Rumour: ASUS Currently Developing A Gaming Smartphone

ASUS is hoping to get a slice of the pie of the gaming smartphone market segment, and to that end has begun development of its own device. The rumour was seemingly confirmed by ASUS’ Global CEO, Jerry Shen, who commented that it can be “expected” to release a gaming phone.

The decision to enter the gaming smartphone segment stems from the emergence of the Razer Phone and the Xiaomi Black Shark. The two gaming smartphones are reflective of an emerging market segment that could potentially see a high demand in the next few years. As it stands, almost all flagship Android smartphones are equipped with hardware that will run most Android game titles effortlessly. Case in point – ASUS’ Zenfone 5Z is equipped with a Snapdragon 845 and 6GB of RAM.

There’s also ASUS’ experience in gaming to consider. The company is a veteran in the field of gaming and has garnered an enormous amount of experience via its ROG and Strix gaming brands. Safe to say, it wouldn’t surprise us if the phone were to pop up under one of the aforementioned brands.

Sadly, Shen didn’t specify a release date for the phone or what sort of feature it would have to separate it from the competition. In any case, we’ll be keeping our ears on the ground.

(Source: Android Authority)








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