for a cost effective SoC platform.

(Source: GeekBench via GSMArena)









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