Rumour: Intel To Launch 8-core Coffee Lake Processors In September

Rumour has it that Intel is planning to release its 8-core Coffee Lake CPU lineup sometime in September 2018. The likely reason as to why Intel wants to release new processors so soon, is most probably to combat AMD’s 2nd Generation Ryzen CPU offerings. Recently, the company had debuted the rather special Core i7-8086K processor.

Reports suggest that Intel’s upcoming 8-core Coffee Lake offerings will indeed be competitive against AMD’s new CPUs. Despite having the same amount of CPU cores as AMD’s new Ryzen 7 CPUs, Intel plans to give consumers more reason to buy its new Coffee Lake processors by having higher clock speeds that its competitor.

8the Generation Intel Core i7

For those who may be wondering, Intel’s unreleased 8-core processors will be based on the LGA1151 socket and will be compatible with 300-series motherboard chipsets. That aside, rumours also suggest that will be releasing processors with up to 22 cores for its LGA X299 chipset platform.

Like its 8-core Coffee Lake lineup, the upcoming, yet to be released, LGA X299 processors are going directly against AMD’s new Threadripper processors—which feature up to 32 CPU Cores. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see whether Intel’s new CPUs will be competitive enough to go up against the immensely popular Ryzen-based processors from AMD.

(Source: PC Watch, Hexus)








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