Razer Announces Raiju Mobile Gaming Controller; Retails For RM729

With Razer putting so much focus on mobile gaming, it’s little wonder that the company would announce a controller for mobile phones alongside its gaming phone sequel. Enter the Razer Raiju Mobile.


It bears the Raiju name, which you’ll remember as Razer’s controller for the Sony PS4. That said, there are several key differences between the two. Most notably of them all is the position of the left analog stick and the directional pad. This and the fact that the buttons are mapped using letters instead of shapes suggests that this was made for Xbox controller users in mind.

That aside, the Raiju Mobile features a built-in phone mount. Naturally, since that’s what it’s for anyway. You can even choose if you want the controller to be connected wirelessly or with a cable. You can also change the button and stick sensitivity on the fly, and reprogram and remap four extra buttons as well.

Unlike the Razer Phone 2 and Razer Blade, the Razer Raiju Mobile is already listed on the Malaysian Razer Store page. It’s priced at RM729, and may be available shortly since it reads ‘Out of stock’ instead of asking to notify you when it’s available.








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